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Etiquette for Wedding Thank You Notes

After your big day and the honeymoon of a lifetime, you come home, unpack and then realize you have over a hundred thank you notes to write after all of the generous gifts your guests gave you at your wedding reception! It can feel like an overwhelming task at first, however you now have the help of your husband or wife, and you’ll have it done in no time!

Your wedding thank you notes should be sent out approximately 3-6 weeks after your wedding. Remember that sending a thank you note out late is better than not sending one out at all! Nobody wants anyone to think you’re an ungrateful new couple! Remember that you have your wedding address list, which will come in handy when writing addresses for your thank you’s.

Helpful Tips for Writing Your Wedding Thank You Notes

  • Set up a writing area for yourself. If you do most of your reading or writing at your desk, kitchen table or in your bedroom, do it there. It's necessary that you have a quiet space away from distractions; this way you'll be more focused and less likely to make errors.

  • When deciding which wedding stationery is right for you, consider a wedding thank you note that shows off your new married name. Remember that the thank you notes should come from both the new husband and wife, thus you’ll want to choose wedding stationery that matches your style together.

  • Use quality pens. Pen leaks and globs of ink can look tacky and ruin pretty stationery. Invest in some nice pens, in blue or black, for a better writing experience.

  • If you're waiting until after the honeymoon to start writing, don’t wait too long. The earlier you begin, the fresher the gifts will be in your mind.

  • Make sure when you're opening each gift, you clearly state what the gift is – brand, size, color, etc. You will likely be receiving many types of one thing so when you write your note, make sure it's as personal as possible.

  • If you received money as a gift, let them know how you’re using it! Even if you tell them it's going to home improvements or part of a larger project, they'll feel happy knowing they helped contribute.

Writing Your Wedding Thank You Notes

When writing your wedding thank you notes, be sure to include details about the gift given, how you are using the gift and possibly a note about your relationship with the guest or a special moment about your wedding reception.


Dear Rebecca & Chad,

Thank you so much for celebrating our special day and for your generous gift! The red mixer goes perfect in our retro themed kitchen, (how’d you know??)! We’re going to gain 5 pounds from all the amazing sweet’s we’re making with it! Thanks for helping us get everyone on the dance floor with your amazing dance moves…we knew we could count on you!

Kate & Bill – The new Mr. & Mrs.