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Checkerboard Social Butterfly Album of Invitations

Corporate party Sunday night, niece’s birthday Wednesday night and a cocktail party on Friday night – way to go, social butterfly! The Social Butterfly Collection of invitations by Checkerboard features invitations for all of life’s fun parties from kid milestones to adults! This contemporary collection of invitations features wedding invitation ensembles, sweet 16 party invitations, summer party invitations, cocktail party invitations, corporate invitations, kid party invitations and more.

Admission Ticket Black Party Invitation
Admission Ticket Ivory Party Invitation
Admission Ticket Grenadine Party Invitation
Admission Ticket Silver Party Invitation
Admission Ticket Reply Card
Admission Ticket Calling Card
Admission Ticket Reception Card
Admission Ticket Informal Note
Admission Ticket Calling Card with Envelopes
Admission Ticket Coronado Party Invitation
VIP Pass Invitation
VIP Pass Reply Card
VIP Pass Reception Card
VIP Pass Invitation
VIP Pass Informal Note
Arabesque Photo Card
Arabesque Reply Card
Arabesque Reception Card
Arabesque Informal Note
Lime Slice Invitation
Basque Pocket Invitation
Big Kahuna Party Invitation
Big Kahuna Reply Card
Big Kahuna Flower Place Card
Big Kahuna Reception Card
Big Kahuna Informal Note
Black Tie Layered Invitation
Bottle o' Red Cellophane Invitation
Bottle o' Red Invitation
Bottle o' Red Ribbon Invitation
Bundle of Blossoms Cellophane Invitation
Bundle of Blossoms Table Card
Bundle of Blossoms Invitation
Celestial Celebration Party Invitation
Celestial Celebration Reply Card
Celestial Celebration Reception Card
Celestial Celebration Informal Note
Champagne on Ice Invitation
Champagne on Ice Bucket Invitation
Champagne on Ice Informal Note
Champagne on Ice Reception Card
Champagne on Ice Reply Card
Chandelier with Crystal Invitation
Chandelier Invitation
Claret Invitation
Claret Reply Card
Claret Reception Card
Claret Informal Note
Confidential Invitation
Cotillion Invitation
Cotillion Reply Card
Cotillion Reception Card
Cotillion Informal Note
Create a Stir Invitation
Create a Stir Reply Card
Create a Stir Reception Card
Dine with Us Invitation
Dine with Us Table Card
Dine with Us Menu Card
Eloquence Photo Save the Date Card - Horizontal
Eloquence Photo Save the Date Card - Vertical
Festivity Bat Mitzvah Invitation
Finalé Graduation Invitation
Glory Invitation
Glory Table Card
Glory Reply Card
Glory Reception Card
Glory Informal Note
Graduation Tassel Invitation
Graduation Tassel Informal Note
Graduation Tassel Reception Card
Graduation Tassel Reply Card
In the Pink Invitation
In the Pink Informal Note with Crystal
In the Pink Informal Note
Kick up your heels Invitation
Morning Garden with Ribbon Invitation
Now Serving Margarita Invitation
Now Serving Place Card
Now Serving Glass Invitation
Now Serving Martini Invitation
Now Serving Beer Bottle Invitation
Prestige Invitation
Proposal to Celebrate Ivory Invitation
Proposal to Celebrate Informal Note
Proposal to Celebrate Reply Card
Proposal to Celebrate Reception Card
Proposal to Celebrate White Invitation
Pull up a Chair Invitation
Pull up a Chair Reply Card
Pull up a Chair Reception Card
Pull up a Chair Informal Note
Red Carpet Invitation
Red Carpet Reply Card
Red Carpet Reception Card
Red Carpet Informal Note
Satin Noir Invitation
Satin Noir Reply Card
Satin Noir Reception Card
Satin Noir Informal Note
Shake It Up! Invitation
Shake It Up! Place Card
Shaken Not Stirred Invitation
Shh! Invitation
Sparkling Spirits Invitation
Sweet 16 Invitation
Sweet 16 Reply Card
Sweet 16 Reception Card
Sweet 16 Informal Note
Three Cheers Invitation
Tiara Invitation with Crystal
Tiara Invitation
Toast of the Town Invitation
Twilight Garden Invitation with Crystal
Twilight Garden Invitation
Twilight Garden Informal Note with Crystal
Twilight Garden Informal Note
Under Wraps Invitation
Wild Rose Invitation
Wild Rose Reply Card
Wild Rose Reception Card
Wild Rose Informal Note
Ballet Direction
Ballet Calling Card
Ballet Calling Card With Envelopes
Ballet Informal Card
Ballet Menu
Ballet Reception Card
Ballet Reply Card
Ballet Table Card
Ivory Directions Card
Ivory Calling Card
Ivory Calling Card Set with Ivory Envelopes
Ivory Informal Set with Ivory Envelopes
Ivory Menu Card
Ivory Reception Card
Ivory Table Card
Lagoon Aqua Shimmer Directions Card
Lagoon Aqua Shimmer Calling Card
Lagoon Aqua Shimmer Calling Card With Envelopes
Lagoon Aqua Shimmer Informal Note
Lagoon Aqua Shimmer Menu
Lagoon Aqua Shimmer Reception Card
Lagoon Aqua Shimmer Respond Set
Lagoon Aqua Shimmer Table Card
Pearl Directions Card
Pearl Calling Card
Pearl Calling Card with Ivory Envelopes
Pearl Informal Note
Pearl Menu Card
Pearl Reception Card
Pearl Respond Set
Pearl Table Card
Rainforest Directions Card
Rainforest Calling Card
Rainforest Calling Card With Envelopes
Rainforest Informal Note
Rainforest Menu Card
Rainforest Reception Card
Rainforest Reply Card
Rainforest Table Card
Thick White Directions Card
White Calling Card
White Calling Card with Envelopes
White Informal Note
White Thick Menu Card
White Reception Card
White Reply Card
Thick White Table Card
So many parties, so little time! Being a social butterfly, you have so many parties to attend, from your annual corporate gala to your child’s classroom parties, cocktail parties with the girls, your husband’s 40th and your parents anniversary. Life’s many milestones are truly captured in this fun Social Butterfly invitation collection from Checkerboard. This collection of modern invitations features unique designs for all of life’s great celebratory moments from kids party invitations to summer party invitations, cocktail party invitations, wine party invitations and more. Choose a traditional flat invitation with vibrant color or a unique die-cut or embellishment invitation that matches your party theme. Catch your breath, social butterfly, the perfect invitation for your next event awaits you!