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Holiday Return Address Labels

Receiving snail mail is more special now than ever. Communication mediums such as text messaging, phone calls, e-mailing and even video calls have become the norm. When you open your mailbox to find that you have received a personal letter or card, it is sure to bring a smile to your face and make your day just a bit brighter. It is even more fun to go the extra mile when sending mail to family, friends, clients and coworkers by adding festive holiday return address labels to your cards and letters. They are sure to be impressed by the extra bit of thought and creativity fondly put into your mailing with holiday return address stickers.

Filigree Ornament Cherry
Fuchsia + Small B/W Diagonal Stripe
Bright Dot Holiday Round Address Label
Bubble Holiday Label
Damask Holiday Label
Bookplate Christmas Trees Label
Taupe + Confetti
Damask Hanukkah Label
Red + Taupe Zigzag
Christmas Couple Cocktails Label
City Soiree Label
Filigree Reindeer VIP Black Round Label
Holiday Ribbon Label
Love Holiday Label
Holly Jolly Holiday Label
Zombie Party Teal Stickers
Lime + Zebra
VIP Ornament Blue Round Label
Green + Small Gray Diagonal Stripe
Gold + Confetti
Skeleton Couple Silver Stickers
Skeleton Red Sticker
Holiday Cheers Label
Holiday Gifts Label
Til Death Do Us Part Red Sticker
Filigree Skeleton Orange Sticker
Cocktail Tree Charcoal Label
Cocktail Tree Escape Label
Cocktail Tree Label
Cutlery Dinner Party Berry Label
Cutlery Dinner Party Black Label
Cutlery Dinner Party Chocolate Label
Scaredy Cat Zig Zag Stickers
Orange + Large B/W Diagonal Stripe
Happy Holidays Green Chalkboard Round Label
Merry Christmas Charcoal Chalkboard Round Label
Holiday Sparkle Label
Holiday Noel Brown Label
Cutlery Dinner Party Olive Label
Diamond New Year Label
Disco 2017 Deep Sea Label
Light Aqua + Large Red/White Diagonal Stripe
Oh By Golly It's A Holiday Party Blue Label
Red + Aqua
Autumn Mums Stickers
Halloween Kids Spooky Night Stickers
Zombie Kid Stickers
Light Aqua + Zebra
Light Aqua + Small B/W Brocade
Disco 2017 Maroon Label
Disco 2017 Charcoal Label
Paisley Holiday Label
Simply Holiday Label
Weathered Holiday Label
Elegant Ornaments Berry Label
Elegant Ornaments Black Label
Mod Holiday Tree Label
Bubbly Holiday Label
Elegant Ornaments Charcoal Label
Elegant Ornaments Chocolate Label
Elegant Ornaments Wasabi Label
Filigree Champagne Black Label
Filigree Champagne Gold Label
Ho! Ho! Ho! Label
Jingle All the Way Label
Large Damask Azalea Label
Large Damask Charcoal Label
Large Damask Lime Label
Large Damask Berry Label
Light Bulbs Black Label
Tan + Ornaments
Light Aqua + Giraffe
Light Aqua + Leopard
Light Bulbs Eden Label
Light Bulbs Paprika Label
Light Bulbs White Label
Martini New Year Label
Midnight Champagne Label
Open House Key Berry Label
Black + Charcoal Twinklites
Open House Key Chocolate Label
Open House Key Black Label
Gobble Gobble Chalkboard Label
Pine Cone Placesetting Berry Label
Preppy Holiday Red Label
Preppy Holiday Wasabi Label
Scribbly Snow Tree Label
Silhouette Countdown Berry Label
Silhouette Countdown Black Label
Silhouette Countdown Fuschia Label
Sparkler New Year Label
Swirly Snowflake Square Black Label
Swirly Snowflake Square Eden Label
Swirly Snowflake Square Escape Label
Swirly Snowflake Square Paprika Label
Toy Soldiers Label
Ugly Sweater Label
Pine Cone Placesetting Olive Label
Tied up in ribbon Label
Tied up in ribbon Brown Label
Linen Background Label
Side Bookplate Berry Label
Side Bookplate Label
Joy to the World Label
Black Geometric Pattern Label
Hot Pink + Bw Plaid
Hot Pink + B/W Flourish
Hot Pink + Zebra
Warmest Holiday Wishes Red Brown Green Label
Warmest Holiday Wishes Pastel Label
Candy Cane Stripe Bali Berry Label
Candy Cane Stripe Green Label
Candy Cane Stripe Pink Red Label
Festive Pumpkin Sticker
Autumn Swirls
Halloween Place Setting
3 Square Autumn
Filigree Pumpkin Chocolate
Filigree Pumpkin Black
Corner Scrolls Autumn Label
Fall Harvest Square Label
Thanksgiving Tree Sticker
Tom The Thanksgiving Turkey Sticker
Autumn Place Setting 2
Autumn Plaid Vellum
Autumn Tree
Berry Wreath
Berry Wreath
Leaf Vellum
Leafy Swirls
Leaves & Swirls
Linen Swirls
Wheat Harvest
Woody Leaves
Retro Thanksgiving Dinner Label
Leaves of Autumn Square Label
Blue Curly Q Sticker
Star of David Border Sticker
The Joys of Hanukkah Sticker
Star of the Menorah Sticker
Symbols of Hanukkah Sticker
Menorah Label
Shield of David Label
Tiny Iconic Menorah Label
Hanukkah Girl Label
Reach for the Stars Trees Round Sticker
The Gingerbread House Round Sticker
The Little Snowman Round Sticker
Colorful Toile Ornaments Round Sticker
Deer with Ornmanets Sticker
Swirl Christmas Tree Sticker
Santa Sticker
Tipsy Snowman on White Round Stickers
Orange + Small B/W Diagonal Stripe
Red + Small B/W Brocade
Red + B/W Flourish
Tipsy Snowman on Blue Round Stickers
Brown Snowflake on Blue Round Stickers
White Snowflake on Light Blue Round Stickers
Red Snowflake on Blue Round Stickers
White Snowflake on Light Blue and Red Round Stickers
Patch of Holly Round Stickers
Red and White Starburst on Brown Round Stickers
Green and White Starburst on Brown Round Stickers
Holiday Icons on Brown Round Stickers
Colorful Snowflakes on White Round Stickers
Brown Snowflake on White and Red Round Stickers
Green Snowflake on White and Green Round Stickers
Green Snowflake on White and Brown Round Stickers
Blue Snowflake on White and Brown Round Stickers
Elegant Snowflake Round Stickers
Red and White Snowflakes Round Stickers
Candy Canes on White and Red Round Stickers
Candy Canes on Brown and Red Round Stickers
Leaping Reindeer Round Stickers
Red + Large B/W Diagonal Stripe
Black + Pink/Red Flourish
Aqua + B/W Plaid
Aqua + B/W Flourish
Aqua + Large B/W Brocade
Aqua + Small B/W Zigzag
Red and White Damask Round Stickers
Pepperminty Canes and Mints Round Stickers
Stockings and Trees on Green Round Stickers
Frosty's Way Round Stickers
Snow Filled Holiday Red Round Stickers
Snowflakes on Green Round Stickers
Holiday Monogram Round Stickers
Blue Snowflakes on Brown Round Stickers
Painted Glass Sticker
Skeleton Couple Red Stickers
Skeleton Couple Black Stickers
Mod Spiders Stickers
Green + B/W Plaid
Lime + B/W Flourish
Haunted House Stickers
Halloween Graveyard Sticker
Night Sky Sticker
Pinched Holiday Frame Sticker
Six Little Reindeer Sticker
Festive Red Damask Sticker
Love, Peace and Joy Sticker
The Elegant Tree Sticker
Within the Pine Sticker
The Holidays in a Pinch Sticker
Green Holiday Toile Sticker
Falling Snowflakes Red Sticker
Falling Snowflakes Green Sticker
Santa's List Sticker
Sweet Holiday Wishes Sticker
Merry Everything Green Sticker
Merry Everything Red Sticker
Let it Snow Sticker
Santa's Little Reindeer Family Sticker
Reindeer Games Sticker
A Wintery Forest Red Sticker
A Wintery Forest Green Sticker
Not Even A Mouse Sticker
Red Snow Day Sticker
Red Snowflakes Sticker
Green Snowflakes Sticker
Red Dove Sticker
Green Dove Sticker
Tiny Little Gingers Sticker
Love Birds Black
Mardi Gras Harlequin Labels
Scare Crow Sticker
Zombie Hand Sticker
Bewitching Soiree Sticker
Haunted House Sticker
Holidays in Paradise Labels
Colorful Love Peace Joy Labels
Morrison Tartan with Ribbon Labels
Vintage Hanging Ornaments Labels
Vintage Snowman Labels
Blue Christmas Labels
New Year's Countdown White Labels
New Year's Countdown Brown Labels
New Year Letters Blue Labels
New Year Letters Bright Labels
New Year Peace Labels
Snail Crete
Mardi Gras Confetti Labels
Harlequin Flat Labels
Pure Irish Labels
Light Aqua + Large B/W Brocade
Light Aqua + Small B/W Diagonal Stripe
Purple + Giraffe
Purple + Leopard
Purple + Zebra
Purple + Small B/W Brocade
Purple + Large B/W Brocade
St. Pat's Polka Dots & Swirls Labels
Looking Over a 4 Leaf Clover Labels
Green Mums Labels
St Pat's Harlequin Labels
Bunny Scene Labels
Petter Cottontail Labels
Signs of Spring Labels
Bunny Silhouette with Ribbon Labels
Sweet Easter Plaid Labels
Swirly Eggs & Trees Labels
Patriotic Grunge Labels
Banded Stars Labels
Distressed Stars Labels
Swirls and Stars Labels
Patriotic Polka Dots Labels
Starry Circles Labels
Stars Labels
Beaded Snowflakes Berry Label
Beaded Snowflakes Black Label
Beaded Snowflakes Wasabi Label
Bird & Ornaments Label
Calligraphy Tree Label
Damask Dove Label
Filigree Stocking Berry Label
Filigree Stocking Black Label
Merry Christmas Tree Lime Label
Merry Christmas Tree Label
Reindeer Ornament Berry Label
Reindeer Ornament Black Label
Scribbly Wreath Label
Snowy Icons Label
4th of July Navy Blue Label
4th of July Label
Nautical Stripe Red Label
Patriotic Plaid Label
Patriotic Stripe Label
Sparkler Blue Label
Sparkler Navy Blue Label
Sparkler Red Label
Stars & Stripes Label
Day of the Dead Black Label
Day of the Dead Flame Label
Filigree Bat Label
Gravestone Silhouette Label
Halloween Still Life Label
Halloween Tableau Label
Pumpkin Heads Label
Three Jacks Label
Trees & Harvest Label
Trick or Treat Silhouette Label
Apples & Honey Label
Damask Star of David Crete Label
L'Shana Tova Tree Label
Coral Bali Label
Coral Doeskin Label
Damask Berry Label
Damask Black Label
Damask Crete Label
Gingham Apple Label
Gingham Paprika Label
Black Toile with Green Label
Holiday Beads Label
Mondrian Holiday Label
Zebra Holiday Label
Leaf Scrolls Brown & Blue Label
Pink + Giraffe
Pink + Leopard
Pink + Zebra
Pink + Small B/W Brocade
Pale Pink + Small B/W Diagonal Stripes
Charcoal + B/W Plaid
Sweater Border Blue Label
Sweater Border Red Label
Tropical Santa Label
Vintage Signs - Cadillac Santa Label
Holiday Home Label
Retro Trees Label
Ornament Whimsy Label
Woodcut Light Olive Label
Holiday Flurries Label
Holiday Paisley Label
Holiday Martini Label
Merry & Bright Label
Green & Black Fleur de Lis Label
Antique Swirls Brown Label
Vermillion Damask Label
Bear's Bama Houndstooth Label
Brocade Ebony and Scarlet Label
Brocade Rouge and Ebony Label
Beach Blanket Holiday Label
Vintage Signs - Holiday Vegas Label
The Christmas Story Label
Holiday Family Tree Red Label
Iconic Tree Label
Gingham Dots Red & Green Label
Tiny Iconic Nativity Label
Merry & Bright Red Label
Grave Stone Sticker
Ornate Monogram Holiday Label
Chevron Holiday Label
Simply Peaceful Hanukkah Label
Pumpkins Sticker
Black Cat Sticker
Spider Web Sticker
Web Pattern Sticker
Halloween Costume Party Sticker
Halloween in the City Sticker
Skeleton Wedding Sticker
Table Setting Wasabi
Raspberry Candy Stripe Label
Love & Cheers Red Round Label
VIP Red Flourish Round Label
Filigree Ornament Round Sticker
Damask Vermillion Label
Beach Blanket Caribbean Label
Beach Blanket Holiday Label
Woodcut Black & Red Label
Pale Moroccan Medallions Label
Saddle & Sky Houndstooth Label
Bear's Bama Houndstooth Label
Polka Dot Safari Label
Red Hot Dot Label
Black Watch Tartan Label
Morrison Tartan Label
Sage & Wedgewood Plaid Label
Lime Gingham Label
Cherry Gingham Label
Budding Blue Bayou Label
Budding Freesia Floral Label
Chocolate Argyle Label
Sweater Border Holiday Label
Polka Dot Trees Label
Banded Polka Dots Green & Brown Label
Bright & Joyful Ornamental Label
Modern Snowflake Label
Holiday Damask Label
Banded Polka Dots Black & Red Label
Fleur de Lis Brown & Green Label
Fleur de Lis Black & Red Label
Fleur de Lis Brown & Light Blue Label
Peace on Earth Round Label
Joy to the World Label
Holiday Snowflake Label
Earthy Snowflake Label
Woodcut-Brown & Light Blue Label
Jolly Holiday Brown
Peace on Earth Green
Santa Girl Cool Label
Santa Girl Snow Label
Silhouette Christmas Party Azure Label
Silhouette Christmas Party Lime Label
Silhouette Christmas Party Bright Red Label
Silhouette Christmas Party Azalea Label
Silhouette Tree Bright Red Label
Silhouette Tree Hydrangea Label
Silhouette Tree White Label
Silhouette Mistletoe Bright Red Label
Silhouette Mistletoe Azure Label
Silhouette Mistletoe White Label
Retro Christmas Dinner Label
Retro Christmas Party Label
Tree Trimming for Two Label
Ornamental Tree Pink Label
Ornamental Tree Lime Label
Bright Snowflake Holiday Party Label
Vintage Holiday Chalkboard Label
Merry & Bright Ornaments Holiday Label
Ornamental Tree Turquoise Label
Iconic Tree Square Label
Polka Dot Bright Red Invitation Label
Holiday Damask Ebony Label
Holiday Damask Conifer Label
Holiday Damask Maroon Label
Charcoal + Large B/W Zigzag
Black + Leopard
Black + Brown Flourish
Floral Ebony Label
Holiday Dinner Plate Label
Silhouette Gift Lime Label
Silhouette Gift White Label
Cookie Exchange Label
Ornaments Taupe Label
Ornaments Apple Label
Ornaments Fountain Label
Snowflake Swirl Bright Red Label
Snowflake Swirl Lime Label
Snowflake Swirl White Label
Holiday Chevron Label
Modern Holiday Label
Holiday Damask Cranberry Label
Turquoise and Lime Modern Chevron Initial Return Address Label
Love & Cheers Brown Round Label
Festive Flourish Round Label
Present Stack Chocolate Label
Holiday Dinner Table Sky Label
Holiday Dinner Table Chocolate Label
Tree of Joy Sky Label
Tree of Joy Lime Label
Tree of Joy White Label
Holiday Martini Chocolate Label
Holiday Soiree White Label
Holiday Soiree Bali Label
Holiday Soiree Wasabi Label
Holiday Soiree Bright Red Label
Holiday Chandelier Bright Red Label
Holiday Chandelier Lime Label
Holiday Chandelier Chocolate Label
Three Presents Sky Label
Three Presents Chocolate Label
Holiday Wine Sky Label
Holiday Wine Chocolate Label
Santa Girl Tropical Label
Santa Momma - African American Label
Santa Momma - Asian Label
Santa Momma - Blonde Label
Santa Momma - Brunette Label
Filigree Wreath Red Label
Filigree Reindeer Black Label
Filigree Tree Green Label
Filigree Ornament Red Label
Holiday Earth Girl - Asian Label
Holiday Earth Girl - Blonde Label
Holiday Earth Girl - Brunette Label
Holiday Earth Girl - Redhead Label
Ice Skating Soiree Label
White Elephant Label
New Holiday Nest Label
Let it Snow Label
Tropical Holiday Label
Holiday Soiree Brown Label
Holiday Soiree Teal Label
Holiday Soiree Vanilla Label
Holiday Spanish Tile Sky Label
Holiday Symbols Label
Holiday Tile Red Label
Holiday Hatch Lime Label
Holiday Hatch Red Label
Snowflake Square Label
Sepia Square Label
Formal Triad Red Label
Formal Triad Green Label
Holiday Leaf Triad Khaki Label
Holiday Dot Green Label
Holiday Dot Red Label
Holiday Leaf Triad Red Label
Polka Dot Peace Label
Gingham Dots Blue & Green Label
Cheerful Dots Label
Happy Holidays Text Label
Linen with Green Stripe Label
Precious Toile Bright Red Label
Precious Toile Crete Label
Precious Toile Hydrangea Label
Scrolls and Stripes Red Label
Scrolls and Stripes Green Label
Scrolls and Stripes Red Label
Scrolls and Stripes Green Label
Scalloped Diamonds Green & Blue Label
Scalloped Diamonds Red & Blue Label
Wavy Holiday Red & Blue Label
Wavy Holiday Green & Aqua Label
Wavy Holiday Cocoa & Sky Label
Wavy Holiday Chocolate & Crete Label
Wavy Holiday Bright Red & Wasabi Label
Book Plate Quad Red & Green Label
Book Plate Quad Pink & Periwinkle Label
Book Plate Solo Red Label
Book Plate Solo Green Label
Book Plate Solo Pink Label
Peace on Earth Square Label
Name Tag Green Label
Name Tag Red Label
Precious Toile Chambray Label
Name Tag Blue Label
Toast and Cheer Red Sticker
Toast and Cheer Green Sticker
Sparkling Snowflake Labels
Holiday Celebration Labels
Hanukkah Candles Labels
Christmas Couple Labels
Merry Cocktail Labels
Candy Cane Girl Labels
Dancing Ornaments Labels
Holiday Girl Labels
Merry Everything Labels
Santa Chic Labels
Santa Girl Labels
Wild Holiday Labels
Christmas Box Labels
Halloween Skull Labels
Cocktail Girl With Pumpkin Labels
Masquerading Cocktail Girl Labels
Mardi Gras Labels
New Year Soiree Labels
Toast and Cheer Black Sticker
Under the Chandelier Light Sticker
Under the Silver Chandelier Light Sticker
A Little Bubbly Red Sticker
A Little Bubbly Green Sticker
Vladamir the Vampire Stickers
A Little Bubbly Blue Sticker
Holiday in the City Sticker
Silver Damask Label
Sepia Damask Label
Antique Swirls Red Label
Ebony Damask Label
Silhouette New Years Formal Grey Label
Silhouette New Years Party Bright Red Label
Silhouette Toast Bright Red Label
Silhouette Toast Sky Label
Silhouette Toast White Label
Silhouette Champagne Toast Bright Red Label
Silhouette Champagne Toast Grey Label
Silhouette Champagne Toast White Label
Chandelier Bright Red Label
Chandelier Lime Label
Chandelier Noir Label
Holiday Chandelier Ebony Label
Bubbly Champagne Chocolate Label
Holiday Toast Bright Red Label
Holiday Toast Ebony Label
Holiday Toast Chocolate Label
Filigree Snowflake Silver Label
Holiday Chandelier Teal Label
Holiday Chandelier Silver Label
Holiday Chandelier Slate Label
New Year's Soiree White Label
New Year's Soiree Vanilla Label
New Year's Soiree Wasabi Label
New Year's Soiree Bright Red Label
New Year's Soiree Black Label
New Year's Soiree Teal Label
New Year's Soiree Blanc Label
Precious Toile Mushroom Label
Christmas Confetti Bali Label
Christmas Confetti Black Label
Christmas Confetti Lime Label
Hanging Ornaments Label
Holiday Berries Berry Label
Holiday Berries Cocoa Label
Holiday Berries Wasabi Label
Mittens Label
Ornament Tree Apple Label
Ornament Tree Bali Label
Santa Label
Tree and Presents Label
New Year Toast Label
Erin Go Bragh Label
Lucky Label
St. Pats Argyle Label
Old Glory Label
Halloween Flames Label
Harvest Leaves Label
Pumpkins in Purple Moonlight Label
Star of David Confetti Apple Label
Star of David Confetti Berry Label
Star of David Confetti Label
Starry City Night Sticker
Let it Pop Sticker
2017 in Lights Sticker
Party Lights Sticker
Vintage Signs - Champagne Label
New Year's Toast Silver Label
New Year's Toast Bright Red Label
New Year's Eve Girl - African American Label
New Year's Eve Girl - Asian Label
New Year's Eve Girl - Blonde Label
New Year's Eve Girl - Brunette Label
Snowflake New Year Label
New Year's Reflection Red Label
New Year's Reflection Black Label
Happy New Year Label
Champagne Soiree Label
Happy New Year Bright Label
Filigree Heart Red Label
Valentine Swirls Label
Field of Hearts Label
Simple Stitched Hearts Label
Gurnge Heart Label
Sweet Hearts Frame Label
Love is in the Air Label
Filigree Heart Pink Label
Beaded Mask Sticker
Fleur de Lis Diamonds Sticker
A Feathery Frame Sticker
Jazz Man Label
Masquerade Label
Mardis Gras Mask Label
Falling Clovers Sticker
Lucky Wish Sticker
Irish Stout Label
Clover Label
St. Patrick's Day Girl Label
Clover Patch Label
Bunny Chic Sticker
Posh Easter Eggs Blue Sticker
Posh Easter Eggs Pink Sticker
Eggs Galore Sticker
Easter Egg Fun Green Label
Easter Egg Fun Pink Label
Filigree Egg Pink Label
Filigree Egg Green Label
Filigree Egg Lavender Label
Beachy Paisley Blue & Green Label
Beachy Paisley Pink & Green Label
Precious Toile Apple Label
Precious Toile Bali Label
Cinco de Mayo Maracas Label
Fiesta Label
Flashy Stars Patriotic Sticker
Red and White Sky Lights Sticker
Home of the Red, White and Blue Patriotic Sticker
Patriotic Dots Label
Stars Label
Three Stars Label
Front Porch Fireworks Label
Patriotic Flurries Label
Patriotic Banner Label
Distressed Stars Label
Patriotic Oval Label
Patriotic Plaid & Gingham Label
Here They Lie Orange Sticker
Here They Lie Red Sticker
Here They Lie Purple Sticker
Eerie Grunge Frame Orange Sticker
Eerie Grunge Frame Red Sticker
Eerie Grunge Frame Blue Sticker
Eerie Grunge Frame Purple Sticker
Eight Legs of Fright Tan Sticker
Eight Legs of Fright Orange Sticker
Pumpkin Paisley Sticker
Enticing Dinner Plate Sticker
Hallows Eve Ball Orange Sticker
Vintage Crystal on Orange Sticker
Vintage Crystal on Black Sticker
Black Skull Damask Sticker
Orange Skull Damask Sticker
Ornate Halloween Emblem Sticker
Silhouette of the Witch Orange Sticker
Silhouette of the Witch Purple Sticker
Funky Skeletons Stickers
Chandelier Invitational Orange Sticker
Chandelier Invitational Purple Sticker
Chandelier Invitational Red Sticker
Four Corner Scrolls Black Sticker
Four Corner Scrolls White Sticker
Come If You Dare Sticker
Halloween Swirl on Orange Sticker
Halloween Swirl on Purple Sticker
Halloween Swirl on Red Sticker
Orange Lace on Black Sticker
Kitten in the Pumpkin Sticker
The Starry Night Sticker
The Little Pumpkin Sticker
Midnight Sky Sticker
Halloween Perch Round Sticker
Caught in the Web Round Sticker
Creeping Kitty Round Sticker
Little Witch Round Sticker
Seven Little Pumpkins Round Sticker
Treat Don't Trick Round Sticker
Spooky Spider Damask Round Sticker
Damask Pumpkin Round Sticker
Spooktacular Soiree Round Sticker
Halloween Damask Round Sticker
Boo Halloween Sticker
Halloween Friends Halloween Sticker
Halloween Perch Square Sticker
Caught in the Web Square Sticker
Creeping Kitty Square Sticker
Little Witch Square Sticker
Seven Little Pumpkins Square Sticker
Treat Don't Trick Square Sticker
Spooky Spider Damask Square Sticker
Damask Pumpkin Square Sticker
Spooktacular Soiree Square Sticker
Halloween Damask Square Sticker
Halloween Swirls
Spidery Skull Charcoal
Spidery Skull Flame
Spidery Skull Black
Sketchy Skull
Autumn Place Setting
Halloween Candy Buffet
3 Square Halloween 1
3 Square Halloween 2
Halloween Iconic Letters
Candy Apples
Book Plate Swirly Skulls
Book Plate Halloween Circle Dots
Book Plate Spider Web
Book Plate Halloween Stars
Book Plate Halloween Polka Dots
Book Plate Halloween Dots
Book Plate Spooky
Book Plate Pumpkins
Book Plate Halloween Circle Pattern
Black Cat
Candy Apples
Candy Corn
Candy Corn
Freaks Come Out at Night
Get Your Monster On
Halloween Cupcakes
Halloween Stripes
If you Dare
Spooky Spider Silver
Spooky Spider Orange
Tree Silhouette
Tree Web
Witch Silhouette
The Frankensteins
House on Haunted Hill
Skeleton Cake
Vampy Lips
Skeleton Wedding Grey
Skeleton Wedding Red
Skeleton Wedding Tangerine
Skeleton Wedding Plum
Hanging Out Red
Hanging Out Tangerine
Zombie Party
Spooky Silhouette Label
BOO! Label
Loopy Circles Halloween Label
Trick or Treat Label
RIP Square Label
Witch in Flight Square Label
Catacombes de Paris Square Label
Trio of Witches Square Label
Web Crawler Square Label
Skeleton Disco Square Label
Monster Bash Yellow
Monster Bash White
Murder Mystery Party
Pick Your Poison
Cat Eyes
Werewolf Eyes
Witches Brew Red
Witches Brew Tangerine
Witches Brew Plum
Zombie Doll
Ouija Board
Eddie the Monster Stickers
Hilda the Halloween Witch Stickers
Zombie Party Purple Stickers
Zombie Party Red Stickers
Zombie Party Silver Stickers
Skeleton Couple Red Stickers
Skeleton Couple Black Stickers
Skeleton Purple Sticker
Skeleton Green Sticker
Skeleton Orange Sticker
Skeleton Roses Sticker
Til Death Do Us Part Orange Sticker
Til Death Do Us Part Purple Sticker
Filigree Skeleton Green Sticker
Filigree Skeleton Red Sticker
Filigree Pumpkin Orange Sticker
Filigree Pumpkin Green Sticker
Filigree Pumpkin Red Sticker
Grunge Frame Orange Sticker
Grunge Frame Green Sticker
Grunge Frame Red Sticker
Gobble Gobble Chocolate Label
Oh By Golly It's A Holiday Party Black Label
Merry Christmas Chalkboard Round Label
VIP Ornament Green Round Label
Filigree Reindeer VIP Berry Round Label
Filigree Ornament Blue

Holiday return address labels from Invitation Box save you time when it comes to filling out information on your envelope. It can get exhausting to rewrite the same address over and over again each time you send a card or letter. With holiday labels, you can add color and fun every single time you mail a letter or card without spending the extra time. Holiday labels from Invitation Box come with festive images and logos to help your friends, family, coworkers and clients get into the holiday spirit. We offer images from pumpkins, black cats and ghosts to holly, candy canes and Christmas trees, covering all of the different seasons so your mailings can be festive no matter what time of year it is. Our personalized holiday address labels allow you to write different messages related to the holidays or even brief business related notes.

Holiday return address stickers tend to work great as envelop seals and favor stickers. You can choose the image you like the most, as well as the color, text size, font style and more. Personalized holiday address labels are a sure way to make your mailing stand out while saving you time and energy.

Add a cheerful touch to your mailings and gift tags this season with holiday return address labels from Invitation Box. Invitation Box proudly uses recycled materials for many of our products, making them festive and environmentally friendly, too. You can browse through the selection available at Invitation Box and even mix and match cards and holiday labels to make sure your mailing certainly makes a lasting impression to all who are lucky enough to receive it. We have holiday return address labels for every event and time of year imaginable, whether it is the fourth of July, Christmas, Easter, St. Patrick’s Day, Halloween or any other special time of the year.

Invitation Box has everything you need to add a personal touch to your snail mail. Whether you just simply do not want to spend the time handwriting your return address over and over again, or you want to add some color and excitement to your mailing, we have just what you are looking for. Invitation Box also offers invitations, cards, stamps, baby gifts, collegiate gifts and much more. For your convenience, we offer price reductions on bulk orders and complimentary shipping when applicable.