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Checkerboard Blue Moon Album of Invitations

It’s your big day. There’s no reason you shouldn’t be walking down the aisle in style, and your invitation shouldn’t indicate anything less. The Blue Moon Collection of invitations by Checkerboard features contemporary style wedding invitations for a multitude of wedding or formal party themes. Choose from pocket, ribbon or layered card styles featuring tropical invitations, nautical invitations, seasonal invitations, wine invitations, regional invitations or more.

Ivory Accommodations Card
White Accommodations Card
Bamboo Informal Note
Bamboo Save the Date Card
Bamboo Reply Card
Bamboo Invitation
Bamboo Table Card
Bamboo Reception Card
Boarding Pass Save the Date Card
Coco de Mer Informal Note
Coco de Mer Reply Card
Coco de Mer Reception Card
Coco de Mer Welcome Card
Coco de Mer Invitation
Compass Invitation
Composure Invitation - Extra Pages
Composure Invitation
Coral Reception Card
Coral Informal Note
Coral Reply Card
Coral Invitation
White Directions Card
Ivory Directions Card
Dockside Table Card
Dockside Reception Card
Dockside Accommodations Card
Dockside Informal Note
Dockside Map Card
Dockside Reply Card
Dockside Invitation
White Tri-Fold Events Booklet
White Tri-Fold Events Booklet with Band
White Events Card
Ivory Events Card
Fete Informal Note
Fete Save the Date Card
Fete Reply Card
Fete Reception Card
Fete Schedule of Events Card
Fete Party Invitation
Finial Informal Note
Finial Reply Card
Finial Reception Card
Finial Party Invitation
Finial Place Card
Frond Informal Note
Frond Reply Card
Frond Table Card
Frond Reception Card
Frond Wedding Invitation
Gift Acknowledgement White
Gift Acknowledgement Ivory
Hibiscus Informal Note
Hibiscus Reply Card
Hibiscus Reception Card
Hibiscus Save the Date Card
Hibiscus Tropical Wedding Invitation
Hibiscus Place Card
White Informal Note
Ivory Informal Note
Simple White Invitation Card
Simple Ivory Invitation Card
Jet Set Save the Date Card
Luggage Tag Save the Date Card
White Menu Card
Ivory Menu Card
Monte Carlo Save the Date Card
Monte Carlo Layered Party Invitation
Nautilus Informal Note
Nautilus Reply Card
Nautilus Table Card
Nautilus Reception Card
Nautilus Wedding Invitation Ensemble
Oak Informal Note
Oak Reply Card
Oak Table Card
Oak Reception Card
Oak Menu Card
Oak Wedding Invitation
Opus Informal Note
Opus Reply Card
Opus Table Card
Opus Reception Card
Opus Menu Card
Opus Schedule of Events Card
Opus Wedding Invitation
Palmetto Reply Card
Palmetto Reception Card
Palmetto Extra Invitation Pages
Palmetto Invitation
Paragon Save the Date Card
Paragon Reply Card
Paragon Reception Card
Paragon Directions Card
Paragon Wedding Invitation
Paragon Wedding Invitation with Band
Passport Save the Date Card
Poplars Reply Card
Poplars Reception Card
Poplars Accommodations Card
Poplars Wedding Invitation
Classic White Reception Card
Classic Ivory Reception Card
Classic White Respond Card
Classic Ivory Respond Card
Seascape Reception Card
Seascape Accommodations Card
Seascape Informal Note
Seascape Reply Card
Seascape Wedding Invitation
Seaside Response Card
Seaside Reception Card
Seaside Wedding Invitation
Seaside Wedding Invitation with Vellum Band
Silhouette Reply Card
Silhouette Table Card
Silhouette Reception Card
Silhouette Welcome Card
Silhouette Wedding Invitation
Solstice Informal Note
Solstice Reply Card
Solstice Table Card
Solstice Reception Card
Solstice Wedding Invitation
Stylus Informal Note
Stylus Reply Card
Stylus Wedding Invitation
Stylus Table Card
Stylus Reception Card
Stylus Menu Card
Sylvan Informal Note
Sylvan Reply Card
Sylvan Reception Card
Sylvan Directions Card
Sylvan Wedding Invitation
Classic White Table Card
Classic Ivory Table Card
Classic White Thank You Card
Classic Ivory Thank You Card
Treasure Informal Note
Treasure Reply Card
Treasure Wedding Invitation
Treasure Table Card
Treasure Reception Card
Treasure Menu Card
Tropic Informal Note
Tropic Reply Card
Tropic Table Card
Tropic Reception Card
Tropic Directions Card
Tropic Menu Card
Tropic Wedding Invitation
Union Inside Pages
Union Wedding Invitation
Venture Inside Pages
Venture Wedding Invitation Ensemble
Vinery Informal Note
Vinery Reply Card
Vinery Table Card
Vinery Reception Card
Vinery Menu Card
Vinery Wedding Invitation
Wave Inside Pages
Wave Wedding Invitation
Classic White Tri-Fold Program
Classic White Tri-Fold Program with Band
Classic White Tall Program
Classic White Tall Program with Ribbon
Windfall Informal Note
Windfall Reply Card
Windfall Invitation
Windfall Reception Card
Windfall Place Card
Winter Informal Note
Winter Reply Card
Winter Reception Card
Winter Schedule of Events Card
Winter Wedding Invitation
Woodland Informal Note
Woodland Save the Date Card
Woodland Reply Card
Woodland Reception Card
Woodland Accommodations Card
Woodland Wedding Invitation
A party is only as special as the invitation that invites you to it! For those who like their invitations to be a reflection of the event ahead, this collection of contemporary style invitations is for you. The Blue Moon Collection of invitations by Checkerboard features formal party invitations, corporate party invitations and wedding invitations for some of life’s most important events. Choose a pocket invitation, a layered card ensemble or a die-cut themed invitation to set the scene for your upcoming event. Choose from a variety of unique themes including tropical invitations, casino invitations, summer party invitations, seasonal invitations and more.