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Mindy Weiss Collection of Invitations & Announcements by Inviting Company

Inviting Company has now partnered with Mindy Weiss, one of the wedding world’s most sought-after planners, to produce the Mindy Weiss for Inviting Company collection. The Mindy Weiss collection of wedding stationery includes an array of vintage, classic, modern and trendy wedding invitations, bridal shower invitations, save the date cards, reception cards and response cards in the most dynamic styles. Shop for your wedding stationery and accessories in the Mindy Weiss for Inviting Company collection today and have the most posh design around!

Girly Tree
Topiary Swirl
Wreath Red
Sparkle Holly
Red Nog
North Pole
Jolly Trim
Toy Soldier
Jolly Couple
Wicked Witch
Give Thanks
Be Merry
Party Window
Holly Elegance
Wreath Holiday
Organza Ink
Organza Snow
Cute Rooms
Sweet Buggy
Tropical Bride
Floral Blonde
Floral Brunette
Blue Cake
Lunch Girls
Bar Tools
Tropical Flora
Tropical Couple
Charlotte Skyline
Birmingham Skyline
NYC Skyline
Holiday Skyline
Wreath Gold
Wreath Gold
Filigree Seasons
Organza Ice
Organza Mint
Dallas Holidays
Houston Holidays
Las Vegas Skyline
Orleans Skyline
Night Lanterns
Wine Gleam
Mama Boy
Mama Girl
Baby Pink
Tropical Drink
Classic Trim
Fresh Trim
Ladies Night
Bachelorette Advice
Spa Girls
His & Hers
Sweet Mixer
Bride Glow
Plum Bride
Orchid Bride
Bridesmaid Sky
Cocktails & Carats
Last Bash
Be Married
Brocade Lilac
One-derful Girl
Atlanta Skyline
Houston Skyline
Dallas Skyline
Chicago Skyline
LA Skyline
Brocade Black
Dove Flourish
Halloween Welcome
Tea Glee
Merry Shopping
Holiday Welcome
Menorah Girl
Viney Pumpkin
Harvest Plate
Jolly Charm
Plentiful Gifts
Indigo Bride
Designer Mom
Lingerie Glee
Champagne Glee
Bbq Couple
Girl Glee
Boy Glee
Cocoa Sweets
Blushing Beauty
Champagne Girl
Haute Girls
Big Bling
Seashore Bride
Twirl Bridesmaids
Cake Girl
Tickled Pink
French Monogram
Beach Couple
Beachy Plate
Maids Lunch
Couple Brunch
Present Stack
Walking Bride
Sassy Boxes
Monogram Cake
Brides Glass
Strolling Presents
Outdoor Setting
Two Rings
Coffee Medal
Vintage Couple
Cupcake Rings
Flatware Row
Teacup Peony
Beach Bride
Beach Legs
Blossom Cake
Bridesmaid Feet
Legs Bride
Mod Bride
Ooh La La
Shower Girl
Tea Bride
Vintage Bride
Vintage Bride Blue
Vintage Bride Blonde
Wedding Rehearsal
Love in the Air
Wedding Words
Peony Garden
Tufted Frame
Peony Vine
Regency Frame
Love Birds
French Peony Red
Baroque Frame
Love Birds
Luxe Mix
Luxe Mix Pink
Scroll Frame
Baroque Frame
Posh Words
Love Birds Response Card
French Peony Red Response Card
Luxe Mix Response Card
Luxe Mix Pink Response Card
Scroll Frame Response Card
Baroque Frame Response Card
Posh Words Response Card
Coco Mix Note
Peony Garden Note
Tufted Frame Note
Birdcage Note
Vintage Couple Note
Cupcake Rings Note
Love Birds Note
Vintage Bride Note
Vintage Bride Blue Note
Vintage Bride Blonde Note
Tea Bride Note
Legs Bride Note
Beach Legs Bride Note
Mod Bride Note
Jolly Cocktails
Santa Girls
Vintage. Classy. Modern. Mindy Weiss is one of the world’s most sought-after planners in the wide world of weddings today. One of our leading vendors, Inviting Company, has now teamed up with Mindy to produce the Mindy Weiss for Inviting Company collection. This collection of wedding stationery includes wedding invitations, bridal shower invitations, save the date cards, reception cards and response cards in the most dynamic styles including vintage designs, posh words and phrases, love bird themes, bridal party designs and calligraphy initials. Shop the trendy Mindy Weiss for Inviting Company collection today!