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Embossed Graphics Napkins & Guest Towels

Impress your party guests with Embossed Graphic’s customizable napkins and guest towels that will assist you in decorating any event with class and style. Choose from monogrammed initials, your honoree’s name, party or wedding date – whatever you can think of – to be embossed or foil stamped upon the napkin or guest towel.

Gold Flourish Entertaining Ensemble
Silver Flourish Entertaining Ensemble
Pearl Brittany Guest Towel
Tint Serenity Guest Towel
Pearl Embossed Brittany Napkin
Tint Embossed Serenity Napkin
Gold Flourish Coasters
Gold Flourish Napkins
Gold Flourish Guest Towels
Silver Flourish Coasters
Silver Flourish Napkins
Silver Flourish Guest Towels
Embossed Paris Monogram Napkin
Embossed Paris Monogram Guest Towel
Embossed Elise Monogram Napkin
Embossed Elise Monogram Guest Towel
Pearl Monogram Napkin
Pearl Monogram Guest Towel
Pearl Serenity Guest Towel
Pearl Serenity Napkin
Tint Monogram Napkin
Tint Monogram Guest Towel
Tint Brittany Guest Towel
Tint Brittany Napkin
Foil Classic Monogram Napkin
Foil Classic Monogram Guest Towel
Foil Paris Monogram Guest Towel
Foil Paris Monogram Napkin
Foil Serenity Napkin
Foil Serenity Guest Towel
Foil Initial & Name Guest Towel
Foil Initial & Name Napkin
Foil Brittany Napkin
Foil Brittany Guest Towel
Foil Elise Monogram Guest Towel
Foil Elise Monogram Napkin
Monogram Napkin
Monogram Guest Towel
Strasbourg Guest Towel
Strasbourg Napkin
Whitlock Monogram Napkin
Whitlock Monogram Guest Towel
Estate Guest Towel
Estate Napkin
Granada Napkin
Granada Guest Towel
Brittany Guest Towel
Brittany Napkin
Initial Event Napkin
Executive Monogram Foil Stamped Napkins
Romance Monogram Foil Stamped Napkins
Monogram Foil Stamped Napkins
Circle Monogram Foil Stamped Napkins
Tribute Foil Stamped Napkins
Our Special Day Foil Stamped Napkins
Cupid Foil Stamped Napkins
Anniversary Foil Stamped Napkins
Name Year Anniversary Foil Stamped Napkins
25 Years Foil Stamped Napkins
Foil Stamped Family Napkins
One Line Foil Stamped Napkins
One Line Foil Stamped Napkins
Beach Chair Foil Stamped Napkins
Trajan Foil Stamped Napkins
Family Foil Stamped Napkins
Birthday Cake Foil Stamped Napkins
Frog Foil Stamped Napkins
Balloons Foil Stamped Napkins
Train Foil Stamped Napkins
Napkin Holder
Guest Towel Holder