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Flat Thank You Note Cards for Kids

Writing a thank you note is a tradition that our parents instilled upon us when we were young, and should be passed down to each generation. Whether your child is thanking a teacher for a great school year, thanking a relative for a birthday present or thanking the neighbor for their help putting up their basketball hoop, you'll have many milestone events for your child to use their thank you notes. Make writing fun by having your child choose a kids flat thank you note that best matches their unique personality. Choose from jungle animal flat notecards, princess flat notecards, pirate flat notecards, religious flat notecards, summer kids flat notecards, art themed flat notecards and more. Our collection of notecards features vibrant designs to coordinate with any child's hobbies, interests or style favorites. Help your child to make an impression with a hand-written flat notecard from our abundant collection!

Little Ducklings Flat Note
Girl Seahorses Flat Note
Hilda the Halloween Witch Fill-In Thank You
Zig Zag Ghouls Orange Fill-In Thank You
Halloween Kids Spooky Night Fill-In Thank You
Haunted House Fill-In Thank You
Boy Turtles & Stars Note
Alarming Fire Truck Note Card
Pastel Bounce House Note Card
Sound the Alarm Note Card
Pink and Purple Polka Dotted Bounce House Note Card
Pink Owl
Jungle Animals
Cute Lion
Pink Bird
Blue and Orange Bounce House Note Card
Colorful Bounce House Note Card
All My Jungle Friends Fill-in Thank You Note
In a Far Away Land Fill-in Thank You Note
A Pink Deep Sea Adventure Fill-in Thank You Note
A Blue Deep Sea Adventure Fill-in Thank You Note
Blue and Brown Cross
Zombie Kid Fill-In Thank You
Mod Spiders Fill-In Thank You
3 Squares Bounce House Blue
3 Squares Candy
3 Squares Construction
3 Squares Dinosaur
3 Squares Farm
3 Squares Jungle
3 Squares Outer Space
3 Squares Pirate
3 Squares Princess
Art Easel Blue
Art Easel Pink
Art Party Primary
Art Party Pink
Barnyard Animals
Baseball Card
Basketball Card
Birthday Bubbles Pink
Birthday Bubbles Blue
Birthday Cake Green
Birthday Cake Pink
Birthday Cake Bali
Birthday Houndstooth Blue
Birthday Houndstooth Pink
Candy Buffet Pink
Candy Buffet Blue
Circus Elephants
Cup of Tea
Cupcake ONE Pink
Cupcake ONE Blue
Cupcake Tower Blue
Cupcakes Tower Pink
Dotted Circle Brown
Dotted Circle Paprika
Dotted Circle Sky
Dotted Circle Teal
Dotty Numeral Green
Dotty Numeral Pink
Eyelet Square Pink
Eyelet Square Periwinkle
Farmer Brown
First Birthday Words Pink
First Birthday Words Blue
Five Flowers Red
Five Flowers Aqua
Five Flowers White
Football Card
Heart Pattern Brown & Pink
Heart Pattern Lime & Pink
Lollipop Flowers
Mermaid - African American
Mermaid - Black Hair
Mermaid - Blonde Hair
Mermaid - Brunette
Mermaid - Redhead
My First Birthday Words Red
My First Birthday Words Pink
Pirate Ship
Pirate Ship Pink
Pizza Slice
Princess Castle
Princess Crown White
Princess Crown Azalea
Rocket Launch
Sea Life
Soccer Card
Sock Monkey Pink
Sock Monkey Blue
Sound the Alarm
Star Pattern Apple & Bright Gold
Star Pattern Blue
Star Pattern Pink
Stripe Pattern Brown & Green
Stripe Pattern Brown & Pink
Superstar Square
Toe Shoes
Tropical Mondrian
Pink Mondrian
Outdoor Mondrian
Under Construction
Yee Haw
Little Sprout with Pink Scallops Note
Springtime Gingham Pink
Delicate Gingham Border Purple
Paisley Flowers Pink & Green Note
Eyelet Carriage Boy Note
Family Tree Girl Note
Paisley Rick Rack Stripes Boy Note
Swirls and Stars Note
Round Pink MBA
Pink Graduate School
Double Happiness Green and Yellow
Blue Graduate School
Cute Giraffe
Sailboats & Compasses Note
Princess Crown
Pink Little Lady Bug
Delicate Gingham Border Blue
Lady Bug
Springtime Gingham Blue
Delicate Gingham Border Pink
Orange Dots on Brown with Number Circle
Family Tree Boy Note
Houndstooth Note
Round Blue MBA
Double Happiness Purple and Pink
Beautiful Flowers
Brown Graduate School
Double Happiness Pink and Purple
Delicate Gingham Border Green
Springtime Gingham Green
Double Happiness Blue and Pink
Eddie the Monster Fill-In Thank You
Vladamir the Vampire Fill-In Thank You
Zig Zag Ghouls Green Fill-In Thank You
Zig Zag Ghouls Black Fill-In Thank You
Zig Zag Ghouls Grey Fill-In Thank You

Help your child express thanks for a gift they received or a kind gesture from a friend or relative with this collection of kids flat notecards which shows kids how much fun writing can be! With a variety of flat notecard styles, designs and patterns, your child will look forward to writing their thank you notes, rather than it being a chore. Each flat thank you card can be personalized with your child's name or a fun phrase and we can also add fill-in text to create a fill-in flat thank you note for early child writers who want to write their own thank you note, but are just starting to learn to write.

Have your child browse through our large kids stationery collection to choose the perfect kids flat thank you note that coordinates with their party theme or unique style and personality. Choose from girl flat notecards that celebrate how great it is to be a girl, featuring art flat thank you notes, princess flat thank you notes, ballet flat thank you notes, cake flat thank you notes and pastel patterned flat thank you notes. If you have a little boy you can choose from sport themed flat thank you notes, barnyard themed flat thank you notes, dinosaur flat thank you notes, superhero flat thank you notes, construction flat thank you notes and more. Your child will impress their thank you note recipient with their heartfelt message and the fact that they took time to sit down to hand-write a note.