Jazz up your kids birthday invitations with these fanciful Kids Personalized Stickers and Sticker name tags for kids!CUSTOMER CAREMY ACCOUNTMY CART

Kids Personalized Stickers

Everybody loves stickers. Whether you use them as return address labels on your child's birthday party invitations, a stationery accessory, as a sticker on a party favor, a sticker on a chore progress chart or simply let your child run wild and stick them on everything they own, stickers are an old-time favorite that never goes out of style. This collection of kids personalized stickers features round stickers, square stickers and die-cut shape stickers that your kids will love with designs of pirates, princesses, jungle and safari animals, cars, farm animals, funky patterns and more.

3 Squares Candy
Black and White Zebra Round Stickers
Blue Pram Round Stickers
All My Jungle Friends Round Sticker
Join the Adventure Round Sticker
Palm Trees Round Stickers
Pink Pram Round Stickers
Teachers Apple Round Stickers
Hog Wild Round Stickers
3 Squares Bounce House Blue
Circus Elephants
Sports Number Blue
Art Easel Pink
A Pink Deep Sea Adventure Round Sticker
Under Construction
Blue Baby Clothes Round Sticker
In a Far Away Land Round Sticker
3 Squares Princess
Bowling Party Paprika
Gold Striped
Outdoor Mondrian
Baby Animal Mobile Round Sticker
Alarming Fire Truck Square Sticker
3 Squares Dinosaur
Art Party Primary
Princess Crown Round Stickers
Soccer Number Pink
Birthday Cake Pink
Princess Castle
Sock Monkey Pink
Pink Little Lady Bug
Pizza Slice
A Pirate's First Treasure Round Sticker
My First Birthday Words Red
Art Party Pink
3 Squares Pirate
Bowling Party Azalea
3 Squares Outer Space
Heart Pattern Brown & Pink
A Blue Deep Sea Adventure Round Sticker
Dotted Circle Paprika
Cup of Tea
Boy Cupcake Round Stickers
Barnyard Animals
Sock Monkey Blue
Princess Crown White
Sports Number Chocolate
Princess Crown
Dotted Circle Brown
Bowling Party Apple
Adventure Awaits Round Sticker
Heart Pattern Lime & Pink
Birthday Bubbles Pink
Pink Baby Blocks Square Sticker
Baby Building Blocks Round Sticker
Green Dinosaurs Round Stickers
Gray Buckles Round Stickers
Cupcake Tower Blue
Dark Aqua Vintage Peacock Feathers Square Sticker
Blue Baby Clothes Square Sticker
Princess Crown
Five Flowers Red
Gold Striped Cross Baptism
Birthday Bubbles Blue
Lollipop Flowers
3 Squares Jungle
Baseball Card
Baby Polka Dots Round Sticker
Tropical Flowers Round Stickers
Dotty Numeral Green
Red Dinosaurs Round Stickers
My First Birthday Words Pink
Pirate Ship
Lady Bug
Silver Border Floral Baptism
Yee Haw
Pink Baby Clothes Round Sticker
Princess Crown Azalea
Birthday Cake Green
Football Card
Pirate Ship Pink
3 Squares Farm
Modern Teal Nursery Round Sticker
Five Flowers Aqua
Candy Buffet Pink
Eyelet Periwinkle
Basketball Card
Star Pattern Pink
3 Squares Bounce House Pink
Cupcakes Tower Pink
Art Easel Blue
Candy Buffet Blue
Blue Bib Round Sticker
Pink and Purple Polka Dotted Bounce House Square Sticker
Lady Bug
Modern Teal Nursery Square Sticker
Pink Little Lady Bug
Beautiful Flowers
Blue and Orange Bounce House Square Sticker
Star Pattern Blue
Modern Pink Nursery Square Sticker
Birthday Cake Bali
Fading Blue Tones Square Sticker
She Has Arrived Pink Damask Square Sticker
Blue Bib Square Sticker
Silver Striped Cross Baptism
Dotted Circle Sky
Sound the Alarm
Superstar Square
Rocket Launch
Gold Border Cross Baptism
Colorful Bounce House Square Sticker
Yellow Pram Round Stickers
Silver Scalloped Cross Baptism
Falling Silver Damask Baptism
Gold Striped
Orange Number Round Stickers
Baby Building Blocks Square Sticker
Cupcake ONE Blue
Soccer Card
Gold Border Damask Baptism
Soccer Number Green
Silver Striped Cross Baptism
Pastel Bounce House Square Sticker
Falling Silver Damask Baptism
Baby Animal Mobile Square Sticker
Birthday Houndstooth Pink
Baby Polka Dots Square Sticker
Dotted Circle Teal
Birthday Houndstooth Blue
Star Pattern Apple & Bright Gold
Cute Lion Round Stickers
Movie Camera Blue Round Stickers
Eyelet Pink
3 Squares Construction
Sound the Alarm Square Sticker
Modern Pink Nursery Round Sticker
Toe Shoes
Dotty Numeral Pink
Sea Life
Gold Floral Cross Baptism
Pink Bib Round Sticker
Gold Border Floral Baptism
Green Pram Round Stickers
Antique Baby Boy Square Sticker
Silver Border Cross Baptism
Silver Border Floral Baptism
First Birthday Words Pink
Brown with Orange Number Round Stickers
Blue Baby Blocks Square Sticker
Dump Truck
Pink Bib Square Sticker
Beautiful Flowers
White Number with Brown and Orange Round Stickers
Pink Baby Clothes Square Sticker
Prince Crown Round Stickers
Gold Striped Cross Baptism
Five Flowers White
Silver Scalloped Cross Baptism
Gold Scalloped Cross Baptism
Gold Scalloped Cross Baptism
Lady Bug
Movie Camera Orange Round Stickers
Gold Damask Baptism
Silver Border Damask Baptism
Falling Gold Damask Baptism
Pink Mondrian
Cupcake ONE Pink
Antique Baby Girl Square Sticker
He Has Arrived Blue Damask Square Sticker
Silver Border Damask Baptism
Farmer Brown
Stripe Pattern Brown & Green
Fading Pink Tones Square Sticker
First Birthday Words Blue
Stripe Pattern Brown & Pink
Tropical Mondrian

Help your child make their mark on the world with this collection of kids personalized stickers, which features one-of-a-kind round, square and die-cut sticker designs personalized just for your little one. Choose from a variety of your child's favorite designs from funky patterns to jungle animals, princesses, pirates, fish, bugs, trucks and tractors, flowers, baby blocks, dinosaurs, outer space patterns and more. These stickers are great for return address labels for stationery and party invitations, envelope seals, chore charts, book markers and arts and crafts projects. Let your child's personality shine through with this large collection of kids stickers, all personalized with your child's name, address, phone number, favorite phrase or whatever you can think of!