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Stationery Etiquette for Men

Whether for personal or business use, menís stationery is essential in todayís modern world, to portray an essence of class and sophistication. Menís stationery is traditionally simple and masculine with clean lines and stately stylized text.

Paper Style

  • Flat cards are traditionally used for menís stationery, as opposed to a folded note.

  • The standard size for a menís stationery is approximately 4 x 6 inches or larger, which accommodates the typical large handwriting style of a male.

  • Menís stationery is typically printed upon high quality white or ivory card stock; however a charcoal or slate blue flat card would be a more contemporary alternate choice for todayís modern man.

Wording Style

  • Menís social stationery appears without a title. Only when a man is a medical doctor should a title be used.

  • Menís stationery is traditionally adorned with the manís name printed across the top center of the card, however the bottom center of the card is also appropriate.

  • A personal monogram with a modern edge or masculine letters is also acceptable. Using an icon or motif on menís stationery is not as common as on womenís stationery, however is certainly acceptable. If a motif is used, it should be small and understated, and also showcase the maleís interest or personality.