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Wedding and Bridal Shower Invitations Registry Information Etiquette

Attending a bridal shower always makes for a fun day, however knowing which type of gift to bring or how much to spend can sometimes seem a bit stressful! Below are a few quick tips to help you bring the perfect gift for the bride-to-be’s baby shower!

  • What do I get? The bridal shower invitation you received will typically clue guests in as to what to give on the day of the bridal shower. It's not necessary to be discrete here. If you're throwing a themed party – an around the house shower, linen and lingerie shower, couples shower, stock the bar party – the type of gifts to give should be pretty obvious. If the couple would like to receive gifts from their wedding registry, then it should be specified on the invite.

  • How much do I spend? This is always a sensitive subject, but shouldn't be! We encourage you to give what you can afford. Generally, $25 to $75 is a good price range, however it always varies depending on the situation, your budget and how close you are with the bride-to-be. A set of inexpensive wine glasses will mean as much as a high-end espresso maker, knowing that you took the time to pick it out and think about the needs of the bride.

  • Tradition, tradition, tradition… It is always encouraged that the bride-to-be open her gifts at her bridal shower however embarrassing it may be. The maid of honor is tasked with the duty of keeping track of the gifts by recording who gave what so that the bride can easily write thank you notes later. A great way to lump two duties into one is having the attendees address their own thank you note envelopes so the bride can quickly send out thank you notes to the correct addresses. The maid of honor also helps the soon-to-be bride open her gifts, show them off and place them in a safe location. It's also customary to gather all the ribbon from the gifts to create a mock ribbon bouquet which the bride usually carries during the wedding rehearsal.

  • Give Thanks! If you're purchasing bridal shower invites for yourself or for your friend, why not pick up a set of matching thank you notes while you're here? If you're planning on sending out notes to thank everyone for attending and for their generous gifts, include what they gave you, how it's being used and how much you (or the bride-to-be) are enjoying it. Remember to send out thank you notes within a few weeks of your bridal shower!