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Rehearsal Dinner Invitations

Before the bride and groom head down the aisle to say "I do" they'll need a wedding rehearsal to iron out all of the kinks and calm any last minute nerves about the wedding day. After your wedding rehearsal, celebrate your last night as a single couple with a rehearsal dinner. Invite your close friends, relatives, wedding party and possibly your out-of-town guests to attend for light dinner, conversation, cocktails and relaxation before the big day. This collection of rehearsal dinner invitations will help you set the scene with a variety of designs and themes featuring patterned borders, floral prints, alter designs, place settings, silverware drawings, table settings and bride and groom scenes. We also have themed wedding rehearsal invitations featuring Italian dinners, fiesta themes, seafood boils, outdoor picnics, western barbecues or sushi. Celebrate tomorrow's nuptials and the end of your wedding planning and set the tone for your entire evening with a chic rehearsal dinner invitation.

Beautiful Box
Polkberries & Rose
Table Scene Rehearsal Dinner
Kilt Supper
Rehearsal Ware
Pea Tendrils & Pinks
That's Amore
Iconic Eat, Drink and Be Married Pink Bridal Shower Invitation
Italian Vino Placesetting
Feathers and Flowers
Mod Place Setting Teal
Snazzy Wedding
Italian Table
Vineyard In Italy
Modern I Do BBQ Berry Bridal Shower Inviitation
Sepia Sea
Be Married
Italian Olive
The Best Day Ever Rehearsal Dinner
White Curly Q on Black
Country Table
Pink Ribbon Photo Rehearsal Dinner
Shell Announcement
Flowery Place Setting
French Floral Black
Sketch in Taupe
Modern Backyard BBQ Coral Bridal Shower Invitation
Ostrich A'Foot
Pigs in Love BBQ
Shore Birds
Rustic Toile Utensils Invitation
Celebration Wed
Country Dinner Doily Invitation
Beach Umbrella
Vintage - Bar-B-Q Invite
Summer Floral Frame
Let's Eat Floral Rehearsal Dinner
Join Us For A Bite
Maple Cheese Board
Italian Place Setting
Nautical Border Olive
White Barn
Preppy Crab
Vintage Fork & Spoon Gold
Eat, Drink & Be Married Pink Chevron Bridal Shower Invitation
Beach Boil
Modern Eat, Drink & Be Married Pink Bridal Shower Invitation
Laurel of Green
Simple BBQ Navy Bridal Shower Invitation
Belacour Black
Beach Beauties
Rehearsal Dinner Script Charcoal
Elegant Eat Drink and Be Married Pink Bridal Shower Invitation
Fancy Fleurish Tiffany
Rustic Spring Garden
Fiesta Couple
Mono Frame
Brown Shells
Cinco de Mayo Maracas Invitation
Deck Party
Crisp Linen
Woodcut Seafoam Invite
Bon Appetit Yellow Rehearsal Dinner
Wood grain Dinner Gold
Jacquard Rehearsal Dinner Pale Lavender
Crawfish Bash
The Night Before Rehearsal Dinner
Vintage Signs - Italian Dinner Invitation
Wedding Rehearsal
Blue Gift Placesetting
Love Birds
Italian Placesetting
Fiesta Invitation
Pink Gift Placesetting
Backyard BBQ
Oval Monogram Purple & Grey
Island Destination
Tall Palms
Sunflower Napkin
Happy in Love Silhouette Berry
Fiesta Time
Tuscan Evening
Happy Piggy Dancin' Engagement
Authentic Irish Pub
Wine Country
NYC Skyline
Classic Placesetting
Low Country Boil
Brides Lunch Table Buttercup
Wedding Party
Dove Flourish
Olive Branch
Couple Dress Forms
Fleur di Lis
Southern Skull
Elegant Dinner Bali & Chocolate
Steak Placesetting
Elegant Italian
Let's Toast Rehearsal Dinner
Rehearsal Dinner Script Chevron
Harlequin Roses
Fiesta Placesetting
Fine Plate
Night Tent
Sunflower Pattern Napkin
Oyster Roast
Blooms n Dots
St. Charles Bouquet
Shell Plate Placesetting
Nouvelle Rose
Lobster Chase
Lantern Bop
Oval Monogram Black & Berry
Butter and Crab Legs
Night Lanterns
Beach Chair
Crabby Palm Trees
Western Placesetting
The Happy Couple (Blonde)
Flaming Tree
Getting Hitched
Vintage Fork & Spoon
Fresco Italiano
French Peony Red
Red Coral
Paradise Palm
Tissue Petals
Country Placesetting
Pink Topiaries
Charlotte Skyline
Silverware Sun Escape
Palmtree Napkin
Western Placesetting
Gilded Wreath
Shell Placesetting
French Mat Ivy League
Floral Frame Grey
Scallop Palm Trees
Sand Dollar Border
Chianti & Parmesan
Indian Block Print
Crab Claw Cracker
Crab In Hot Water
Oysters and Lemons
Sand Dollar Placesetting
Wedding Attire
Love Birds Charcoal
Italian Placesetting with Napkin
Mt. Retreat
Practice Makes Perfect Rehearsal Dinner
Oak Tree
Safari Placesetting
Lobster Placesetting
Butterflies Butter & Blue Invite
Happy Piggy Backyard Beers Engagement
Rehearsal Dinner Script Cream
Mocha Trellis
Cutlery Dinner Party Black Invitation
Clambake Placesetting
Zebra Placesetting
Avocado Ikat
Baroque Frame
Formal Place Setting Black
Cocktails Alfresco
Seafood Place Setting
Knife, Fork & Spoon
Formal Rehearsal Dinner
Beer and Seafood
Fall Cocktails Alfresco
Chevron Plate
Lobster Time
Lobster Love
Italian Pizza Pie
Paradise Island
Old English Banquet
Tissue Heart
Tropical Table
Beer and Sombrero
Caiman Stripe
Teal Sea Shell Placesetting
Evening In Italy
Blue Plate Placesetting
Rehearsal Dinner
Beachy Plate
Bandana Placesetting
Italian Placesetting
Luau Placesetting
Spaghetti & Wine Placesetting
Peach Shell
Leopard Placesetting
WaterColor Lobster
Art Nouveau Bride Invitation
Nautical Lobster
Tropical Couple
Liberty Blue
Broach - Mustard
Corner Scroll Black Layered Invitation
Deco Corners
Fresh Trim
Flatware Row
Holiday Chandelier Teal Invitation
Italian Scene II
Wine & Cheese Platter
French Monogram
Natural Shell
Crab Boil
German Rehearsal Dinner Ticket
Peachy Rehearsal Dinner Ticket
Iron Out The Kinks Silver Photo Ticket
Birmingham Skyline
Gate Scrolls Copenhagen
Iron Out The Kinks Red Photo Ticket
Iron Out The Kinks Green Photo Ticket
Classic Trim
Mod Placesetting
Please Join Us Rehearsal Dinner Ticket
Blue Rehearsal Dinner Ticket
Red Rehearsal Dinner Ticket
Floral Frame Black
Crescent City Toile
Rehearsal Dinner Party Ticket
Happy in Love Silhouette Pink
Belacour Olive
Elegant Dinner Taupe & Vanilla
Belacour Calypso
Happy in Love Silhouette Bali
Belacour Bali
Belacour Berry
Happy in Love Silhouette Yellow
Brides Lunch Table Belladonna
Jacquard Rehearsal Dinner Chocolate
Belacour Lime
Elegant Dinner Black & Red
Happy in Love Silhouette Hydrangea
Mod Place Setting Bali
Oval Monogram Olive & Black
Jacquard Rehearsal Dinner Bali
Brides Lunch Table Azalea
Love Birds Olive
Nautical Border Berry
Brides Lunch Table Bali
Happy in Love Silhouette Wasabi
Jacquard Rehearsal Dinner Red
Cutlery Dinner Party Berry Invitation
Mod Place Setting Olive
Formal Place Setting Warm Grey
Brides Lunch Table Pink
Formal Place Setting Taupe
Cutlery Dinner Party Olive Invitation
Oval Monogram Autumn
Oval Monogram Turquoise & Orange
Oval Monogram Turquoise & Lime
Wood grain Dinner Silver
Silverware Sun Multicolored
Mod Place Setting Berry
Formal Place Setting Lime
Formal Place Setting Venice
Seashell Napkin
Formal Rehearsal Dinner Berry
Formal Place Setting Berry
Teal Shell Placesetting
Bon Appetit Blue Rehearsal Dinner
Daisy Napkin
Nautical Border Calypso
Oval Monogram Grey & Yellow
White Napkin
Jacquard Rehearsal Dinner Yellow
Oval Monogram Chocolate & Bali
Cutlery Dinner Party Chocolate Invitation
Love Birds Chocolate
Holiday Chandelier Silver Invitation
Love Birds Pink
Deep Sea Ribbon Photo Rehearsal Dinner Party
Fancy Fleurish
Vintage I Do BBQ Mint Bridal Shower Invitation
Vintage I Do BBQ Lavender Bridal Shower Invitation
Modern I Do BBQ Turquoise Bridal Shower Inviitation
Modern I Do BBQ Mustard Bridal Shower Inviitation
Simple BBQ Red Bridal Shower Invitation
Modern Backyard BBQ Teal Bridal Shower Invitation
Modern Backyard BBQ Lavender Bridal Shower Invitation
Modern Eat, Drink & Be Married Turquoise Bridal Shower Invitation
Modern Eat, Drink & Be Married Purple Bridal Shower Invitation
Eat, Drink & Be Married MInt Chevron Bridal Shower Invitation
Eat, Drink & Be Married Purple Chevron Bridal Shower Invitation
Elegant Eat Drink and Be Married Mint Bridal Shower Invitation
Elegant Eat Drink and Be Married Lavender Bridal Shower Invitation
Iconic Eat, Drink and Be Married Mint Bridal Shower Invitation
Iconic Eat, Drink and Be Married Lavender Bridal Shower Invitation

There are so many stresses leading up to your wedding day from your wedding dress to the guest list, the cake, flowers and the DJ. Now that everything is scheduled and the big day is finally here, it's time to iron out all of the wedding ceremony kinks at your wedding rehearsal and then shake off those last minute jitters with a rehearsal dinner. A rehearsal dinner is typically hosted by the groom's parents and gathers all of the wedding party, and maybe even the out-of-town guests, together the night before the wedding day for dinner, conversation and relaxing. Coordinate your rehearsal dinner invites with your wedding’s theme or try something completely different, depending on your style and interest.

Set the scene for your rehearsal dinner with a trendy, chic and modern rehearsal dinner invitation. Choose from themed wedding rehearsal invitations which feature Italian rehearsal dinners, western rehearsal dinners, fiesta rehearsal dinners or seafood boil rehearsal dinner invitations, depending on your rehearsal dinner theme. We also have general rehearsal dinner invitations which will elegantly set the scene for your special evening which feature floral patterns, patterned borders, bride and groom dress forms, elegant silverware, place settings, ticket stubs, paper lanterns, wedding gowns, cityscapes, patio scenes and monogrammed initials. Are you ready to say your vows tomorrow? Calm those nerves and relax before the big day with all of your close friends, relatives, parents and members of your bridal party at your rehearsal dinner and choose one of our rehearsal dinner invitations to set the tone!