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Layered Cards & Layered Party Invitations

Jazz up an already special invitation with this collection of layered invites. Layered invitations are created from your chosen invitation which is attached to a bottom “layer” card which creates a modern yet sophisticated look and style. Layered cards are a great way to bring out the color accents in your main invitation and really make the top invitational card pop. Add a little something extra to the typical invitation by choosing an invitation with multi-dimensional appeal that will impress your guests and prepare them for a lovely event.

A flat invitation is sufficient, however adding a layered card below your invitation can really make all the difference. Make a statement with your next event’s invitation choice. Select a layered invitation that features your chosen invite as a top card which is attached to a colored bottom card. Layered invitations will truly make your wording and invitation design pop off the card and also bring an essence of elegance and formality to an otherwise “normal” invitation. Let your guests know the importance and classiness of your event by choosing a layered invitation.