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Holiday Gift Stickers & Holiday Gift Enclosure Cards

Wrapping gifts can be just as memorable and fun as opening gifts. Holiday gift stickers, gift tags and holiday gift enclosure cards from InvitationBox will help make your stationery and presents all the more festive this winter. InvitationBox offers holiday gift stickers and holiday gift tags featuring seasonal images such as gingerbread men, reindeer, Santa faces, stockings, nutcrackers, ornaments, snowflakes and much more. We even offer personalization options so that your gift tag or holiday gift sticker is even more unique.

Be Merry with Border Photo Sticker
Monogrammed Damask Cranberry Sticker
Holly Jolly Holiday Sticker
Holiday Sparkle Sticker
Paisley Holiday Sticker
Holiday Wishes Venice Square Label
Ornament Holiday Sticker
Bright Holiday Damask Sticker
Holiday in the City VIP Square Label
Blue Damask Posh Sticker
Pink Dot Posh Sticker
Pink Dot Posh Sticker
Yellow Bubble Posh Sticker
Blue Chevron Posh Sticker
Jewel Posh Sticker
Blue Diamond Posh Sticker
Winter Wonderland Apple Square Label
Red and Brown Reindeer
Be Merry Photo Sticker
Holiday Chevron Sticker
Merry Christmas Chalkboard Photo Sticker
Red Snowflake Present
Green Snowflake Present
The Little Snowman
Black Toile with Red Accent
Black Toile with Green Accent
Red Ribbon
Seasons Greetings Square Label
White Elephant Square Label
Gingerbread Man
Red and Black Snowflakes
Deer with Ornmanets Sticker
Swirl Christmas Tree Sticker
Santa Sticker
Merry & Bright Holiday Photo Sticker
Making Spirits Bright Photo Sticker
Let's Ring in the New Year Colors Square Label
Santa Girl Cool Label
Santa Girl Snow Label
Silhouette Christmas Party Azure Label
Silhouette Christmas Party Lime Label
Silhouette Christmas Party Bright Red Label
Holiday Pinstripe Photo Sticker
Floating Ornaments Square Label
Silhouette Christmas Party Azalea Label
Silhouette New Years Formal Grey Label
Silhouette New Years Party Bright Red Label
Silhouette Toast Bright Red Label
Silhouette Toast Sky Label
Silhouette Toast White Label
Red Holiday Photo Gift Sticker
Silhouette Tree Bright Red Label
Silhouette Tree Hydrangea Label
Silhouette Tree White Label
Silhouette Champagne Toast Bright Red Label
Silhouette Champagne Toast Grey Label
Silhouette Champagne Toast White Label
Silhouette Mistletoe Bright Red Label
Silhouette Mistletoe Azure Label
Silhouette Mistletoe White Label
Retro Thanksgiving Dinner Label
Retro Christmas Dinner Label
Fun Holiday Sticker
Retro Christmas Party Label
Tree Trimming for Two Label
Ornamental Tree Pink Label
Ornamental Tree Lime Label
Ornamental Tree Turquoise Label
Iconic Tree Square Label
Chandelier Bright Red Label
Chandelier Lime Label
Chandelier Noir Label
Polka Dot Bright Red Invitation Label
Holiday Damask Ebony Label
Holiday Damask Conifer Label
Holiday Damask Maroon Label
Floral Ebony Label
Holiday Dinner Plate Label
Silhouette Gift Lime Label
Silhouette Gift White Label
Cookie Exchange Label
Ornaments Taupe Label
Ornaments Apple Label
Ornaments Fountain Label
Snowflake Swirl Bright Red Label
Snowflake Swirl Lime Label
Snowflake Swirl White Label
Present Stack Chocolate Label
Holiday Dinner Table Sky Label
Holiday Dinner Table Chocolate Label
Tree of Joy Sky Label
Tree of Joy Lime Label
Tree of Joy White Label
Holiday Martini Chocolate Label
Holiday Soiree White Label
Holiday Soiree Bali Label
Holiday Soiree Wasabi Label
Holiday Soiree Bright Red Label
New Year's Toast Silver Label
New Year's Toast Bright Red Label
Holiday Chandelier Bright Red Label
Holiday Chandelier Lime Label
Holiday Chandelier Ebony Label
Holiday Chandelier Chocolate Label
Bubbly Champagne Chocolate Label
Holiday Toast Bright Red Label
Holiday Toast Ebony Label
Holiday Toast Chocolate Label
Three Presents Sky Label
Three Presents Chocolate Label
Holiday Wine Sky Label
Holiday Wine Chocolate Label
Santa Girl Tropical Label
Hanukkah Girl Label
Santa Momma - African American Label
Santa Momma - Asian Label
Santa Momma - Blonde Label
Santa Momma - Brunette Label
Filigree Wreath Red Label
Filigree Reindeer Black Label
Filigree Snowflake Silver Label
Filigree Tree Green Label
Filigree Ornament Red Label
Holiday Earth Girl - Asian Label
Holiday Earth Girl - Blonde Label
Holiday Earth Girl - Brunette Label
Holiday Earth Girl - Redhead Label
Book Plate Quad Red & Green Label
Book Plate Quad Pink & Periwinkle Label
Book Plate Solo Red Label
Book Plate Solo Green Label
Book Plate Solo Pink Label
Peace on Earth Square Label
Wavy Holiday Red & Blue Label
Wavy Holiday Green & Aqua Label
Wavy Holiday Cocoa & Sky Label
Wavy Holiday Chocolate & Crete Label
Wavy Holiday Bright Red & Wasabi Label
Happy Holidays Text Label
Sexy In The City
Taking Off
Boys Night Out
Elegant Dinner Bali & Chocolate
Western Place Setting
Jacquard Rehearsal Dinner Chocolate
Bachelorette T-Shirt
Oval Monogram Grey & Yellow
Oval Monogram Olive & Black
Oval Monogram Turquoise & Lime
Oval Monogram Autumn
Oval Monogram Purple & Grey
Oval Monogram Turquoise & Orange
Table Setting Wasabi
Black Damask Posh Sticker
Green Damask Posh Sticker
Pink Damask Posh Sticker
Yellow Damask Posh Sticker
Blue Dot Posh Sticker
Green Dot Posh Sticker
Yellow Dot Posh Sticker
Blue Bubble Posh Sticker
Green Bubble Posh Sticker
Pink Bubble Posh Sticker
Pink Chevron Posh Sticker
Pink Diamond Posh Sticker
Monogrammed Damask Hanukkah Sticker
Monogrammed Damask Olive Sticker
Holiday Wishes Green Square Label
Winter Wonderland Charcoal Square Label
Winter Wonderland Cherry Square Label
Winter Wonderland Blue Square Label
Let's Ring in the New Year Charcoal Square Label
Gift enclosure cards from InvitationBox feature holiday images such as Santa himself all bundled up for the winter, a docile reindeer, a tasty gingerbread man, an ornamental tree and more. Imagine your little one’s face when they notice a special gift enclosure card or holiday sticker attached to their very own present. The fun and excitement will begin before they even start to open their gift. Your children will have an extra dose of holiday spirit and a greater eagerness to open their presents. When you use holiday gift stickers and cards from InvitationBox, you are creating memories that will surely be treasured forever by both children and adults. The adorable eagerness and joyous love of the holidays is simply priceless. Add a touch of magic to your loved one’s gifts with holiday gift stickers and gift tags from InvitationBox.

InvitationBox also makes it easy to add a little excitement to your holiday mailings because our stickers can be used for sealing envelopes, too. Impress your family, friends, clients and colleagues by adding festive holiday gift stickers to your envelopes. They are sure to appreciate the extra bit of thought and ingenuity put into your mailings with our holiday stickers. You can even go the extra mile by personalizing your stickers with the message of your choice, your initials, return address or anything else that you can think of. InvitationBox truly has everything you need to make the holidays even more memorable this year.

Holiday gift stickers, gift tags and holiday gift enclosure cards from InvitationBox will certainly add a bit of joy to your holiday stationery, envelopes and presents. Make sure that your mailings stand out and that your gifts look extra special under the tree this year with gift tags, holiday gift enclosure cards and stickers from InvitationBox. Everyone is sure to notice your attention to detail.

No matter what holiday you celebrate, InvitationBox is sure to have just what you are looking for to get into the spirit of the season. Gift enclosure cards and holiday gift stickers from InvitationBox are sure to help you spread holiday cheer and the spirit of the season. In addition to holiday items, we offer graduation gifts, stuffed animals, baby presents and more. Discounted rates for bulk purchases and free delivery on eligible orders are available for your convenience. Bring attention to the little details this year while brightening up someone’s day with gift stickers, enclosure cards and holiday gift tags from InvitationBox.