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Floral Party Invitations and Flower Invitations

Charm your guests with our personalized floral party invitations and customizable flower-themed invites from Invitation Box. These beautiful cards with your choice of daisies, roses, lilies, tropical flowers or blossoms and grape vines can be personalized with your words and photographs. We have single-flower floral invitations to personalize and multiple-flower invitation cards in pastel or bold colors. Choose classic or contemporary designs from our budget-priced personal flower-themed party invitations collection. Add your personal words to an invitation decorated with garden blooms or tropical flowers for a wedding, bridal shower, birthday, summer party or other special occasion.

Pink Garden
Delightful Daisy
Autumn Mums
Purple Garden
Bright Daisy
Daisy Cake
Sunshine Sunflowers
Springtime Garden
Pink and Purple Flowers Bridal Shower
Vining Love Pink
Pink Tulip Bridal Shower
Potted Hydrangea
Bright Couture Party Dress
Green Floral
White Flowers
Black and White Save the Date
Pretty Topiaries
Watercolor White Flower Bridal Shower
Indigo Floral
Red Tole Planter
Faux-tuny Moss
Persimmons & Kumquats
Flowering Fruit
Peony Garden
Tissue Petals
Pretty Pink Flowers
French Peony Red
Coral Daisy
Lilly Flower
Floral Extravaganza Pink & Green
Watercolor Pink Flowers Bridal Shower
Floral Corners Yellow
Hydrangeas on Silver Tray
Hydrangea Invitation
Tall Twilight Garden Invitation
Brilliant Blossoms Invitation
Sunflower Border
Daisy Flower
Spray Invitation
Twilight Garden Invitation
Floral Assortment Invitation
Mod Panel Invitation
Watercolor Hydrangea
Flora Black
Flora Grape
Moon Bloom
Shimmering Leaves
Vining Love Green
Vining Love Aqua
Palms of the Tropics
Colorful Flowers
Potted Plants
Nouvelle Rose
St. Charles Bouquet
Snow Flower
Groovy Fun Flowers Pink with Brown Bow
Vintage Pink Botanicals with Brown Bow
Vintage Blue Botanicals with Brown Bow
Contemporary Pink Botanicals with White Bow
Contemporary Aqua Botanicals with White Bow
Flower Power Pink with White Bow
Flower Power Green with White Bow
Flower Power Orange with White Bow
Sunflower Setting
Harlequin Roses
Pretty In Pink Party Invitation
Flourished Color Block - Black & Red
Black and White Floral Pattern
Blue Flowers on Brown
Spring Mix
Darling Damask Punch
Pink Floral Bliss
Poppy Corners
Tropical Flowers
Luxe Mix Pink
Woodcut Seafoam Invite
Cherry Blossoms
Simple Black Flourish Layered Invitation
Spanish Crewel
Fuchsia & Flowers
Fall Franca
Luxe Mix
Peony Vine
Calla Lilies
Spring Cherry
Lush Purple
Black Dogwood Flourish Invitation
Orange Daisy
Flame Dot
Floral Silhouette
Haute Flower
Floral Gems
Woodcut Sand Invite
Mixers Green
Green Dandelion Invitation
Black Dogwood Flourish Layered Invitation
Bouquet Plum Invite
Tufted Frame
Corner Scroll Black Layered Invitation
Woodcut Ballerina Pink Invite
Blue Dandelion Invitation
Asian Fusion Red Flourish Layered Invitation
Daisy Place Card
Bouquet Tradewinds Invite
Bouquet Rouge
Vellum Acanthus Red/Black - Black
Flourish of Champagne
Bouquet Noir
Flourished Color Block - Green & Brown
Vellum Peacocks & Pansies Brown - Aqua Ribbon
Vellum Acanthus Brown/Aqua - Mocha Ribbon
Vellum Dandelions - Turquoise Ribbon
Woodcut Border Sage Response Card
Woodcut Border Rouge Response Card
Woodcut Border Rouge with Ribbon
Bouquet Ice
Woodcut Border Sage with Ribbon
Bouquet Earth
Little Sprout with Pink Scallops Announcement
Pale Blue Flowers
White Floral on Blue
Garden Birthday
Shasta Daisy
Luxe Cream
Black and White Floral Save the Date
Mums & Apples
Oak Leaf Floral
Green Pot
Chocolate & Blue Tropical Pattern
Bouquet Lullaby Invite
Meadow Flowers Warm Invite
Flower Power Green with Sublime Bow
Contemporary Pink Botanicals with Silver Bow
Contemporary Aqua Botanicals with Silver Bow
Contemporary Pink Botanicals with Brown Bow on Quartz
Contemporary Aqua Botanicals with Brown Bow on Quartz
Vintage Pink Botanicals with Brown Bow on Quartz
Vintage Blue Botanicals with Brown Bow on Quartz
Contemporary Pink Botanicals with Silver Bow on Quartz
Contemporary Aqua Botanicals with Silver Bow on Quartz
Floral Extravaganza Chocolate with Blue & Green
Floral Extravaganza Blue & Green
Floral Corners Chocolate with Blue
Floral Corners Blue
Floral Corners Chocolate with Pink
Floral Corners Pink
Floral Corners Green
Orange Flower
Pink Flower
Light Orange Flower
Couture Pink Party Dress
Couture Chevron Party Dress

We have pretty Pink Garden invitations by Bonnie Marcus & Co. with flowers in orange, pink, yellow and red for your next garden party, bridal shower or anniversary celebration. We have floral birthday invitations and Daisy Cake invitations by VG Designs for a bridal shower. A three-tiered wedding cake on this customizable flower-themed invitation is covered in dainty white and yellow daisies. Shop our Groovy Fun Flowers line of personalized invitation cards by IB Designs. These are pocket-style invitations with satin bows. The invitation card with a shimmering white background slides into the flower-covered pocket. It's a favorite choice for Sweet 16 birthday parties, summer picnics, brunch invites and other occasions.

Our online tools make it easy to customize your invitations with your own words, your choice of fonts and text size and how you choose to place the words on the card. Order 10 cards or 2,500 cards (or more; just call us). View our sample cards and sample font styles. Use our "grammar advice guides and how-to videos. Visit our Invitation Etiquette tips page for every occasion. With our low-price guarantee, you can stay on budget. With our fast turnaround, you can stay on schedule. If you have questions, contact our friendly, knowledgeable staff.