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Frequently Asked Questions – Ordering

How do I order your products?
InvitationBox.com has developed an online ordering process that is extremely simple and easy for you to use! First, locate the product you are interested in purchasing. On the order page showing your requested item, fill in the appropriate information, including quantity, typestyle, ink color and the wording you’d like printed on your item. Font size and layout may be adjusted for best placement by our professional typesetters. If you have unique specifications, please utilize the "Special Instructions" box at the bottom of the order form.

Once you have ordered all the items you need, you will be taken through a 3-step checkout process. This process will ask you for your billing and shipping information, email address, as well as ask you to enter any promotion code you may have. When finished, you will review the items you are purchasing and click ‘submit’ to complete the order. Finally, you will receive a confirmation message incuding your order number. Your order will begin being processed and a confirmation email will be sent to your supplied email address.

Can I order by phone?
Placing orders via our web site is the preferred method of ordering. It ensures that you enter your text as well as shipping and billing information correctly. In addition, when ordering online, you will receive a confirmation email that allows you to check on the status of your order as well as a shipment confirmation when your order ships out.

How long will it take to receive my order?
How quickly you receive your order depends on the following:

- if the item is a paper product and when your proof approval (if requested) was given
- availability of the item
- where the order is shipping from and to
- shipping method selected

Please review the availability information on each item page by clicking on the "Delivery Time" button to the right of the product image. Some printed paper items will be ready to ship out within 2-3 business days, others in 8-10 business days. Some gift items ship the next business day and some may take up to 6 weeks. Make sure to review each item page for more specific information and note that these timeframes are only estimates and may vary by a few days. If a proof was not requested or required, your Processing Time begins the day you place your order. If a proof was requested or required, your Processing Time begins the day we receive response of your approval of the proof.

Holiday Timing (October 1 - December 31): During the holiday season, processing times can take up to an additional 5 business days from what is listed in the standard processing times. This additional timing is not applicable to items that ship from our main headquarters in North Carolina, but does potentially apply to items shipping from Noteworthy Collections, William Arthur, little worm & company and Stacy Claire Boyd.

Orders and proof approvals must be received by 2:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time to be considered as an order or approval for that day, otherwise, the order will be considered 'received' on the following business day. Orders and proof approvals received on Weekends or Holidays will be processed the next business day.

The availability information shown on each item page does not include in-transit time. We offer several shipping choices from ground (1-7 business days) to next day air. Depending on the urgency of your order and each item tells you exactly where it is shipping from. To view detailed information regarding our shipping policies, click here.

Can I cancel my order?
For ALL Paper Products, Personalized and Custom Items
If your order has not yet been printed, is not for Embossed Graphics or you ordered a non-custom item, we can cancel it, but please contact us right away. There is a $25.00 cancellation fee ($50.00 during the holidays from October 1 - December 31) per item ordered once the order is received and has been processed. If you requested that we create a proof, and it has been completed, the proof fee is non-refundable, in addition to the cancellation fee. If you requested rush processing on an order, and work has begun on it, the rush processing fee is non-refundable, and in addition to the cancellation fee. Once an order has printed or shipped, it cannot be cancelled.

How do I return an order?
For ALL Paper Products, Personalized and Custom Items
Once an order has printed or shipped, it cannot be cancelled or returned. Embossed Graphics Stationery orders are never cancelable due to their quick turn-around-time on items.

How do I return an order?
For Non-personalized Gifts, EXCLUDING ALL Paper Products
Non-personalized gift items can be returned within 10 days of receipt of goods. Date of receipt will be determined using order tracking information from UPS, FedEx or USPS. To initiate a return, please contact us for an RMA number before returning the item(s) to us. The RMA number will be good for 10 days. Any item returned to us without an RMA number, after the allotted time or if we find that the merchandise has been used, the merchandise will be returned to the customer at the customer’s expense.

The customer is responsible for all shipping and handling charges (if the order qualified for free S&H, and you return it, you will be charged for the outbound S&H fees), and merchandise must be returned in its original condition, with original packaging and tags intact to ensure complete credit. A $5.00 restocking fee may apply. We encourage you to return your items via UPS, FEDEX or Insured Parcel Post. This protects you in case the package is damaged or gets lost in transit.

What if my item arrives damaged?
If your item is damaged during the shipping process, please do not discard the original shipping materials as they will be needed to place a claim with the shipping company. Please contact us as soon as possible, but it must be within 5 business days so that we may begin working on the replacements for you and begin the claim. Date of receipt will be determined using order tracking information from UPS, FedEx or USPS.

What if there is an error on my order?
When the error is our mistake, we will reprint the order at no charge to you and ship the order out as soon as possible.

If the error is made by the customer, we will have your order reprinted with a 25% discount from your original order amount, and it will be processed as quickly as possible. Shipping charges will apply. Errors made by the customer include:

- incorrect information entered during the order process
- receiving and approving of a proof containing an error, regardless of text entered

All claims for errors or shortages must be submitted by contacting us within 5 days of receipt of order. Any errors reported after 5 days will be corrected at the customer's expense. Date of receipt will be determined using order tracking information from UPS, FedEx or USPS. Upon receipt of your order, please check for accuracy of printing, quality and quantity.

What is a sample?
A sample is a physical invitation that is mailed to you via USPS Mail within 2-4 business days of the request. A Sample is the chance for you to be able to see the physical card, size, colors and paper weight in person. Samples will either be sent with sample text printed on them or may arrive blank. Printed samples will not have your text printed on them. Samples are available at $2.50 each for regular cards and $4.00 for formal cards.

How do I order a sample?
Click on the thumbnail of the invitation or product you would like a sample of. When your page refreshes, you will see the online sample product on the left and product description on the right. Below the description and personalization buttons on the right side of the item page, there are three buttons: “Delivery Time”, “Order a Sample” and “Frequently Asked Questions”. Click on the “Order a Sample” button and this will put the sample in your shopping card. From here you may either continue shopping for more samples or checkout.

What is a proof?
A proof is an emailed or faxed image of how your card will appear when it is printed. For most items, you must select the proof option in order to receive a proof. However, a few items require a proof be purchased and approved before printing. Proofs are not available for all items. Emailed digital proofs are sent in full color, faxed proofs will be in black and white. Once you receive the proof email, we encourage you to reply to our email as soon as possible. Your order will not be printed until we hear back from you regarding the proof. Your card’s noted processing time will begin after the final proof approval. If changes are needed on the proof, there is no fee to make the changes. However, if an additional proof is required, fees may apply from $5.00 - $20.00, depending on the manufacturer of the item. Please note that once you have approved your proof, any inconsistencies with the printed product will be your responsibility.

How soon will I receive my proof?
Proofs are typically emailed within 1-2 business days after the order is placed. Proofs for Stacy Claire Boyd items will be emailed within 2-3 business days after the order is placed. Orders must be received by 2:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time on a business day to be considered as an order for that day. Otherwise, the order will be considered ‘received’ on the following business day. Once you receive the proof email, we encourage you to reply to our email as soon as possible. Your order will not be printed until we hear back from you regarding the proof. Your card’s noted processing time will begin AFTER the final proof approval.

Will my invitation’s colors look exactly like the colors on my computer screen?
Every computer monitor displays colors differently. Something pink on one computer could look red on another. The best way to figure out the color of the card is to read the online description of the card as well as to order a physical sample before you place your order.

What is a digital photo?
A digital photo is one that is printed onto your card as part of your invitation, greeting card, announcement, etc. You will email your photo to us, and we will print it directly onto the card for you.

How do I send you my digital photo?
During the order preview process, you will have a chance to upload your photo(s), crop, resize and adjust your photo color. Once you hit “save and continue”, your photo will be saved in our system and submitted with your order. If you have not uploaded your photo during the online preview process, you may still submit your photo after order placement. After placing your digital photo card order, you will immediately receive an emailed order confirmation. Simply reply to this confirmation and attach your photograph to the email. The photo will need to be set at a minimum resolution of 300 DPI (dots per inch), and in a .JPEG file. Please send us the original, unedited file of the photo. We will crop the photo to fit and we will convert the photo to black and white or sepia for you if you requested it on the order.

How do I obtain a high resolution photo?
If using a physical photograph, set the resolution on your scanner to the highest resolution setting possible before scanning in your photograph. If taking a picture with a digital camera, you will need to change your resolution settings before taking the photo. Put your settings to the highest resolution, and then take your photograph.

Can I pre-order my birth announcements and have my envelopes shipped in advance?
Yes. The advantage is that you will have taken care of the shopping, ordering and maybe even your envelope addressing before you have your hands full with your new baby.

Choose the birth announcement design you like and order it. When prompted to enter the text, just skip down to the special instructions box and note “Pre-order birth announcements” and the expected due date. Once your baby arrives, please send an email to customerservice@invitationbox.com or respond to the original order confirmation email with the text you would like printed on the card. For those items where the pre-shipment of the envelopes is available, you will be asked whether you want them pre-shipped to you for a fee of $13.95.

If you don’t know the gender but would still like to pre-order your birth announcements and have the envelopes pre-shipped, just choose one girl and boy announcement that are the same size. In addition to noting “Pre-order birth announcements” and the expected due date, include the name and item number of the corresponding design you are interested in. Once your baby arrives, please send an email or respond to the original order confirmation email with the text you would like printed and which card we should use.

Please note: If you do not return and order the birth announcements, you will be charged a cancellation fee of $25.00 - $50.00 in addition to the pre-ship envelope fee of $13.95.

The sample shown has more lines of text than I am allowed to enter. How do I enter additional lines?
When entering your text, you can simply input it without leaving spaces for blank lines. Our typesetting team will adjust the text to best fit the design including adding space between different sections of text. If you still need additional lines, you can enter them in the "Special Instructions" box at the bottom of the item page. Please note that due to the size of some cards, additional lines may not fit.

Does my stationery, announcement or invitation include envelopes?
All of our invitations, announcements and stationery include envelopes unless it specifically states that it does not in the item's description. Items such as postcards, stickers, some calling cards and some notepads will not include envelopes. Please check the description of your item to verify this information.

Which internet browsers does InvitationBox.com support?
At this time, the InvitationBox.com site is optimized for use in Microsoft Internet Explorer and Firefox for PC and for Firefox on Macs. Unfortunately, if you are using the Safari browser on your Mac, you may have some trouble checking out, and we recommend using the Firefox browser, which can be downloaded for free by clicking here.

How do I reorder?
To place a reorder, log back onto www.invitationbox.com, select the card that you would like, and select the quantity you wish to re-order.

In the first text box, you will notate ** REPRINT OF ORDER # __________**

Once this is complete, just add to your cart and proceed to checkout. If any adjustments or changes need to be made, please note them in your special instructions. Please make sure you select the shipping method that best suits your needs.

Does my item need extra postage?
All square envelopes and some additional size envelopes will require extra postage due to the size and shape of the card. We try our best to note in the description of each item if an envelope with the invitation in it will require extra postage, and the majority of the invitations we sell require standard postage. Please remember that any additional enhancements added to the card or envelope besides the invitation as it's shown can affect postal charges, (i.e. rhinestones, RSVP cards, directions cards, reception cards, etc.). If you are unsure of the weight/size of your envelope, contact your local post office before mailing.

Is there any printing on the backside of the card?
Yes, almost every design on our site has some kind of printing on the back of the card. The printing could be as basic as the logo or name of the card manufacturer, the manufacturer's website and/or the InvitationBox.com domain name. To protect InvitationBox.com and it's brands from having the cards reprinted and distributed, InvitationBox.com and it's manufacturers reserve the right to include any or all of this information.

In addition to this branding information, the backside of the card could also have a design that complements the design on the front of the card.

Why is the item I ordered branded?
We are required by our vendors to include branding on all designs. These logos can not be removed from designs or altered in any way. The branding shown on a design may differ from how it is depicted in the sample image and may not be shown on a sample image. Branding format and logos are subject to change as per the vendors instructions; this includes but is not limited to changes in the size, color and design of the branding on a design.

Can I have printing on the backside of my invitation or inside my note card?
Yes, some designs allow for double sided printing. Please contact us and let us know which item you are interested in and we’ll let you know if it’s possible and the fee for this.

Can I have my logo printed on my invitation?
Yes, some designs will allow for a logo to be printed on the invitation. Please contact us and let us know which item you are interested in and we’ll let you know if it’s possible and the fee for this.

Frequently Asked Questions – Shipping

Do you ship outside of the United States?
We currently only ship domestically. To view shipping rates, click here.

Can I change my ship-to address?
We will be happy to change your shipping address as long as your order has not yet been shipped. However, if your order has shipped, and UPS must correct the address in order to deliver the order, you will be charged the UPS address correction fee, which can range from $10.00 - $20.00 depending on the shipping method chosen.

What shipping methods do you offer?
We ship UPS when available and offer Next Day Air, Second Day Air and Ground services.

Frequently Asked Questions – Billing

What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card and American Express credit cards.

When is my credit card charged?
Your credit card is automatically charged at the time you place your order.

Where can I redeem my daily deal coupons (including deals on Groupon, Zulily and Amazon Local)?
If you purchase a coupon for InvitationBox.com from one of our daily deal partners, they can only be redeemed on the main InvitationBox.com site. These codes are not usable on sites run by third parties, including the Birchcraft Holiday, Birchcraft Wedding and Special Event Ticketing sites. The deals are specific to the InvitationBox.com domain and shopping cart only.

Do you charge sales tax?
We are required to collect sales tax in states that we have offices or operations in. Due to this, we collect sales tax in the following US states: California, Connecticut, Kentucky, Nevada, North Carolina and Washington. No sales tax will be charged to orders shipped to the other 44 states.