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Low Price Guarantee Term and Conditions

What is the InvitationBox.com Low Price Guarantee?
InvitationBox.com guarantees that we have the lowest prices online for the invitation and stationery items we sell. If you find the same item for a lower price at another online store, we will credit you 110% of the price difference. Price comparison will include the total price with all applicable costs and fees including but not limited to proof fees, color ink fees, return address printing fees and shipping charges.

Example of price match
Competitor price = $100
Our Total Price = $110
Price Difference = $10
Customer Credit = 110% x $10 = $11
Price Match Price = $110 - $11 = $99.

What do I do if I find an item for a lower price?
  • Submit your Low Price Guarantee Price Check Request Form. Be sure to provide all the requested information to facilitate verification of the price.
  • Our price match specialists will verify that the item you have found elsewhere is the same item available on our website within 24 hours.
  • Once the item and price difference has been verified, a coupon code will be emailed to you to be applied to the “Gift Certificate or Promotion Code” section of checkout. This will adjust the product pricing when placing your order online. This coupon code will be valid for 24 hours.

Are there any restrictions or limitations to the price match offer?
  • The item in question must be in-stock and able to be ordered on the competitor's site for the price indicated at the time of comparison.
  • Price match cannot be combined with any other promotion.
  • You must submit and get confirmation of your price match request prior to placing your order.
    • Price matching is not available for existing orders.
    • Once an order has been placed, it is no longer eligible for the low price guarantee.
  • Stacy Claire Boyd items are not eligible for the low price guarantee.
  • Birchcraft Wedding Items are not eligible for the low price guarantee.

What happens if either store is having a promotion?
The total price for the complete order at each store including shipping and any available promotion will be used for price comparison.

Does InvitationBox.com accept coupons from other sites?
We do not directly accept other sites' coupons. If however the coupon makes their total price lower than ours on an item that we carry, we would credit 110% of the total price difference after the coupon and all other fees and charges.