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Etiquette for Gift Requests

Should registry information be listed on your invitations? Traditional etiquette dictates that registry information should be spread by word of mouth only and that it should never be printed or included with your invitations. The thought behind this is that you are inviting people to your party to celebrate the event, not to solicit for gifts.

While this is a good sentiment, in modern times it is just not practical. And likely you cannot remember a time that you attend a shower, birthday party or wedding without a gift in hand. In today’s modern times, it has since become acceptable to include registry information on your baby or bridal shower invitations, an insert card included with the invitation or even your wedding website. However, registry or gift information should NEVER be listed on a wedding invitation, under any circumstances.
Quick Tip – Asking for Monetary Gifts
It is in poor taste to request specific gifts from a guest (i.e. cash, checks, gift cards, etc.). If this is your preference you should not include any information about gifts or registry on your invitation and instead, have your family/attendees spread your gift requests by word of mouth only.

Quick Tip – Requesting 'no gifts'
The best way to ask for no gifts is to put "no gifts, please" in a small font in the bottom corner of your invitation. You can also state this by writing "please make the gift of your presence your only gift to us" or "your presence is you’re the only gift requested".