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Stationery Card Stock Quality

The type of card stock you use for your stationery reflects the type of event correlating to it, as well as a level of sophistication and class in your written correspondence. Any stationery, whether for personal or business use, should use a high quality card stock. Traditionally, cardstock gave inclination to the wealth and status of the stationery holder, however in more modern times more social stationery, or less formal stationery, is often accepted.

Cardstock is made from many different kinds of fibers and weights. As these fibers are brought together and made into paper, they will also have different finishes, which may affect the printing methods available for the card stock. The finish may be glossy, sheen, matte, shimmer, linen, fibrous, etc. Some different finish choices include: Laid (Lined), Vellum (Parchment), Linen (Woven Cloth), Felt (Patterned Wool) or Embossed (Raised Paper Design).

Card stock is available in many different weights, which will affect the cost of the card stock, as well as portray an image of quality of the product. Cardstock weight ranges from lightest to super heavy or triple thick card stock. Paper/card stock is measured by density, in pounds. The weight of paper may be unfamiliar to you, as it is measured into the number of pounds per 500 sheets of paper. The higher the listed pound weight of the paper, the thicker, heavier and better quality the item will be.

Below is a short guide to help you recognize the weight of your chosen card stock:

Light Weight: 80 - 90 pound card stock
Medium Weight: 100 - 120 pound card stock
Heavy Weight: 130 pound card stock

*Double/Triple Thick card stock is typically 140 pound stock or higher