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Everyone loves a themed party. Themed parties give people a reason to get dressed up and join in the fun. From holiday bashes to sports-themed events or elegant soirees, we’ve included a few ideas to get your wheels turning and your party planning in high gear. After you’ve decided to host an event, the key to getting everyone excited is sending out an invitation that gives recipients an idea of the fun that lies ahead. Your party invitations should include all of the normal information like date, time, place and purpose. However, the invite should most definitely convey the “feel” of the party – whether it’s formal, casual, appropriate for children or invitation-only. Happy planning!

Cinco de Mayo/Fiesta: Warm weather is always a cause for a celebration and nothing will have party-goers saying “olé” more than a bash that includes margaritas, sombreros, guacamole and fresh food from the grill. These celebrations are usually informal, but there are definitely a few things you should remember when preparing. Make sure you take into consideration guests who may not drink alcohol by providing them with alternative beverages or virgin versions of what you’re serving. Food on the grill sometimes means cooking meat, but make sure that there are plenty of other alternatives for those who are vegetarians or vegans. This also goes for outdoor barbecues and any other event where serving food is involved!

Decade Parties: Get your “groovy” on by reliving your younger years or those of your parents. Some of the most celebrated eras are those of the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. Whether your guests will be jiving Saturday Night Fever-style, sock-hoppin’ their way to a school dance or getting physical to Olivia Newton John’s hits, you’ll want this to be an event to remember. Choose an invite that accurately reflects what and how you’ll be celebrating and make sure everyone knows what to wear. Nobody wants to attend an 80’s party in slacks and a tie knowing you could’ve worn your best spandex and tube socks!

Tea Parties: You may think tea parties are just for little girls, but we beg to differ. Nothing is better than getting all of your girlfriends together for some Earl Grey, scones and gossip. We offer a selection of tea party invitations for children, as well as tea party invitations that are perfect for adults. Also remember that tea parties are excellent in place of the typical bridal shower. Afternoon tea is a British custom that originated in the mid-1800’s and filled the gaps between lunchtime and dinnertime. In the modern era, tea time usually consists of hot tea and an array of snacks like scones and jam, finger sandwiches and pastries.

Wine Tasting Parties: Visiting a winery is a lovely way to spend the afternoon, however it can be quite expensive, especially if guests have to travel a long way to attend. You can host a wine tasting or wine party in your very oen home by serving wine from different countries or pick a specific location and only serve reds and whites from that region. This is also an excellent way to incorporate finger foods from different countries into your tasting. After all, guests will need something to nibble on throughout the party. It’s an excellent idea to serve both red and white wines as well as sparkling wine for those that choose not to consume alcohol. Learn about the wines you’ll be serving and your guests will be calling you the wine connoisseur!