Valentine's Day Stickers and Return Address Labels

Now you can have Valentine's Day stickers if you're an adult or child! Normally reserved for children, these stickers can actually double as address return labels and envelope seals. When you're sending out your Valentine's Day cards in the mail, make sure you complete this lovable holiday's theme. You can even let your children decorate their own cards with these Valentine's Day stickers. With so many different uses, you better stock up! Our Valentine's Day stickers and address return labels come in all the normal colors associated with this lovable holiday like light pink, magenta, purple and white. If you're tired of these hues, try something a little different with blues and browns. These Valentine's Day stickers and labels are still as cute-as-a-button, but will add a breath of fresh air to all your Valentines. Along with these delightful colors we're sure you’ll love, our designs take the cake.

In addition to all kinds of heart graphic variations, we offer sticker designs that include cupcakes, panda bears, flowering trees, martinis, XOXO's, crowns, bees, mice, a pair of birds, teddy bears, dogs, monkeys, cars, penguins, owls and much more. Like we said, we have a ton of cool graphics that are perfect for little girls and boys, adults and entire families. Not only do these have precious colors and designs, our Valentine's Day stickers are also address return labels and envelope seals. Add them to baked goods and gifts as well for an extra personal touch.

When ordering these, simply continue to our Personalize Now page where you can personalize up to three lines. When purchasing these as Valentine's Day return address return labels, make sure you enter your family's name, address and city and state where you live. How simple is that?! We have sophisticated Valentine's Day designs as well as ones for youngsters. They will be the envy of every student in their class when they show up with their own personalized Valentine's Day stickers. Throwing a Valentine's Day bash with all the fun couples you know? Give them a preview of the fun to come by embellishing your invitations with our Two Hearts Martini sticker, or make your sweetheart smile when you decorate the card you're giving them with the unique Sparkling Little Love Necklaces address label.

From modern designs to elegant Valentine's Day stickers and Valentine address labels, you'll certainly find something for you, your family or your child. When you order from our sticker and label collection, you're ensuring all of your cards, invites and gifts are certainly sealed with a kiss. Add your own personal touch and make this February 14th a holiday to remember.