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Stationery Etiquette for Women

Whether for business use or personal use, it seems women can always find a reason to send a heartfelt handwritten note to family, friends or clients. While offering a portrayal of sophistication and class, your personal stationery also says a lot about you as a person in that you take time out of your schedule to handwrite a note.

Women’s stationery is traditionally a small folded notecard, as opposed to a flat card, as women’s handwriting is traditionally smaller than a man’s. A standard folded note is typically 3.5 x 5 inches in size, but can be as large as 4.5 x 5.5 inches.

Paper Style

  • Women’s traditional notecard stock colors include white and ecru (ivory).

  • Traditionally, women’s stationery would refrain from any bold colors and would remain with a simple clean card stock with text in black or gray, which are considered more conservative ink choices. However with today’s modern times, many more colors, patterns and varieties are becoming available and are considered appropriate socially.

  • You should choose a note card that best reflects your personality and the message you want to convey to the recipient of the note. You may also want to include a motif or icon below your name to further reflect your individual interests and style.

Wording Style

  • Traditional etiquette suggests having the woman’s name centered on the middle front of the card, in a script or italicized font. More modern stationery may have the name bottom centered or on the lower right corner of the card for stylistic purposes.

  • A monogram in place of the woman’s name is acceptable, traditionally in a script style. Women who would like to use their married name or a title are welcome to do so, but those women not married should simply use their name. Using “Miss” is seen as improper.

  • Your hand written note should be on the inside lower portion of the note card, however if you have a lot to write, or particularly large handwriting, the note may begin on the top inside panel of the card, and continue onto the back bottom panel of the card.