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Etiquette for Graduation Thank You Notes

Every gift you receive deserves a heartfelt hand written thank you note, no matter what the reason it is for receiving the gift. In the current technology-infused society we live in, it may seem appropriate to simply call, text or email someone to thank them for their gift or gesture, however to truly express your appreciation for a gift, a hand written note is most appropriate.

During the days and weeks after your graduation commencement, you are likely to receive a plethora of gifts and monetary donations to help you celebrate your many accomplishments. Express your gratitude by sending a hand written thank you note to the gift-giver. Under no circumstances should you send a pre-printed thank you note to the gift-giver, as this is considered to be in poor taste. Your graduation thank you notes should be sent out within one month of receipt of the gift, however, "better late than never" is appropriate if you are outside of the one month guideline. Expressing your thanks is most appropriate to let the person know of your gratitude, as well as showcase your mature nature as you walk forward into the next chapter of life.

Choose a graduation thank you note that will most reflect your own unique personality. Choose a fun graduation design that coordinates with your graduation party invitation or announcement, or one that shows your new status as a newly graduated student heading into the corporate world. Choose personalized graduation stationery which features your name, school colors or your monogrammed initials on the front, and hand write your thank you note on the inside. If you have large hand writing, you may want to consider a flat graduation notecard which allows for a larger writing area.

How to Compose the Perfect Graduation Thank You Note

-Address the gift giver
Dear Mrs. Nichols,

As your graduation is such a respectful and dignified occasion, use the most formal addressing when beginning your thank you note. Precede the person's name with "Dear" to show respect.

-Express gratitude for the gift or gesture
Thank you so much for attending my graduation ceremony and the dinner celebration afterward. It was so great to see you and reminisce about my childhood years with your son. Your kind gift was most generous, and will greatly help me as I move to North Carolina next year to continue my education at Duke University.

When expressing your gratitude, try to include a personal note to the recipient about your experience with them, as well as directly mention the gift that was generously given to you. If you received a monetary gift, you may want to inform your recipient as to what you used it for.

-Thank your recipient again and close your thank you note
Thank you again for the special gift!
Best regards,
Jeff Smith

Close your thank you note by thanking your recipient again and then signing your name below your regards, bet it "Best regards", "Sincerely" or "Warm regards".