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InvitationBox Groupon Support

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I redeem my Groupon?
To get started, Enter your Groupon voucher number located in your order confirmation email into the “code:” box on the Login page then click on the blue “Login” button.
Step 1: Select your photo card design from the product gallery.
Step 2: Personalize your photo card by uploading your photos and typing in your text.
Step 3: Enter in your shipping information and click on the “Submit” button

Where can I find my Groupon redemption code?
Your Groupon code is located on www.Groupon.com/mygroupons. Log in using your login information, click on your username at the top right. A dropdown menu should appear giving you various choices. Click My Groupons. This should list out all of your Groupon and Groupon codes.

When will my order ship?
The shipping schedule for our groupon orders is below
  If your code was redeemed by….    It is estimated to ship by
    November 28th     December 6th
    December 4th      December 13th
    December 10th      December 20th   
(this applies to both photo card and stamp orders)

What is my order status?
We currently do not offer order tracking.
When you have submited your order you will receive an order confirmation email.
Please refer to the above table for the shipping schedule for our groupon orders
(this applies to both photo card and stamp orders)

Can I make changes to the design, fonts or submit special requests / comments?
We are not able to change any part or the design or font layout. Our groupon redemption site is a web to print solution. What you see on the screen goes directly to a printer. If you are unhappy with the way the text or images looks on the screen we recommend that you try a different design or photograph.
(this applies to both photo card and stamp orders)

My Groupon code doesn’t work?
Groupon codes can only be redeemed via the redemption website: http://groupongoods.invitationbox.com (the codes can’t be redeem on www.invitationbox.com)
1.    Please allow up to 48 hours after your purchase for your redemption to become activated.
2.    Double check to make sure that you have entered in your code correctly.
    a.    Certain letters and number look similar : lower case L’s can easily be mistaken for the number 1, upper case O’s can easily be mistaken for the number 0, or vice verse, try replacing each with similar character.
3.    If you are still having problems with your code email us at groupon@invitationbox.com

Is shipping and handling included?
Yes. Shipping and handling is included in your Groupon purchase.

What type of paper are these cards printed on?
Our cards are printed on 100 .lb card stock, which is much thicker and nicer then what standard photo cards are printed on.

What size are the photo cards?
All of the photo cards available for this offer are 5” x 7” flat, double-sided printed cards.

Are you’re your cards glossy?

They are more of a semi-gloss. The print method is semi-gloss and the paper that the cards are printed on has a flat finish. This makes for a very nice semi-gloss appearance which is not as glossy as photo paper but is glossier than a greeting card.

Does my order include envelopes?
Yes. Your order will includes white envelopes equal to the quantity of photo cards you purchased.

What photo card designs are included in the promotion?
There are over a Hundred different designs available click on this link http://groupongoods.invitationbox.com/gallery2.aspx to view them.

When will my order ship?
Due to overwhelming response to our Groupon offer orders are taking an average of 7-10 business days in house, after redemption.

Can I get an extension on my Groupon?
As a policy, we do not extend Groupons. Your Groupon is good for the full value until the date specified in the deal. After this time has elapsed, your Groupon is worth the dollar value you paid for it. Please see the Groupon offer’s Terms and Conditions for more details.

Can I use more than one Groupon on an order?
No, you can only redeem one Groupon per order. This is a rule for all Groupons purchased. See http://www.groupon.com/pages/universal-fine-print for more information.

Image Quality

Was your photo emailed to you?
Often times email programs will downsize an image to make it easier to send. We recommend asking the person who emailed you the image to upload the original file directly to our website. The original file will be the one that was saved directly from the camera to the computer without being cropped, edited, or saved to a website or photo-editing program.

Did you take the image from a website (Facebook, Shutterfly, Snapfish, Kodak Gallery, Instagram, etc.)?
Facebook and other websites downsize images to make them easier to load and display online. If you took the photo with your own camera, please send us the original file from the camera, before it was saved to any websites or photo-editing programs. If someone else took this photo and shared it with you, we recommend having that person upload the original file directly to our website.

Did you save and/or edit your photo in iPhoto or Picasa?
When you send us your image from iPhoto or Picasa, you are sending us a condensed version of the original file. Any edited versions will be too small. For example, if you had cropped your image, adjusted the brightness, or made it black and white, that new version is compressed. Instead, you can export the original, high-resolution image to your desktop and upload it from there.

Did you take the photo with a cell phone camera?
Generally speaking, photos taken with a cell phone’s camera are not high enough in quality to enlarge, but this is not always the case. If your phone prompts you to choose the image size when you save or send a photo, choose the largest option available (usually called “actual size” or “original size”). We recommend choosing a different image taken with a regular camera. Even phones that take photos at a large file size cannot compare in quality to a regular camera.

Did you make any changes to your photo such as cropping and editing?
When you make any changes to an image such as cropping, removing red-eye, adjusting the brightness or colors, converting to black and white, etc., it’s very likely that your adjusted image will be saved in a smaller size than the original image.

My photo came straight from the camera. It has not been cropped, edited, emailed, put online or put into any photo-editing or photo-viewing programs.
Digital cameras have a setting where you can change the quality of the photos your are taking. In order to enlarge a photo clearly, the camera should be set to the highest quality possible. The most likely cause of your small file is that the camera was on a low setting. This is something that’s determined before the photo is taken, and can’t be changed after the fact. We recommend adjusting your camera settings and taking a new photo to use.

To adjust your camera setting, you’ll want to go to your camera’s menu and find the following settings (your camera will have one or two of the following. If you have two, you’ll want to change both): Quality/Image Quality, Size/Image Size, Compression, Resolution

Following are common examples of the lists you’ll see in these menus, from largest to smallest. Choose the LARGEST setting in each menu (your options may be slightly different depending on camera model):

L > M1 > M2 > M3 > S
2400x3200 > 1200x1600 > 400x600

Did you scan a physical print?
Your file may be small because of the resolution at which the print was scanned. We recommend rescanning your photo at 600dpi (or ppi). You can find this setting in your scanner’s software program, under ‘resolution.’ You may have to go to advanced options or settings to find where to change the resolution. You can also take your photo to a local camera or copy shop and ask them to scan it at 600dpi.

What is the best file size for my photo?
We recommend a file that is at least 1MB in size.  To see the size of your file, find where the image is saved on your computer.  Right-click the file name and go to 'properties.'  You should see something indicating size.  Anything less than 250KB is generally going to be too small.  While a size of at least 1MB (or 1,000kb) is best, we may be able to produce a quality photo card with an image between 250KB and 1MB.