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The Art of the Thank You Card

These days, sitting down and taking the time to craft a hand-written note says a lot. In this era of email, text messaging and social media, sending a thank you card shows the level of appreciation you feel and also shows that you have excellent manners!

Expressing your thanks through a thank you note is the norm for gifts that youíve received, but they are also perfect for showing appreciation for something extraordinary that was done. For example, if someone threw a party and you really enjoyed yourself, shoot them a quick thank you note that expresses your style and appreciation. It will not only brighten the recipientís day, but it will also paint you as the perfectly proper friend.

Tips for Writing a Thank You Note

  • Choose a personalized thank you note that reflects your personal style or the event you hosted. Since the thank you note is carefully hand-written from you, youíll want it to express your personality.

  • Begin your thank you note by using a statement of thanks to the recipient.

  • In the body of your thank you note, express your thanks for the gift or gesture given and tell a little bit about your experience with the gift, how you are using it, etc.

  • In the closing, note something special about your relationship with the person you are writing to, concluding with a message as special as the gift given.


Dear Jane,

I canít believe it had been four years since we had seen each other! Thank you so much for stopping in North Carolina on your way to Georgia! I think the kids had almost as much fun as we did! Thank you so much for the beautiful plant you gave us! Casey and I planted it out by our mailbox last week and she has taken great joy in watering it every day before school. I hope you had a great trip and letís hope we wonít put another four years between us again before getting together!

Much Love,