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Sometimes all it takes is a little bit of color inspiration to spark an idea or a wedding theme to coordinate your entire wedding event. The decision of your wedding colors is one that will come early on in your wedding planning, and your entire wedding may revolve around your specific color choice(s). The colors you choose for your wedding will greatly portray an image of the formality and style of your wedding day. A traditional wedding may a classic ivory or white stock with black invitation details and wording, whereas a modern wedding may convey bright splashes of color and unique color combinations featuring pink and brown, hot pink and tangerine, blue and green or red and gold. Narrow down your search for the perfect invitation with this collection of shop wedding invitations by color, so that you can easily coordinate your wedding ensemble with your wedding day!

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One of the first questions you are bound to hear when planning your wedding is, "What have you chosen for your wedding colors?" Your chosen wedding colors will actually give your guests a preview to the style and formality of wedding you are hosting, be it formal, elegant, classic and traditional or vibrant, eye-catching, daring and modern. A splash of color upon your wedding invitations will help you tie your entire wedding together, from the first time your guests open your wedding invitation envelope all the way leading up to your actual wedding day. This collection of shop wedding invitations by color provides you with a gorgeous color palette of wedding colors and color combinations to choose from, allowing you to select the perfect wedding invitation to set the scene for your big day.

Our most traditional wedding invitations feature everlasting designs with patterns and hues of black, ivory, white, silver, brown and gold. These classic colors give off an essence of timeless elegance which is most appropriate for your ceremonial milestone wedding event. Our most contemporary wedding invitations feature vibrant and highly contrasting color combinations featuring designs, patterns and wording in hues of tangerine, hot pink, chocolate, charcoal, light yellow, purple and red. These contemporary colors give off a stylish portrayal of the bride and groom while offering a bold and eye-catching color palette. Let your wedding invitation be a small preview of your wedding ahead with a traditional or contemporary wedding invitation from our abundant shop by color wedding invitation collection.