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Linen and Lingerie Bridal Shower Invitations

Ready to knock that groom off his feet? Help the bride render her groom speechless on their wedding night and on all of the following nights by throwing her a linen and lingerie shower, complete with festive invitations. offers a large selection of linen and lingerie shower invitations and lingerie shower invitations to choose from to get the party started. Linen and lingerie showers are one of the most fun showers to host and to attend. They are ideal for the flirty, fun and outgoing bride, (not for the modest bride)! Our lingerie bridal shower invitations will prompt guests to shower the bride with gifts that are lacy or racy. Our lingerie bridal shower invitations and personal shower invitations feature scenes with animal print lingerie, pink trench coats, bubble baths, towels and bathroom scenes, sultry lingerie, nighties and lace patterned borders. Linen and lingerie showers are perfect for the bride that has enough toasters, living room furniture and keepsake boxes. Spice things up at your bridal party by throwing the bride a lingerie bridal shower in her honor!

Forget the blender and toss aside that toaster! Add a little spice to the bedroom on (and after) her wedding night with a personal shower honoring the modern bride-to-be. Our collection of linen and lingerie shower invitations, lingerie shower invitations and personal shower invitations are sure to heat up the room and se the scene for one hot bridal shower!

Choose from a variety of linen and lingerie shower invites that coordinate with the bride's unique personality be it sweet and delicate or wild, sexy and sassy! Choose from more conservative personal shower invitations with lace patterned lingerie shower invitations, linen shower invitations and patterned linen and lingerie shower invitations. If you're looking to make your guests blush, choose from nighty lingerie shower invitations, sultry lingerie shower invitations, corset lingerie shower invitations, bra lingerie shower invitations or animal print lingerie shower invitations.

When planning your lingerie shower, be sure that the bride is comfortable with this type of shower, and make sure you ask before listing her measurements on the invitation for all guests to see. Need a lingerie shower wishing well idea? Ask your guests to bring a pair of panties for the bride-to-be that best matches their own personality and have fun watching the bride trying to figure out whose panties they are! Make the bride's day (and the groom's night) extra special with a lacy and racy linen and lingerie shower invite to set the tone for her wild bridal shower event.

Looking for something a little more conservative? Check out our collection of general bridal shower invitations.