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Formal Versus Casual Party Invitation Etiquette

Formal Party Invitations
Formal events should closely relate to a wedding invitation. All dates, times, names and locations should be fully spelled out. Also, hosts should be mentioned as those throwing the formal event and language should reflect the occasion.

Casual Party Invitations
Informal events allow for creativity, such as: a lingerie bridal shower with a rhyme or your child’s fourth birthday party. Having fun with the invitations of these types of events can really set the tone for a fabulous party, and get your guests excited for your event.  Be sure to choose an invitation that coincides with your party theme.

Reply Cards
Your reply card should be written in the same format as your event invitation, in regard to formality and use of abbreviations.

Your reply card should include:


request to reply
reply-by date
a line for customer to write their name
options for accepting or declining the invitation
optional: meal choices




The favour of a reply is requested
before the fifth of June

____accepts with pleasure
____declines with regret



*Notice – if “honour” is used on the invitation, “favour” should thus be used on the reply card.  The same goes for the event date.  The year is not necessary on the reply card, as it was given on the invitation, and is thus implied on the reply card.  The “M” on the “M______________” line indicates Mr. or Mrs.

Please reply by June 5th

____will attend
____will not attend