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Checkerboard Soiree Album of Invitations

Classy. Fabulous. Stylish. Totally you! The Soiree Collection of invitations by Checkerboard is the perfect collection of contemporary invitations to set the bar high for your next party. Whether you’re planning a swanky cocktail party or a formal corporate event, this stylish collection will have your guests ready for a night of elegance and fun.

After Dark Invitation
After Dark PARTY Invitation
Be There Square Party Invitation
Brevado Invitation
Cheerio! Reception Card
Cheerio! Informal Note
Cheerio! Invitation
Cheerio! Reply Card
Cherries with a Twist Invitation
Cherries with a Twist Reception Card
Cherries with a Twist Informal Note
Cherries with a Twist Reply Card
Clink Invitation
Cocktails Invitation
Cocktails Reply Card
Cocktails Reception Card
Cocktails Informal Note
Copper Admission Ticket
Cream A Size Directions Card
Cream Calling Card
Cream Menu
Cream Reception Card
Cream Respond Set
Cream Thank You note
Eclipse Reception Card
Eclipse Informal Note
Eclipse Invitation
Eclipse Reply Card
Encircle Reception Card
Encircle Informal Note
Encircle Invitation
Encircle Reply Card
Flair Invitation
Garnished Invitation
Garnished Reply Card
Garnished Reception Card
Garnished Informal Note
Gold Sash Invitation
Grand Invitation
Let's Celebrate Invitation
Lustre Invitation
Lustre Reply Card
Lustre Reception Card
Lustre Informal Note
Mix & Mingle Informal Note
Mix & Mingle Invitation
Mix & Mingle Reply Card
Mix & Mingle Reception Card
Mod Invitation
Mod Reply Card
Mod Reception Card
Mod Informal Note
Mode Invitation
Mode Reply Card
Mode Reception Card
Mode Informal Note
Nouveau Invitation
Olives with a Twist Invitation
Olives with a Twist Reply Card
Olives with a Twist Reception Card
Olives with a Twist Informal Note
Pomp Invitation
Radiant Invitation
Radiant Invitation with Swarovski™ Crystal
Resonate Invitation
Savvy Invitation
Silken Invitation
Silver Admission Invitation
Silver Admission Calling Card
Silver Admission Calling Card with Envelope
Silver Sash Invitation
Silver Sash Reply Card
Silver Sash Reception Card
Silver Sash Informal Note
Sparkle on Bronze Invitation
Sparkle on Pearl Invitation
Sparkle on Pearl Reception Card
Sparkle on Pearl Informal Note
Sparkle on Pearl Reply Card
Swank Invitation
Swank Reply Card
Swank Reception Card
White Table Card
Ivory Table Card
Tailored Invitation
Tango Reception Card
Tango Informal Note
Tango Invitation
Tango Reply Card
Tipsy Reception Card
Tipsy Informal Note
Tipsy Invitation
Tipsy Reply Card
Très Chic Invitation
Très Chic Reply Card
Très Chic Reception Card
Très Chic Informal Note
Trimmed Reception Card
Trimmed Informal Note
Trimmed Invitation
Trimmed Reply Card
Verve Reply Card
Verve Reception Card
Verve Informal Note
Vine Invitation
Vogue Invitation
Vogue Reply Card
Vogue Reception Card
Vogue Informal Note
White Directions Card
White Calling Card
White Menu Card
White Reception Card
White Respond Set
White Thank You Note
The tone for your party is set the moment your guests open their invitation envelopes. Set the scene for your next event as a classy, swanky and contemporary affair that your guests won’t want to miss. The soiree collection of modern party invitations features pockets invitations, ribbon invitations, wrap invitations and layered invitations in the most unique styles and color combinations. This collection of swanky invitations is perfect for those searching for the perfect corporate party invitations, sweet 16 party invitations, cocktail party invitations or adult birthday party invitations.