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VG Designs Invitations

My earliest memory of painting was in the first grade. Standing in front of a wooden easel, the jars filled with tempera paints, I found myself excited just holding the hard bristle brush. The magic began the second the paint touched the canvas. This was the spark that ignited the fire! From this moment, came a love for art and all things creative.

VG (Vickie Gregory) Designs are a combination of mediums: water colors, colored pencils, acrylic paints, and color markers. Each printed design begins as an original hand done little piece of artwork. It is my passion to create designs that announce, celebrate, and bring together friends to enjoy and make memorable, life's most special moments.

Turquoise Shell
Conch Shell
Sand Dollar
Morning Sea Shell
Nautilus Shell
Turquoise Shell
Conch Shell
Sand Dollar
Morning Sea Shell
Nautilus Shell
Boy with Balloons
Black Cat
Cat on a Cupcake
Grinning Pumpkin
Wrapped Candy
Halloween Brew
Spooky Moon
Silly Skeleton
Pretty Pumpkin
Pizza Party
Festive Palms
Jolly Old Hat
Vintage Snowflake
Oh Christmas Tree
Ante Up
Balloon Train
Pink Bra
Mardi Mask
Fiesta Food
Rainbow Cones
Share a pint
Green Mug O Beer
Frosty Green Beer
Vintage Solitare
Bridal Cupcake
Rollerblade Rental
Roller Skate Rental
Bucket O Brews
Magic Dragon
Ice Cold Beer
Crab Beer Bucket
Ice Cream Cones
Scary Tree in Moonlight
Sprinkles Cupcake
Pink Sprinkles Cupcake
Cowboy Couple
Happy Face Scarecrow
Stuffed Scarecrow
Blue Cupcake and Sparkles
Haunted House on the Hill
Baby Blue Basinet
The Perfect Pair
Delightful Daisy
Bandana Pig
Purple Garden
Springtime Garden
Watercolor Hydrangea
Potted Hydrangea
Flowers and Rinestone Stilleto
Chef Piggy
Tropical Drink
Pretty Topiaries
Beach Scene
Pig n' Keg
Rainbow Umbrella
Pretty Pink Flowers
Barbecue Sauce
Vegas Napkin
Patriotic Napkin
Stars and Stripes Napkin
Pink Lingerie
Spring Lingerie
Fancy Crib Pink
Fancy Crib Blue
Fancy Crib Yellow
Blue Teddy Bear Carriage
Yellow Teddy Bear Carriage
Sparkly Pink Stiletto Bridal Shower
Vineyard In Italy
Flower Luncheon
Floppy Puppy Shower
Bow Collar Puppy Shower
Colorful Abstract
Sparkly Purple Stiletto Bridal Shower
Watercolor Pink Tree Bridal Shower
Colorful Abstract Invite - Blue
Expecting Baby Boy
Expecting Baby Girl
Cocount Beach
Shell Announcement
Lets Play Ball
Watercolor Pink Flowers Bridal Shower
Expecting Boy or Girl
Mexican Fiesta
Watercolor Palm Trees Bridal Shower
Pink and Purple Flowers Bridal Shower
Pink Tulip Bridal Shower
Watercolor White Flower Bridal Shower
Pigs Grillin'
Pigs Grillin' II
Tiki Beach
First Communion Dress
Happy Birthday Train
Backyard Teddybear
Bright Carnival Party
Spring Baby Shower
Duckie Baby Shower
Little Yellow Bird Baby Shower
Yellow Dump Truck
Daisy Baby Shower
Picnic Table and Piggy
Little Blue Bird Baby Shower
Bear Birth Announcement - Boy
Bear Birth Announcement - Girl
Bright Pool Party
Baby Shower Basket
Cute Puppy with Balloons
Stock the Bar Glassware
Baby Teddy Announcement
Bright Castle Birthday
Retro Cocktail Party
Girl's Bowling Party
Beach Weekend
Little Chick Princess
Green Cocktail Stripes
Seashell Wedding
Stock the Closet Baby Shower
Medical Graduate Tools
Circle Grad Cap
Yellow Column Graduate Photo Card
Grey Column Graduate Photo Card
Red Column Graduate Photo Card
Blue Column Graduate Photo Card
Holiday Napkin
Holiday Cocktail
Holiday Present
Happy Snowman with Holly
By The Candle Light
Candy Cane Napkin
Holiday Egg Nog
Holiday Pigs
Holiday Monkey
Sunflower Pattern Napkin
Palmtree Napkin
Birthday Present Cookout
Jester Hat Mardi Gras
King & Queen of Mardi Gras
Mardi Gras Mask and Beads
Beer Crab
Beer Lobster
Margaritas Chips and Hot Tamales
Chili Pepper Napkin
Yee Haw Pig Pickin'
Barbecue Smoker
Hot Barbecue Smoker
Happy Piggy Backyard Beers Engagement
Happy Piggy Dancin' Engagement
Classic Martini Square
Classic Martini Tall
Classic Martini
Red Balloon Graduate
Light Blue Balloon Graduate
Green Balloon Graduate
Yellow Balloon Graduate
Pink Balloon Graduate
Purple Balloon Graduate
Graduation Cap
Teal Shell Placesetting
Sand Dollar Placesetting
Bloody Mary Brunch
Crabs n' Beer
Cowboy Rodeo
Super Hero Boy
Crabby Pot
Fire Chief Boy
Twins in the Pod
Tuscan Evening
Teal Sea Shell Placesetting
Sand Dollar Border
Sunflower Setting
Sunflower Border
Shell Plate Placesetting
Daisy Flower
Burgers Beer & Cake
Paint Brush Party
Paint Brush Girl
Red Bra
Growing Pomegranates
Seashell Napkin
Sunflower Napkin
White Napkin
Daisy Napkin
Beach Scene
Pigs in Love BBQ
Sweet Birdie
Cake Shower
Cake Shower II
Cake Girl
Italian Scene II
Pink Present Shower
Heavy Dump Truck
Monster Truck
Teddy and Rabbit
Pirate Kid
Camouflage Tank
Hula Luau Girl
Smokin' Hot Pepper
Bounce House
Mardi Gras Carnival Mask
Bikini Girl
Crawfish Pot
Helmet In Hand
Burgers Beer & Cake
Beach Vacation
Turquoise Shell
Pepperoni Pizza
Tool Belt Kid
Bowling Ball and Pins
Bride with Bridesmaids
Beer and Seafood
Chihuahua Sombrero
Bug Catcher Kid
Chic Bride
Conch Shell
Pink Corset
Crest Necklace
Four Wheelin'
High Heel
Green Dinosaur
Lace Bride
Orange Daisy
Coral Daisy
Pink Princess Castle
Senor Sombrero
One Blue Candles
One Pink Candles
Shell Placesetting
Zebra Placesetting
Bandana Placesetting
Leopard Placesetting
Lobster Placesetting
Italian Placesetting
Peach Shell
Italian Vino Placesetting
Happy Pig with Fork
Blonde Girl Rock Climber
Beer N Juicy Cheese Burger
Beach Bucket
Football Baby in Red
Football Baby in Burgundy
Football Baby in Green
Football Baby in Dark Blue
Rock Climber Boy Red
Rock Climber Boy Blonde
Rock Climber Boy Brown
Piggy Barbeque Sign
Paradise Island
Paradise Palm
Lazy River Tubing Boy Brunette
Underwater Mermaid with Pearls
Mermaid in Clam Shell
Red White and Blue Fireworks
Italian Pizza Pie
Spa Day Tub
Starfish Sandal
Beach Chair
Treasure Chest
Beach Bird
American Lobster
American Hotdog
American Watermelon
Blue Plate Placesetting
Tiki Hut
Summer Drinks
Italian Placesetting with Napkin
Western Placesetting
Spaghetti & Wine Placesetting
Steak Placesetting
Paint Brush Girl
Rubber Tire Track Hoe
Lights Camera Action
Lilly Flower
Juke Box
Beer and Sombrero
Princess Castle Purple
Bull Dozer
Tiki Bar On The Beach
Luau Girl Bar On The Beach
Wedding Day Heels
Golf Hole
Wine Country
Pretty Princess Purse
Cute Pig
Kids Pool Party
Kids Pool Party Brown Hair
Beach Tiki Torches
Sand Dollar
Happy Pool Party
Zebra Heel
Wood Fired Pizza
Black Bra
Pig Pickin
Mantis Insect Party
Fun In The Sun
Hamburger in Paradise
Chemist Kid
Baby In The Pod
Lil Lady Bug
Scales of Justice
Cap & Tassel
Dentistry Graduate
Pink Dress
Red Dinosaur
Humpty Dumpty
Red Bra
Paint Brush Party
Growing Pomegranates
Teddy and Rabbit
Dentistry Tooth Detail
Doctors Bag
Graduating Tooth
Cap and Gown in Light Blue
Cap and Gown in Red
Cap and Gown in Purple
Cap and Gown in Green
Cap and Gown in Orange
Cap and Gown in Dark Blue
Cap and Tassel in Light Blue
Cap and Tassel in Yellow
Cap and Tassel in Pink
Bright Daisy
Daisy Cake
Orange Flower
Pink Flower
Light Orange Flower
SandDollar Starfish
Shell Cake
WaterColor Lobster
Sand Castle
Lingerie Wardrobe
Nautical Lobster
Girls Spa Day Bag
Chicks Weekend
BBQ Grille
Cute Griaffe
Sea Mist Sand Dollar
Morning Sea Shell
Nautilus Shell
Peach Shell
Quiet Beach
Crab In Hot Water
Butter and Crab Legs
Lobster Time
Crab Claw Cracker
Lobster Love
Lobster Chase
Monkey Girl Number One
3D Movie Night
Popcorn Movie
One Blue Candle
One Pink Candle
Business School Grad
Oysters and Lemons
Happy Pig
Snorting Bull
Baby Chick
Hot Grill
Jungle Friends Girl
Night Tent
Scroll II
Scroll III
Shrimp Cocktail
Wine & Cheese Platter
Chicken N' Beer
Cowboy Hat & Paisley Border
Democrat Donkey
Safari Jeep
Piggy Pig Pickin
Prayer Shaw
Republican Elephant
We're Grillin' Now
Birds Nesting
Sports Player
Party Pinata
Blonde Horse Rider
Brunette Horse Rider
Red Horse Rider
Around the House Shower
Bounce House
Tequila Party
Blonde Young Cook
Brunette Young Cook
Redhead Young Cook
Baby in the Pod II
Let's Make Pizza Party
Jungle Friends Boy
Outdoor Seafood Boil
Tooth Pick Piggy BBQ
Blues BBQ Pig
Safari Placesetting
Blue Gift Placesetting
Pink Gift Placesetting

Add a personal touch to your party invitations with VG Designs Invitations. This collection of kids birthday party invitations, bridal shower invitations, adult birthday party invitations and wedding invitations features creative one-of-a-kind designs. Each invitation is created from a combination of water color paintings, colored pencil drawings, acrylic paintings or colored marker images, which add an authentic hand-made look to each invitation they offer.

Browse through a variety of kids birthday party designs for boys and girls featuring construction invitations, monster truck invitations, pirate themed invitations, dinosaur invitations, roller skating invitations, bounce house invitations, kid rock star invitations or bounce house invitations. For adults celebrating a milestone or seasonal event, browse through Mardi Gras invitations, tropical party invitations, beach invitations, crawfish boil invitations or fiesta party invitations. VG Designs also offers a detailed wedding invitation and bridal shower invitation line which features couture wedding dresses, high heeled shoes, jewelry and beach wedding scenes. Celebrate your next milestone event with an invitation from the VG Designs collection, featuring invitation designs with a beautiful art design that will set the tone for your upcoming event.