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Party Invitation Essentials Collection

When guests receive an invitation in the mail, many times they may be wondering about certain details that arenít included in the original invite. With our Party Invitation Essentials Collection, youíll be able to send the necessary details along with your invitation. Keep guests informed with direction cards, place cards, menu cards and response cards. These items will give guests all the essential information they need when forming plans to attend and help them on the day of the actual event.

Response Cards & Reply Cards

Menu Cards

Reception Cards and Wedding Reception Cards

Direction Cards

Place Cards & Wedding Place Cards

Monogrammed Cocktail Napkins & Plates

Floral borders, colorful designs, intricate motifs, vibrant backgrounds, monogrammed initials and more make it easy to coordinate with your current invites and theme of your party. To tie everything together, choose matching reception cards, place cards and menu cards from our Party Invitation Essentials Collection to correlate with your chosen invitation. We even offer cocktail napkins and plates to match your eventís theme.

Thereís so much more to inviting guests to your event than invitations. Depending on the type of event, guests may need to know more information including driving directions, food service, attendant seating and more. Instead of trying to fit this critical information into a small invite, add direction cards, response cards and more in addition to your invitation. This is an attractive way to supplement your eventís theme without overwhelming your guests. Choose from designs with floral patterns, beautiful colors, intricate patterns and coordinating borders to create a lovely, harmonizing theme for your upcoming event.