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Wedding Registry Etiquette

After your engagement, youíll likely begin receiving inquiries from family and friends as to where you are registered. Most couples register with at least two retailers, and possibly up to three or four. You want a combination of enough registries that will be convenient in location to where your guests reside, however not so many options that you appear greedy or soliciting for gifts.

It is improper to add where the bride and groom are registered on the wedding invitation, however you may want to consider asking your wedding party to share the news of your registry by word of mouth. You may list your registry information on your wedding website, and it is also acceptable to list registry information on the bridal shower invitations. Registries should be considered a tool that is useful when searching for a gift for the happy couple if an attendee decides to purchase a present.

Tips for Wedding Gifts

  • If you are invited to a wedding, it is tradition to send or bring a gift. This is only proper if youíre invited to the ceremony. Often times, those that are having a small wedding will still send out wedding announcements or an invitation to an after-wedding reception. It is not mandatory to send a gift in honor of these occasions, however you may bring a gift if you wish.

  • Tradition says that you can send a wedding gift within a year of the actual wedding ceremony.

  • There is no proper amount to spend on a wedding gift. If you are stretching your budget to attend the wedding, but would still like to give a gift, a small wedding gift is certainly appropriate. After all, a wedding is about celebrating this joyous occasion with friends and not necessarily about the gifts given and received.

  • Although it is not necessary to give a gift at every single wedding occasion you attend, wedding gifts and shower gifts are considered separate. If you are attending multiple showers for the couple, it is acceptable to only give one gift, which covers all wedding showers. However, if you are attending the wedding, itís proper etiquette to give a wedding gift as well.