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Valentine's Day Invitations

Valentine's Day is a perfect way to express your love and gratitude - not just to your special someone, but to all the special people in your life. Share the love with these chic and distinctive Valentine's Day invitations from our one-of-a-kind Valentine's Day Party Collection. With our extensive collection, you're sure to find the perfect invitations to match the tone, theme, and style of the party you're throwing. Choose from classic and romantic hearts, modern and contemporary birds, and unique butterflies and cupid Valentine's invitations perfect for your February party. Featuring hearts, candy, polka dots, cupid designs, inspirational messages, and numerous other fun themes and designs, you'll have no problem expressing your feelings this Valentine's Day with our wide selection of vertical and horizontal invitations.

Plan a girls' night out with our Heel and Cocktail design, or throw a get-together for your children with the fun Heart Stack design displaying multiple colored polka dot hearts. Perhaps you'd like to throw an elegant dinner party? Take a peek at your Valentine's Place Setting invitation, complete with a pink, white, and red dinner plate design that is creative and sure to get your point across.

Don't like the generic wording on the invitation? Personalize your Valentine party invitations at Invitation Box. Select the design you want, and easily change the wording, font, color, size, and placement of the text to match the style and tone of your party. Not sure how to word an invitation? We offer wording suggestions to help get your creative juices flowing and choose the right way to express your love. Just plug in your information and InvitationBox will come up with multiple ways to word your invitation based on theme and type of party. We even offer etiquette and advice on writing for specific themes and how to address the text within the invitation. Have a doctor in the family? What about a junior? Check out our grammar section to see how to address those who have a prefix before their name or suffix after their name, or when and how to use commas and apostrophes when writing names. If you're not interested in personalizing your invitation, they can be ordered blank and printed at a later date when all your details are set. All invitations come with unlined envelopes, but can be upgraded to include lining or printed addresses if needed.

We have a wide selection of Valentine party invitations for both kids and adults. For adult gatherings, choose from sleek and romantic roses, colorful cocktails, inspirational messages, and others. Planning a children's party? Choose invites for children with fun and colorful polka dotted hearts, candy and flower designs. Whether single or in love this Valentine's season, why not throw a party and reconnect with family and friends? Our Valentine's invitations are available with fun festive designs and colors, including red, pink, white, purple and even hot pink. Don't delay! Order yours from InvitationBox.com and receive free shipping on orders over $75.