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Etiquette for How to Write Bridal Shower Invitations

Every girl dreams of the day he gets down on one knee to propose! Make sure the bride-to-be is prepared for her marriage with a bridal shower in her honor! Bridal showers are traditionally hosted by the bride’s maid of honor; however they may also be hosted by the bridesmaids, a close girlfriend or the mother of the bride-to-be. When choosing your bridal shower invitation, be sure it reflects the formality of your shower, and any bridal shower theme, should you choose one.

Important Tips for Planning your Bridal Shower
-Only invite guests that are invited to the wedding
-Most brides invite every female on their wedding guest list, even if they are out of town
-Be sure to list the bride’s registry information on the invitation, or have the bridal party spread the word
-List a complete address for your shower location, or include a directions card
-Send your bridal shower invitations out approximately 3-4 weeks prior to the event

Information to Include on your Bridal Shower Invitations

When composing a bridal shower invitation, you will want to have the following information listed …

purpose of your invitation
name of the bride-to-be
date of the shower
host name(s)
bridal registry information

Example of a formal bridal shower invitation

bridal shower
in honor of
Jessica Roberts
Wednesday, the eighth of March
Two thousand and fifteen
at one o’clock in the afternoon
125 Stone Drive
New York, New York
Hosted by Kathryn Meeks
Amanda is registered at Pottery Barn

Example of a casual bridal shower invitation

We would be pleased
to have you join us at a
Bridal Shower
Jessica Roberts
Wednesday, March 8th
1:00 PM
125 Stone Drive
New York, New York
Given with Love by Jessica’s bridesmaids
RSVP by March 1st to Kathryn@email.com
Jessica is registered at Target & Macy’s

If more than one person is hosting the shower, be sure to list each host alphabetically (by last name). If you have a large number of hosts, consider printing the hosts’ names on the back of the invitation or on an insert card, as you do not want to draw attention away from the purpose of the invitation – celebrating the bride-to-be!