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Etiquette for Baby Shower Thank You Notes

Even though you've likely thanked everyone in person and opened the gifts in front of the gift-givers, it is still important to send a hand-written thank you note to the guests who bought gifts for you and your baby. If some guests have attended the event, but did not bring gifts, thank them verbally. It is also appropriate to send a note of thanks, as well as a small gift, to the host of the baby shower, to show appreciation for the host's efforts in organizing the event and inviting guests.

It is best to specifically talk about the gift that was received in the thank you note. Notes should say things like, "Thank you so much for the stroller. I'm sure the baby and I will enjoy taking walks with it!" or "The set of blankets you purchased for the baby are beautiful. I can't wait to rock him/her to sleep in them.” The mother might also want to include words about the gift giver’s relationship with the mother or their very close friendship.

Baby shower thank you notes should be sent out as soon as possible after your baby shower, preferably before the birth of the baby. If the expectant mother has not yet sent the notes to shower guests before she delivers her baby, it is acceptable to give out thank you notes up to two months after the baby is born.