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Checkerboard Paper Palette Album of Invitations

Sometimes white and ivory can be too simple! The Paper Palette Collection of invitations by Checkerboard features an abundance of designs all on vibrantly colored card stock. These contemporary invitations feature modern card stock and ink color combinations which set the scene for a themed motif that coordinates with your event. Choose from floral motifs, tropical scenes, kid themes, nautical themes, cocktail themes, kid designs, wine motifs and more.

Three Roses on Orange Invitation
Swash Graphic Invitation
Rose Stem Invitation
Field Flowers Invitation
Hydrangea Invitation
Monogram Invitation
Garden Bough Invitation
Hibiscus Invitation
Bamboo Invitation
Tall Twilight Garden Invitation
Brilliant Blossoms Invitation
Spray Invitation
Twilight Garden Invitation
Floral Vine Invitation
Circle Motif Invitation
Sandal Invitation
Flower Invitation
Half Flower Invitation
Floral Assortment Invitation
Scroll Design Invitation
Mod Panel Invitation
Arabesque Invitation
Center Flower Invitation
Dress Invitation
Wedding Cake Invitation
Flower Invitation
Two Hearts Invitation
Single Flower Invitation
Flower Stem Invitation
Cross Invitation
Teddy Bear Invitation
Tiara Invitation
Mom to Be Invitation
Handprint Invitation
Mermaid Invitation
Peapod Baby Invitation
Butterflies Invitation
Dinosaur Invitation
Plane Invitation
Caterpillar Invitation
Frog Invitation
Butterfly Invitation
Flower & Dots Invitation
Giraffe Invitation
Crocodile Invitation
Chick Invitation
Party Invitation
Floral Invitation
A Surprise Party Invitation
Cocktails Invitation
Martini Glass Invitation
Cocktails Invitation
Birthday Cake Invitation
Wine Glasses Invitation
Glass Bottles Invitation
Dinner Setting Invitation
Female Graduation Invitation
Male Graduation Invitation
Graduation Cap Invitation
Large Key Invitation
Moving Box Invitation
Nest w/ Boxes Invitation
Small Anchor Invitation
Anchor With Ropes Invitation
Sailboat Invitation
Tiki Glasses Invitation
Small Shell Invitation
Assorted Shells Invitation
Margarita With Lime Invitation
Palm Tree Invitation
Tropical Drink Invitation
Palms Invitation
Lime Slices Invitation
Standing Palm Tree Invitation
Crab Invitation
Umbrella Invitation
Surf Boards Invitation
York Terrier Invitation
Miniature Dachshund Invitation
Boxer Invitation
Cowboy Hat Invitation
Guitar Invitation
Shamrock Invitation
Zebra Design Invitation
Musical Instruments Invitation
Tis the Season to be Jolly Invitation
Pine Cone Invitation
Reindeer Invitation
Season's Greetings Invitation
Menorah Invitation
Silver Tree Invitation
Klezmers Invitation
King of Diamonds Invitation
Bull Invitation
Dragon Invitation
Torah Invitation
Large Butterflies Invitation
Scroll Invitation
Tree Invitation
Tallit Invitation
Say it with a splash of color! The Paper Palette Collection of Invitations by Checkerboard features contemporary party invitations with a multitude of designs. Each design is printed on a colorful card stock choice including aqua, pink, orange, blue, brown, purple, green and ivory. Choose a vibrant card stock with a colorful motif to accent your party theme including cocktails, kid designs, floral patterns, sports, wedding themes, or nautical motifs. This vibrant collection is perfect for chic and stylish bridal shower invitations, cocktail party invitations, corporate party invitations, kids party invitations and more.