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Valentine’s Day Cards

We certainly celebrate love at Invitation Box and want to supply you with all the types of cards you need to commemorate this special feeling. Since Valentine's Day seems to always sneak up on us, make sure you get all of your Valentine's Day cards early. Whether you're purchasing these for your children or are just a big kid at heart, these will certainly make recipients smile.

You Light Up My Life
Alphabet Love
You Are My Sunshine
Be my Baaaah-lentine?
Oh So Tweet Birds
You're the Sweetest Valentine
I have my EYES on you
I Choo Choose You
Whale Valentine
You're a Hit!
I'm Wild About You
Cheer Me Up
Slam Dunk Valentine
You Rock Guitar Red
Oh So Sweet Ice Cream
Owl Always Be Valentine
You're a treasure Valentine
You Are So. . . Pink
Valentine Cowgboy
Happy Heart Day Stripes
Owl Always Be Your Friend
Reel Catch Valentine
Love Birds
Happy Heart Day XOXO
All Star Sports
Snappy 'Lil Gator
Postmarked Love Valentine
I Mustache You a Question
You're Out of This World
U Rock Valentine
Loads of Love Photo Valentine
The Sweetest Valentine
Peace Valentine
Love Is All You Need
You Are The Coolest
Happy Heart Day Chalkboard
Eye on You Valentine
Out of this World Valentine
PB&J Valentine
Lighthearted Love
Candy Hearts
Bee Mine
Love You
Modern Smile
Colorful Words
I Dig You
Chilly Little Penguin
Valentine Mermaid Adventure - Brunette
PURRfect Valentine
Valentine Cowgirl
Bee Mine
Dino Wild
You Are Super
You Make Me :) Red
Be Mine Teddy
Let's Chill Penguins
You're Sweet Cupcakes
I Love You Panda
The Tweetest Valentine
I Dig You Valentine
Hearts Valentine
Be Mine Scribbles
You're A Star Scribbles
Heart on a String Pink
Tire Valentine
Be Mine
Princess Crown
Sweet Candy Buffet
You're a Hoot Pink Owl
With All My Heart
Scribble Heart Valentine
Tasty Cupcakes
Rocket Science Valentine
Baby Elephant Love
Perfectly Pink
Bee Mine
A-Maze-ing Valentine
You Rock! Pink
U R Sweet Pink
Circles 3 Bookplate
Heart Bookplate
Pink Puppy Love
Robot Photo Valentine
Superhero Teddy
Puppy Love
Triceratops Valentine
Little Love Penguin
Grrreat Friend Valentine
Robot Valentine
Wild About You
Dino-mite Valentine
Heart on a String Red
Plane Valentine
Chloe Valentine
Wheelie Valentine
Fly With Me
Chloe Photo Valentine
The Tweetest Photo Valentine
Brontosaurus Love
Loads of Love Valentine
Hanging Monkey
Read My Lips
Damask Heart Pendants
Fire House Pup
Circles Bookplate
Drive Me Crazy
Circles 2 Bookplate
I Love You Bookplate
U R Sweet Blue
No Monkeying Valentine
Hopping Valentine
Falling Hearts
Gingham Bookplate
Monster Love
Bee Mine Valentine
The Sweetest Photo Valentine
Valentine Mermaid Adventure - African American
Valentine Mermaid Adventure - Black Hair
Valentine Mermaid Adventure - Blonde
Valentine Mermaid Adventure - Redhead
You're a Hit! Valentine
You Rock Guitar Blue
You Are So... Blue
You're a Hoot Blue Owl
You Make Me :) Blue
You Rock! Teal

Reminiscent of grade school years when you'd write a secret note to all your classmates (and maybe a special one to your secret crush), these contain all sorts of fun designs and graphics that will be a hit with your children's classmates, teachers and your kids! Choose from girly designs like cupcakes, cheerleaders, flowering trees, peace signs and hearts, ladybugs, mermaids, kittens and cowgirls. Your own little princess will be delighted that she gets to take part in the creation process. Make this a project and ask her how she wants to design the card. On many of our Valentine cards, you can move the text around to your liking and add extra lines if you need them. Maybe she and her classmates have an inside joke that she wants to include, or maybe she wants to send Be My Valentine cards to her class crush. Now she can with our flexible card options!

Little guys still love Valentine's Day as much as girls even if they don't show it. Masculine graphics feature trains, baseballs, basketballs, cowboys, aliens, construction equipment, monster trucks and more. If your son is handing our Valentine's cards to his classmates, teammates, friends or family, make sure he gets a say, too. He may want to send a special message that reminds everyone how he truly feels.

These Valentine's Day cards come with one of our own messages or an option for you to create your own personal message. We've offered up quite a few fun Valentine's sayings like: "I Choo Choo Choose You To Be My Valentine", "Whale You Be My Valentine", "You're A Slam Dunk", "You're A Reel Catch", "I Would Snap At the Chance To Be Your Valentine" and many others. They, of course, have corresponding graphics. Make it a generic one or give your cards a special sweet message!

We have all of your favorites from the best brands and are excellent for a children's Valentine's Day party at home or in their classroom. Your kids may also want to send them to family members and friends far away. Let their imaginations go wild as they help you craft the perfect card to match their personality.