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Patriotic Invitations (Labor Day / Memorial Day / July 4th)

Let your American pride shine with patriotic invitations from Invitation Box. These colorful red, white and blue patriotic invitations feature some of the most iconic American symbols we know, love and recognize, from stars and stripes to our American flag. Patriotic invitations are ideal for Memorial Day, Labor Day, 4th of July, congressional fundraisers and political fundraisers. We also now offer political party invitations that help you celebrate your party, be it with a democrat themed invitation or a republican themed invitation, (we’ll let you choose which side you’re on)! From fireworks to flags to BBQ-themed invitations, you're sure to find the perfect patriotic or political invitation to fit your party theme.

Nothing is better than living in the land of the free. Show off your American pride and celebrate how wonderful it is to live in our amazing country with this collection of patriotic party invitations and political party invitations. Whether you’re planning for a holiday party, a congressional fundraiser or an election celebration, we’ve got you covered with the perfect patriotic invitations to help you show off your American pride.

Each patriotic invitation features an arrangement of American themed icons, from red, white and blue stars and stripes to fireworks, old fashioned American food (on the grill, of course), picnic and lake scenes, nautical invitations, patriotic ticket invitations, beer and cocktail invitations, sparkler invitations and more. These invitations are perfect for Labor Day invitations, Memorial Day Invitations, 4th of July invitations or soldier homecoming invitations. Our political party invitations are great for those political parties in need of an election celebration invitation or a congressional fundraiser invitation to raise funding and political awareness. We also have political party invitations specific to your supported party from republican invitations with the iconic elephant to democrat invitations with the iconic donkey design. Celebrate your country with family, friends and even your running mates with this nationalistic collection of American themed party invitations and political party invitations!

Invitation Box has a wide selection of customizable invitations to fit your theme, color and style. All invitations are shipped with blank, white envelopes and can be customized with your return address if needed. Many of our American themed party invitations can also be ordered blank if the details of your event are not currently set and you wish to print them yourself at a later date. Correctly addressing your recipients is important when sending out invitations. If you are unsure on how to address the envelope, take a look at our etiquette guide for inspiration. Not one for words? We also have a wording suggestion feature to take your invitation wording to the next level. With over 100 different font styles available for use, you're sure to find the perfect font for your invitation, whether fun and casual, or elegant and formal. InvitationBox also has other customizable features for creating the perfect patriotic invitations, including the ability to change font size, color, alignment and location.