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Stationery Etiquette for Kids

The practice of handwriting a thank you note begins as a child, where the tradition is passed on from parent to child at a young age. Children often do not enjoy writing thank you notes, and it may be difficult for a child to write a thank you note depending on their current writing skills or capabilities.

Purchasing expensive stationery for children is sometimes unnecessary; however, there are many children-friendly choices out there that will encourage your child to actually enjoy writing thank you notes. Anything formal is typically avoided for children’s stationery; the stationery should be light, fun and reflect the unique style and interests of your child. Choose a fun patterned folded or flat note and list your child’s first name on the center (folded note) or top/bottom center (flat note) of the card. A last name can be included if necessary.

An affordable and quick alternative to traditional children’s flat or folded stationery is fill-in thank you notes which coordinate your child’s party invitations or unique personality. They come with the same colorful, whimsical and fun graphics that the invitations have, along with brightly colorful matching envelopes. Fill-in thank you notes are wonderful for kids because they take care of the “thanks” part of the thank you note for your child, and allow your child to simply fill-in their gift information and add a little note on their own. This makes writing thank you notes an easy task for both parents and kids, and teaches your child the art of writing a full thank you note in the future.

Here is sample text from one of the fill-in invitations:
Thank you so much!
Dear ___________________,
I really loved the ______________________________.
It was just great!
From: _________________________