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Vintage Wedding Invitations

Wedding ceremonies are one of the practices that have been in place as long as we can remember. Bring timeless class and elegance into your wedding ensemble with this collection of vintage wedding invitations. These modern wedding invitations have a vintage style with a unique or antique looking border, edge or feel to the card stock. Make a unique statement with this collection of vintage invitations.

Linen Lace
Simply Blissful Silver Wedding Invitation
Vintage Elegance Blue White Wedding Invitation
Blue Damask on Silver
Blue Lace
Chantilly Lace
Sunshine Sunflowers
Prim and Proper Wedding Invitation
Sophisticated Love Wedding Invitation
Vinery Wedding Invitation
Wood Floral
Love By the Sea Aqua and Coral Wedding Invitation
Ginko Bough Invitation
Blue Scroll Invitation
Modern Rustic
Something Blue Ecru Wedding
Simply Chic Wedding Coral & Aqua Wedding Invitation
Yellow on Yellow Damask
Dockside Invitation
Banner Wedding
Asian Fusion Red Bird Layered Invitation
Chandelier Wedding
Falling Red Damask
Vintage Blue Invitation
Outdoor Love Wedding Invitation
Simple Black Flourish Layered Invitation
Moulins Invitation Card
Marseille Square Invitation
Prestigious Pink Damask with Brown Bow
Coral Damask Invitation
Gold & Navy Minuet Invitation Card
Hot Pink Scroll Invitation
Corner Scroll Black Layered Invitation
Fleur De Lis Wedding Invitation
Brown Damask With Pink Border
Bon Vivant Invitation
Sweet Pea Invitation
Love Wedding
Unison Invitation
Blooming Invitation with One Ink Color
Falling White Damask
Falling Pink Damask
Falling Brown Damask
Falling Blue Damask
Vintage Ebony Invitation
Simply Chic Wedding Blue & Green Invitation
Simply Chic Wedding Pink & Mustard Invitation
Simply Blissful Blue Wedding Invitation
Simply Blissful Mustard Wedding Invitation
Simply Blissful Purple Wedding Invitation
Vintage Elegance Pink Wedding Invitation
Vintage Elegance Black Wedding Invitation
Love By the Sea Aqua and Wheat Wedding Invitation
Love By the Sea Navy and Green Wedding Invitation
Summer Love Wedding Invitation
Winter Love Navy and Silver Invitation
Winter Love Red and Green Invitation
Spring Love Wedding Invitation
There's something about a vintage style invitation that is modern, even though it's from an older time period, or design to look that way. This unique collection of vintage wedding invitations features wedding invitation designs with an antique or classic feel to the card stock, an ancient or old-fashioned border or look a classic look of the text. Vintage wedding invitations are perfect for setting the tone at your wedding for a classically sophisticated event.