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Etiquette for Stationery

Today we live in a ‘need it now’ society where a simple text, email or phone call has taken the place of a proper handwritten note. Think of the last time you received a handwritten note from a friend or relative, and how special it made you feel, knowing that the sender took time out of their schedule to sit down and write to you. When was the last time you expressed your thanks or gratitude to someone with a handwritten note? Having your own personal stationery used to be a staple for every household. With the growing popularity of email, texting and instant messaging, the traditional hand written note is becoming less common, but we feel a revolution coming on. In this day and age of hectic schedules, a hand written note shows the recipient that you care enough about them to take a moment to personally communicate your thoughts to them. Make a statement about yourself and express your thoughts with your own personal stationery.

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