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Wedding Stationery and Bridal Thank You Notes

Before, during and after your wedding, your family members will express their love and support. Whether you have received kind words, elaborate gifts or a combination of the two, use our customized wedding stationary to show your appreciation. Our wedding stationary includes over 100 pre-printed and personalized notecards to complement every bride. Invitation Box offers elegant and traditional bridal designs along with bold and colorful couple’s stationary options. Find flat and folded notecards that display your color scheme. Our classic bride and groom silhouette designs are always a favorite. If you are planning a destination wedding, choose our cityscape, nautical and country-themed items. We also carry fun “I Do!” personalized, folded notes and bride-only feminine cards. Stay prepared for every wedding event, from your engagement party to the bridal shower and your once-in-a-lifetime wedding day. Thank your loved ones for their wishes, gifts and presence at your nuptials with a fully personalized thank you note set.

Beautiful Couple Thank You Note
Bridal Blossoms Thank You
Bride With Confetti (Blonde)
Turquoise Shell
Couple in Love Thank Yous
Script Heart Chalkboard
Shower with Love Thank You
Blue Lace Photo Thank You
Kraft Bridal Shower
Blue Cake Bride
Sand Dollar
Pretty In Pink Bride Brunette
Chalkboard Floral Photo Thank You
Bridal Shoes and Balloons Thank You
Chic Wedding Couple
Morning Sea Shell
Lounging Lady
Maids in a Row Bali Folded Note
Engagement Emblem Lime Folded Note
Linen Lace Photo Thank You
Lovely White Dress (Brunette)
Vanna Thank You Cards
White Thank You Cards
Chantilly Lace Photo Thank You
Conch Shell
Sassy Bride
Libretto Thank You Cards
Atmosphera Thank You Cards
Bridal Love Reigns
Floral Wreath Thank You
Assemblé Thank You Cards
Elegant Bouquet Thank You
Love Birds
Dauphine Thank You Cards
Divina Thank You Cards
Pretty Pink Party
Beautiful In Blue
Almost Married!
Swinging Ring Bride - Blue
Nautilus Shell
Lovely White Dress (Blonde)
Glitter Ombre Photo Thank You
I Do - Me Too Midnight Olive Folded Note
English Rose Garden Thank You
Pretty Pink Bridal Shower Thank You
Lush Floral Thank You
Butterfly Dress Thank You
The Royal Thank You
Bride with Curtain Pink Folded Note
Sassy Bride
Pink Petal Bridal Cake
Bridesmaids Berry Black Folded Note
On This Day Taupe Folded Note
Vintage Veil Thank You
Lovely Lace Thank You
Floating Party Girl
Engaged! Banner Thank You
Balancing Bride Thank You
Elegant Engagement
Engraving Around the Clock Folded Note
Simply Floral Thank You
Ribbon Nest Folded Note
Wildflower Wedding Thank You
Engraved Floral Azalea Folded Note
Stylish Shower Thank You
Stock the Kitchen Thank You
Love Birds Winter
Beautiful Bride with Bow - Brunette Thank You
Bride With Confetti (Multicultural)
Wood Floral Photo Thank You
Cream Thank You Cards
Lounging Lady
Elementa Thank You Cards
Bride With Confetti (Brunette)
Optica Thank You Cards
Vintage Floral Thank You
Pink Garden
Organica Thank You Cards
Trinity Thank You Cards
Kissing Couple - Blonde Thank You
Lovely Black Dress Invitation (Blonde)
Happily Ever After Car Folded Note
Just Married Banner Folded Note
Wonderful Wedding Dress Thank You
Balloon Love Thank You
Beach Legs Bride Note
Vintage Couple Note
Lovely White Dress (Multicultural)
Floral Bride Brunette
Donato Thank You Cards
Glamour Girl Bridal Shower #2
Gilded Thank You Cards
Mona Thank You Cards
Moro Thank You Cards
Oceana Thank You Cards
Renai Thank You Cards
Floral Bride - Brunette Thank Yous
Pink Petals Thank Yous
Shower Silhouette Thank Yous
Pretty Party Box (Brunette)
Butterflies & Balloons
Pink Party Cake
Lovely Black Dress Invitation (Multicultural)
Wedding Cake Green Folded Note
Wedding Couple Buttercup Folded Note
Pretty Patterned Party
Brassiere Tickled Pink Folded Note
Feather Mules Bali Folded Note
Friends Forever
Wedding Night Lingerie Wasabi Folded Note
Formal Place Setting Berry Folded Note
Gifts Galore
Formal Rehearsal Dinner Folded Note
Fresco Italiano Folded Note
Mod Place Setting Teal Folded Note
Nautical Border Berry Folded Note
Vintage Fork & Spoon Folded Note
Pouring Love Folded Note
Uncorked Teal Folded Note
Bride Silhouette Pink Note
Aqua Bloom Note Card
Budding Blue Note Card
Chocolate Floral Note Card
Sunshine Sunflowers Note Card
Napoli Informal Note
Canvas Informal Note
Vignette Informal Note
Frame Of Roses Informal Note
Knightsbridge Informal Note
Bride On Gift (B&W)
Marseille Informal Note
Nice Informal Note
Bordeaux Informal Note
Lille White Informal Note
Versailles Informal Note
Montauban Informal Note
Inglewood Informal Note
Amour Informal Note
City Silhouette Thank Yous
I Do Silhouette Thank Yous
City Celebration Thank Yous
Couple Wedding Shower Thank Yous
Marry My Friend Lavender Thank Yous
Cupcake Rings Note
Vintage Bride Blue Note
Contemporary Pink Botanicals Thank You Card
Contemporary Aqua Botanicals Thank You Card
Vintage Pink Botanicals Thank You Card
Vintage Blue Botanicals Crystal Thank You Card
Contemporary Pink Botanicals on Quartz Thank You Card
Contemporary Aqua Botanicals on Quartz Thank You Card
Vintage Blue Botanicals Quartz Thank You Card
Vintage Pink Botanicals Thank You Card
Bride On Gift (Blonde)
Bridal Umbrella Thank Yous
Bride on Box Blonde Thank Yous
Wedding Couple Thank Yous
Couple Dress Forms Thank Yous
Will You? Thank Yous
Bridal Shower Surprise Thank Yous
Engagement Celebration Thank Yous
Floral Dress Form Thank Yous
Jack and Jill Thank Yous
Key to my Heart Thank Yous
Falling White Damask Note Card
Vining Love Green Note Card
Palms of the Tropics Note Card
Lille Yellow Informal Note
Toulon Informal Note
Raleigh Informal Note
Early Spring Informal Note
Valence Informal Note (Blue)
Fleur De Lis Informal Note
Monterey Informal Note
Montreaux Informal Note
Tours Informal Note
Roma Informal Note
Moulins Informal Note
Bridal Bouquet Thank You
Couple Dress Forms Thank Yous
Celebrating Bride Thank Yous
Wedding Dress Thank Yous
Bridal Dress Form Thank You
Bridal Style Thank You Note
Love Birds Note
Tea Bride Note
Lace Bride Green Note Card
Lace Bride Pink Note Card
Topiary Note Card
Chandelier Note Card
Blushing Bride Blue Note Card
Pots, Dishes and Best Wishes Note Card
My Bridal Tea Note Card
After the Rice Note Card
Chandelier Shower
Ooh-La-La Lingerie - Pink
Classic Couple Bridal Shower - Pink
Silk or Lace? Note Card
Catch the Bouquet Note Card
Blushing Bride Chocolate Note Card
Bride in the Kitchen Note Card
Hand In Marriage Note Card
Bride with Bouquet Note Card
Pink And Orange Bloom Note Card
Budding Teal Note Card
Paris Informal Note
Love Informal Note
Pearl Chablis Informal Note
Yorkshire Informal Note
Galena Informal Note
Columbia Informal Note
Latour Informal Note
Tradition Informal Note
Butter Scroll Note Card
Vintage Brown Note Card
Kitchen Bride - Pink Blonde
Falling Brown Damask Note Card
Floral Bride Thank Yous
Wedding Attire Thank Yous
Mod Bride Note
Coco Mix Note
Peony Garden Note
Tufted Frame Note
Vintage Bride Note
Legs Bride Note
Vintage Bride Blonde Note
Birdcage Note
Bride Silhouette Purple Note
Pink Floral Note Card
Falling Pink Damask Note Card
Vining Love Pink Note Card
Brown Damask With Pink Border Note Card
Blue Damask on Silver Note Card
Bride Silhouette Blue Note
Coral Damask Note Card
Coventry Informal Note
Embassy Informal Note
Dover Informal Note
Carballo Informal Note
Tradewinds Informal Note
Cordova Informal Note
Tiana Informal Note
Chateau Informal Note
Bel Amour Informal Note
Beautiful In Blue Bride Blonde
Perfect In Purple Bride Brunette
Perfect In Purple Bride Blonde
Swinging Ring Bride - Blue Afr. Amer.
Almeria Informal Note
Hot Pink Scroll Note Card
Vintage Blue Note Card
Vintage Pink Note Card
Vintage Ebony Note Card
Blue Scroll Note Card
Teal Truffle Cake Note Cards
Budding Pink Note Card
Budding Red Note Card
Falling Blue Damask Note Card
Falling Red Damask Note Card
Vining Love Aqua Note Card
Bride Silhouette Green Note
Bride Silhouette Red Note
Gold & Navy Minuet Informal Note
Floral Scroll Informal Note
Navy Silhouette Informal Note
Kissing Couple - Brunette Thank You
Kissing Couple - Multicultural Thank You
Beautiful Bride with Bow - Blonde Thank You
Kitchen Shower Thank Yous
Love is in the Air Thank Yous
Love Tray Thank Yous
Love Birds Thank Yous
Mountain Destination Thank Yous
Marry My Friend Pink Thank Yous
Memory Board Thank Yous
Bridal Party Thank Yous
Say Yes Thank Yous
The Kiss Thank Yous
Toasting Couple Thank Yous
Time To Celebrate Thank Yous
Urban Destination Thank Yous
Umbrella Love Thank Yous
Vintage Bride Thank Yous
Vintage Dress Form Thank Yous
Wedding Style Thank Yous
Engraved Floral Escape Folded Note
Engraved Floral Hydrangea Folded Note
Engraved Floral Lime Folded Note
Engraved Floral Pink Folded Note
Kitchen Bride - Blue Brunette
Kitchen Bride - Blue Blonde
Kitchen Bride - Pink Brunette
Maids in a Row Belladonna Folded Note
Maids in a Row Berry Folded Note
Maids in a Row Black Folded Note
Maids in a Row Wasabi Folded Note
Engagement Emblem Bali Folded Note
Engagement Emblem Berry Folded Note
Engagement Emblem Buttercup Folded Note
Engagement Emblem Crete Folded Note
I Do - Me Too Bali Lime Folded Note
I Do - Me Too Black Berry Folded Note
I Do - Me Too Charcoal Bali Folded Note
I Do - Me Too Navy Flirt Folded Note
Bride with Curtain Bali Folded Note
Bride with Curtain Wasabi Folded Note
Bridesmaids Bali Light Gray Folded Note
Bridesmaids Belladona Silver Folded Note
Swinging Ring Bride - Purple Blonde
Swinging Ring Bride - Purple Brunette
Swinging Ring Bride - Pink Blonde
Swinging Ring Bride - Pink Brunette
Almost Married! Blonde
Bridesmaids Folded Note
Bridesmaids Champagne Venice Folded Note
On This Day Bali Folded Note
On This Day Hydrangea Folded Note
On This Day Pink Folded Note
On This Day Wasabi Folded Note
Wedding Cake Folded Note
Wedding Cake Buttercup Folded Note
Wedding Cake Pink Folded Note
Wedding Couple Bali Folded Note
Wedding Couple Pink Folded Note
Wedding Couple Shadow Folded Note
Wedding Couple Wasabi Folded Note
Brassiere Azalea Folded Note
Brassiere Bali Folded Note
Brassiere Buttercup Folded Note
Brassiere Light Pink Folded Note
Feather Mules Azalea Folded Note
Feather Mules Lime Folded Note
Feather Mules Silver Folded Note
Feather Mules Wisteria Folded Note
Wedding Night Lingerie Bermuda Folded Note
Wedding Night Lingerie Pink Folded Note
Wedding Night Lingerie Silver Folded Note
Wedding Night Lingerie Tickled Pink Folded Note
Formal Place Setting Black Folded Note
Formal Place Setting Lime Folded Note
Formal Place Setting Taupe Folded Note
Formal Place Setting Venice Folded Note
Formal Place Setting Warm Grey Folded Note
Formal Rehearsal Dinner Berry Folded Note
Mod Place Setting Bali Folded Note
Mod Place Setting Berry Folded Note
Mod Place Setting Olive Folded Note
Nautical Border Calypso Folded Note
Nautical Border Olive Folded Note
Vintage Fork & Spoon Gold Folded Note
Uncorked Maroon Folded Note
Uncorked Wasabi Folded Note
Swinging Ring Bride - Blue Blonde
Swinging Ring Bride - Purple Afr. Amer.
Pretty In Pink Bride Blonde

Planning your wedding is an exciting yet stressful time, in which you may call upon friends and family members for assistance in creating the perfect day. You'll also be showered with love, best wishes, kind gestures and gifts from friends and family at your engagement party, bridal shower, bachelorette party and also on your wedding day. Whether it is a thank you note for a gift from your wedding guests, a special note to your bridesmaids or in-laws or a quick note to your wedding vendors who pulled everything off without a hitch, you’ll be sure to need thank you notes that express your appreciation, along with your new marital status.

With so many gifts and gestures to be thankful for, be sure to choose the perfect wedding stationery to express your thanks during this special time in your life. Choose from trendy wedding stationery featuring wedding shoes, bride and groom silhouettes, engagement rings, wedding dresses, tropical scenes and contemporary patterns. We also offer traditional wedding stationery featuring clean white or ivory card stock which features your new married name, monogrammed initials, floral patterns or a unique motif coordinating with your wedding theme. Shop our folded wedding thank you notes or flat wedding thank you notes, depending on your personal style. This wedding stationery collection will help you express your thanks to your guests, friends and family. Nothing says thank you more than taking time out of your new married life to send a personal and hand written note of thanks to your guests.