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Etiquette for Graduation Announcements and Invitations

Hats off to you, graduate! Graduation is a momentous milestone event for each graduating student as well as their proud parents, whether the student is graduating from high school, college, law school or medical school. Sharing the news of the student's graduation with friends, family members, co-workers and fellow students by mailing out a graduation announcement is a popular tradition for graduating students, as well as hosting a party to commemorate the event and the graduate's many achievements. The below etiquette section will guide you through this special time in life and provide you with a few guidelines for following graduation traditions and proper graduation etiquette.

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Graduation Announcements

Information to Include
A graduation announcement is the most traditional way of spreading the word about your graduation. Your graduation announcements should include the important details about your graduation…

  • name of the graduating student
  • school or university that the student is graduating from
  • date of the commencement

If the student will be continuing their education in the following term, you may want to include this on the announcement as well.

Types of Announcements
InvitationBox.com offers a wide range of graduation announcements from traditional "class of" graduation announcements to modern graduation announcements which feature your school colors. We also offer a variety of digital photo graduation announcements, which feature our most trendy designs and are truly the most popular graduation announcements offered.

Mailing Timeline
Your graduation announcements should be mailed as early as the day of your graduation ceremony, or within a few weeks after your graduation date. It should not be mailed out prior to your graduation date.

A graduation announcement is not meant as a solicitation for gifts, but merely a way of communicating your accomplishments and achievements to those in your life. You may mail your graduation announcements to your family members, friends, neighbors, co-workers and fellow students. Be sure that if you do receive a graduation gift, you promptly send out a hand written graduation thank you note to let the sender know of your appreciation.

Graduation Party Invitations
When you graduate, it is customary for your family members to host a graduation party in your honor to celebrate your achievements. As most graduation ceremonies limit you on how many guests can attend your graduation ceremony, this will give your friends and family members a chance to congratulate you on your accomplishments and find out about your future career or educational plans.
Information to Include
You may double your graduation announcement as an announcement and a graduation party invitation, or sent out separate graduation announcements and invitations. Your graduation party invitation should inform your recipient of the news of your graduation, as well as your party details…

  • name of the graduating student
  • school or university that the student is graduating from
  • date of graduation
  • invitation to the graduation party event
  • date and time of the party
  • location
  • RSVP information

Types of Graduation Party Invitations
InvitationBox.com offers a large collection of graduation announcements and graduation party invitations that will help you commemorate your graduation, be it trendy and personal with a digital photo graduation party invitation or one of our classic school color or career graduation party invitations.

Mailing Timeline
Should you be having your own graduation party, it is acceptable to send out your graduation invitations a few weeks prior to your graduation date, so that all of your guests are able to attend your party, which will likely be very close to your graduation date.