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Polka Dot Invitations & Invitations with Dots

Preppy. Stylish. Extremely Versatile. Polka dots are a fad that have suddenly come back into style full-swing. And when they’re on an invitation, they portray an essence of fun, carefree modern style that will appeal not only to the honoree but to your guests. Our polka dotted invitations come in a variety of sizes, colors and shapes. Choose from large polka dots for a vibrant look, tiny polka dots for a more understated and sophisticated look, bright polka dots that are not perfectly round for a retro appeal or raised dots for a modern approach. Whatever type of party you’re hosting, prepare your guests for a great time ahead with these adorable polka dotted invitations.

It’s time to party! This collection of polka dotted invitations is perfect to prepare your guests for an outrageously fun event up-ahead. Our polka dotted invitations range from sweet to modern to retro and funky or even extremely loud. Choose a polka dot style that suits the honoree’s style and your party genre. For a baby shower we have pastel pink and blue polka dotted invitations. Choose a retro colorful polka dot for a birthday party, a tiny colored polka dot for a wedding or bridal shower and a large but simple polka dot for a birthday or general event. These polka dotted invites will add a preppy yet modern twist to your next event.