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Graduation Gift Ideas

Acknowledge the graduate's special achievements with personalized graduation gifts. This is a special time where their accomplishments should be recognized and rewarded. You can do this with a variety of options that any graduate will appreciate. However, when purchasing, make sure you take into account what the graduate may already have, what they could use and their particular type of personality. More reserved students may appreciate a traditional gift, while a graduate that thinks outside the box will enjoy something more unique. Taking the age of the student into consideration is a definite must because the needs of a freshman in college are much different that those entering the work force.

Here are a few tongue-in-cheek ideas (some traditional and some not so much):

The Next Emerson, Keatts or Plath: Everyone needs a good pen in life, but not everyone gets to own a beautiful rosewood pen with its own case. Get it engraved with their name and graduation date for an extra special touch. Who knows - maybe they'll pen their best-selling novel with this and dedicate a chapter to you. Otherwise, it will probably just be used to complete last week's Calculus homework.

College Graduate Headed to Wall Street: Since this number cruncher will probably be spending a lot of late nights making the big bucks, gift them a personalizable leather toiletry bag to pack all their essentials - like a toothbrush, soap and a razor. Then make sure they have plenty of space to keep their cash or cards with an engraved credit card holder. Next time they have some insider info, maybe they'll drop some hints.

The Tech-Savvy Geek: You have one and you can't live without it; your mother has one and texts you all day long. Nowadays, it's rare to find a person that still uses a mobile phone that simply makes calls. The latest smartphone will be greatly appreciated by the recipient, and their mother will love that they now have multiple ways to keep in touch. Just make sure you sign on to pay for the phone and not the actual plan.

The Princess of the Party: Mirror, mirror on the wall…She's feminine and flirty, but still has a big heart. She could probably use a small one, too. Perhaps in the form of a jewelry box, a paperweight, a key chain or a compact mirror? We have all of these and more. Made of silver-plated metal, these can all be engraved with names, initials or graduation dates. They are super simple with a touch of elegance and sophistication (and cost way less than those sold by a light blue-boxed jeweler). Despite these princess-y prizes, we can't promise they will keep her from kissing any frogs.

The Outdoorsy Gadget Guru: He (or she!) is the Bear Grylls of everyday life coming to your rescue with anything you need - whether it's a bottle opener or a screwdriver. Now they can have all of their handy tools in one place with a multi-purpose tool that's engraved with their name and graduation date. With over 10 different tools, this will allow the soon-to-be freshman (or entry-level employee) to be the MacGyver of their dorm or office. However, we can't ensure that they're using the bottle opener to crack open sodas on Saturday nights.

Get your graduate something that they will enjoy and use, while keeping it simple and personable. It's their time to celebrate their achievements so show them you're proud, too!