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Surprise Party Invitations

Can you keep a secret? Planning a birthday party for someone you care for is always a good time, but it's so much more fun when they don't even know that you're planning it! Celebrate your loved one's birthday and surprise them with a huge party in their honor with beautiful surprise birthday party invitations from InvitationBox.com. Our collection of surprise party invitations are carefully worded to make sure your guests know that it's a surprise and to keep their lips zipped! Choose from a variety of surprise invitation styles depending on the birthday honoree's unique personality and party style. Choose from stylish invitations that picture party people with their lips hushing about a secret, SURPRISE birthday invitations, birthday cake invitations, ticket stub invitations, die-cut lips invitations and more. Be sure to let your guest know what time the honoree will arrive on your invitation so that everyone can get there in time to shout "SURPRISE!"

Surprise Party
Surprise Pink Watercolor
Shhh! Ribbon Blue Surprise Party
Retro Chic Aqua Vip
Shhh It's a Surprise Party
Confetti Dots Surprise Party Photo
Modern and Chic Blue Surprise Party
Shhh... It's a Surprise!
Shhhh... Pink and Green
Balloon Birthday Bash - African American
Glitz Balloons Surprise Party
Surprise Stripe
Surprise Girl
3 Square Photo Red
Elegant Surprise Teal Glitter
Shhh It's a Surprise Party Striped Blue
Blue Surprise Bubbles
Shhh Stripes Surprise Party
Classic Surprise Birthday Party Pink
Sunset Cowboys
A Surprise Party Invitation
Big Surprise
Crazy Cake
Shhh! Ribbon Pink Surprise Party
Retro Surprise Pink
Cocktail Wishes
Stylish Surprise - Brunette
Script Pink Surprise Party
Cinder Gold
Bookplate Black
Butterfly Birthday
Stir Framed
Pink Surprise Bubbles
Elegant Surprise Pink Glitter
Brown and White Polka Dot Birthday
Script Black Surprise Party
Bright Shhh Blue Surprise Party
Cupcakes and Cocktails
Classic Surprise Birthday Party Navy
Modern and Chic Pink Surprise Party
Bookplate Pink
Elegant Italian
Teal Truffle Cake
Birthday Beer
Modern Stripes Blue Surprise Party
Dessert Tray
Bright Typography Surprise Party
Cake for Him
Pretty in Purple
Cake Dots Deep Sea
Elegant Surprise Gold Foil
60s Feet
Modern Stripes Pink Surprise Party
Happy Birthday Cake
Martinis & More
Metro Birthday
Cocktail Gathering
Lucky Guy
Shhh It's a Surprise Party Striped Pink
Cake Bling
Wacky Cake
Royal Cake
Chocolate Birthday Cake
Perfectly Packaged
Confidential Invitation
Big News
Classic Surprise Birthday Party Green
Retro Chic Pink
Pink Balloons
Bright Shhh Pink Surprise Party
Star Party Invitations
Limo In The City
Shhh! Ribbon Red Surprise Party
Confetti Cake
Modern Stripes Red Surprise Party
50 and Fabulous Ticket
Modern and Chic Purple Surprise Party
Shh! Invitation
Black and White Birthday Ticket
Sexy Sixty Ticket
Under Wraps Invitation
Stylish Surprise - Blonde
Balloon Birthday Bash - Blonde
3 Square Photo Chambray
3 Square Photo Teal
Blue Truffle Cake
Cake Dots Blue
Balloon Birthday Bash
Cake Dots Pink
Retro Chic Pink Vip
Retro Surprise Blue
Retro Chic Aqua
Surprise Blue Watercolor

If you've ever been on the receiving end of a surprise party, you know how awesome it feels to know that all of your friends and family worked so hard to pull off a special surprise just for you. Our collection of surprise party invitations includes something for everyone, from kids surprise party invitations to adult surprise party invitations and more. Set the scene for a night that won't soon be forgotten and surprise a friend or family member with a party in their honor.

If you have a lot of 'not so quiet' friends, you may want to choose one of our surprise party invitations that scream that this party is a surprise so they know to keep quiet about the big day. Choose from die-cut "SHH" invitations, invitations that show a posh girl holding her finger up to her lips to shush her guests or a vibrant and eye-catching "SURPRISE" invitation that can't be missed. If you prefer things a little more understated, choose one of our calligraphic "surprise party" invitations, birthday cake invitations, birthday present invitations or themed party invitations if it's a surprise party with a twist. Still think they won't take the hint? Start from scratch and spell out your instructions to keep the party a secret from the honoree. In addition to our fantastically discreet designs, we also offer ticket stub invitations and digital photo invitations to share a picture of the birthday man or woman-to-be. When wording your party invitation, be sure to ask guests to arrive a half hour or so before the guest of honor so that everyone is there for the surprise. You'll also want to plan a place for parking so that nobody's car ruins the surprise. Get your confetti, noise makers and voices ready to yell "SURPRISE" as you celebrate your friend or family member's birthday in a big way.