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Noteworthy VIP Invitations Collection

Only the best for my VIP’s! Give your guests an all-access pass to your party with these modern VIP pass party invitations by Noteworthy Collections. These exclusive VIP party invitations feature your VIP invitation hung by a black lanyard to complete the VIP pass look. Perfect for sweet 16 parties, holiday events, corporate events, New Years parties and more, require your VIP pass party invitation for party entry and you’ll have one exclusive party that they’ll never forget.

VERY. Important. Person. Let your guests know how special they are, and how amazingly exclusive your event will be, with VIP pass party invitations by Noteworthy Collections. These contemporary invitations are perfect for setting the scene at a sweet 16, adult birthday party, corporate event, work holiday party or graduation event. Each VIP pass invitation features your invitation card which is attached to a black lanyard that will hang around your guest’s neck for admittance for your party. Create an all-access pass that will entice your guests to attend your VIP event…which is bound to be the event of the year!