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Holiday Cocktail Party Invitations

Invite your friends and family over for some seasonal spirits with our creative collection of holiday cocktail party invitations. The stunning designs and clever messages are sure to set the mood for good food, good drinks and good company. We offer over 250 styles of invitations to choose from, so your invitations are sure to match the theme of your party.

Peace, Love + Cocktails
Snowflake Swirl White Invitation
Santa Chic Invitations
Floral Vine on Red
Jolly Cocktails
Eat, Drink & Be Merry Santa Holiday
Hanging Ornaments
Tipsy Reindeer
Beer + Cheer!
Vintage Signs - Cadillac Santa
Retro Christmas Party Invitation
Holiday Martini Chocolate Invitation
Tinsel Cocktail
Red Brocade Soiree
Silhouette Christmas Party Bright Red Invitation
Welcome to Vegas
Cheerful Spirit
Tipsy Santa
Swirly Snowflake Square Paprika Invitation
Cranberry Old Fashion
Christmas Martini
Hipster Holiday
Dotty Tree
Claus Cocktails
Swirly Snowflake Square Black Invitation
Ornaments Fountain Invitation
Festive Flourish - Turquoise and Red
Holiday Paisley
Drink'n Deer
Silhouette Champagne Toast White Invitation
Santa Girl Snow - Brunette Invitation
Retro Party Sign
Holiday Toast Ebony Invitation
B+W Brocade Square
Soiree Style
Perfect Partygoers
Delightful Decorating Duo
Candy Cane Cocktail Group
Candy Cane Girl
Santa's Ladies
Jolly Wine
Cocktail Napkin Holiday Invite
Santa Girl Cool - Blonde Invitation
Middle of the Peppermint Red Square
Santa Shaken
Holiday Wine Chocolate with Bow Invitation
Flourish of Champagne
Be Merry
Hip Holiday
Holiday Chandelier Ebony Invitation
Jingle Bulbs
Holiday Welcome
Cocktails + Couture
Jingle Tree
Holiday Chandelier Bright Red Invitation
Holiday Tabletop
Jolly Cocktails
Glamour Group Holiday Party
Dirty Santa
Couture Cocktails
Damask Border - Black with Ribbon
Santa Girl Tropical - Blonde Invitation
A Cardinal in the Snow
Elegant Toppers
Christmas Couple
Gift Girl #2
Santa Girls
Retro Trees
Jolly Chevron
Holiday Spirits
Red Cocktail
Tropical Holiday Invitation
Middle of the Peppermint Red & Green Square
Silhouette Toast Bright Red Invitation
Christmas Box
Silhouette Christmas Party Lime Invitation
Tipsy Snowman
Hip Holiday Hostess #2 (Blonde)
Reindeer Riot
Candy Cane Cocktail Couple (Afr. Amer.)
Silhouette Mistletoe White Invitation
Jingle Toast
Ornate Tree
Silhouette Champagne Toast Bright Red Invitation
Damask Border - Crimson with Ribbon
Holiday Wine Sky with Bow Invitation
Be Merry Holiday Ornaments
Eat, Drink & Be Merry Santa Holiday
Snowflake Holiday Party
Tree Trimming Party - Blonde
Party Window
Light Bulbs Black Invitation
Santa Girl Snow - Blonde Invitation
Silhouette Mistletoe Bright Red Invitation
Silhouette Christmas Party Azure Invitation
Merry & Bright
Tree of Joy Sky Invitation
Tree of Joy Lime Invitation
Festive Penguins
Holiday Glasses
Drinks Tray
Holiday Skyline
Naughty & Nice
Peppy Pines
Festive Party
Santa Girl Snow - African American Invitation
Wild Holiday Invitation
Holly Jolly Christmas
Santa Girl Invitations
Make Some Merry Holiday
Red Dress Runway
Red + Pink Flourish Square
Holiday Girl Invitations
Holiday Ikat
VIP Ornament Blue
Holiday in the City VIP
Holiday Toast Bright Red Invitation
Cool Cocktail Crowd
Light Bulbs Eden Invitation
Holiday Soiree Teal Invitation
Holiday Chandelier Lime Invitation
Happy Holiday Hearth
Holiday Wine Chocolate Invitation
Hip Holiday Hostess #2 (Afr. Amer.)
Framed Santa
Holiday Toast Chocolate Invitation
Ho! Ho! Ho! Invitation
Red Nog
Silhouette Tree Bright Red Invitation
Tree Speak
Wreath Stripe
Reindeer Grace
Merry Cocktail Invitations
Topiary Cheer
B+W Flourish - Green and Purple
Tree Trimming Party
VIP Red Flourish
Merry Christmas Modern Love Holiday
Racy Reindeer
Filigree Reindeer VIP Black
Bright Snowflake Holiday Party
Festive Floral - Red and Turquoise
Cocktails + Couture - Blonde
Pink + Red Brocade Girl
Yule Fuel
Merry Reindeer Holiday Party
VIP Chalkboard
Retro Holiday VIP
Starburst Soiree
Get Jingled!
Be Merry!
Filigree Reindeer VIP Berry
Holiday Bubbly
Merry Merlot
Merry and Bright
Sparkle, Darling!
Be Merry Blue Confetti Holiday VIP
Holiday Celebration Invitations
Fa La La Green Confetti Holiday VIP
Ornament Swing
Cocktails + Couture - African American
Celebratory Stripes
Ornament Tree Bali
Pink + Red Brocade Girl - African American
Typographic Holiday Party
Oh By Golly It's A Holiday Party Blue
Merry Chevron
Festive Floral - Black and Pink
Merry Holiday Modern Invitation
Merry Holiday
Filigree Ornament VIP Cherry
Sandy Santa
Racy Reindeer - Blonde
Ho Ho Ho Red Confetti Holiday VIP
Cheer Loops
Santa Sister
Dancing Ornaments Invitations
Ho Ho Ho Red Confetti Holiday
Ornament Shuffle
Red Dress Runway - Blonde
VIP Ornament Green
Berry Boughs
Cocktail Time!
Filigree Ornament VIP Blue
Vintage Reindeer Noel Celebration Holiday
Love & Cheers
B+W Flourish - Pink
B+W Brocade Soiree
Sandy Santa - Blonde
Oh By Golly It's A Holiday Party Black
Tree Trimming Party - African American
Be Merry Blue Confetti Holiday
Poinsettia Pink
Cranberry Niche
Ivory on Green Velvet
Houston Holidays
Holiday Chandelier Chocolate Invitation
Light Bulbs White Invitation
Floral Vine on Green and Black
Santa Girl Cool - Brunette Invitation
Santa Girl Tropical - Brunette Invitation
Hip Holiday Hostess #2
Silhouette Christmas Party Azalea Invitation
Glamour Group Holiday Party (Afr. Amer.)
Holiday Soiree Wasabi Invitation
Hip Holiday Hostess
Merry Sips
Santa Girl Tropical - African American Invitation
Silhouette Tree Hydrangea Invitation
Candy Cane Cocktail Couple (Blonde)
Silhouette Gift Lime Invitation
Silhouette Tree White Invitation
Jolly Couple
Holiday Wine Sky Invitation
Silhouette Gift White Invitation
Chevron Deer
Eat, Drink & Be Merry!
Girly Tree
Light Bulbs Paprika Invitation
Santa Girl Cool - African American Invitation
Silver Lace & Floral
Dotted Paisley
Light Poinsettia
Silhouette Toast White Invitation
Festive Goblets
Santa Girl Tropical - Asian Invitation
Candy Cane Cocktail Couple
Santa Girl Snow - Asian Invitation
Santa Girl Cool - Asian Invitation
Dallas Holidays
Festive Formal Couple
Silhouette Toast Sky Invitation
Swirly Snowflake Square Eden Invitation
Festive Swirl
Tree Trimming for Two - Brunette Invitation
Silhouette Mistletoe Azure Invitation
Swirly Snowflake Square Escape Invitation
Choose as few as ten adult Christmas cards in select styles; you won’t have to order more invitations than you need. We also offer quantity discounts, so the more you buy, the more you’ll save. Our holiday cocktail invites are ideal for personal or professional use, and they can even be custom-printed with your information to save you time.

Trust Invitation Box for all of the best Christmas cocktail party invites. We make it easy for you to host a successful party by providing unique, stylish and colorful invitations that will set the mood for fun and holiday cheer. If you like our holiday cocktail party invitations, you may also be interested in some of our personalized holiday cards or holiday return address labels.