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All About Calling Cards

In the 1800ís, the upper class used to visit their family members, friends and neighbors. At this time, everyone carried a stack of calling cards, or visiting cards, with them. Upon visiting, they left one with a servant in hopes for a visit.

In modern times, calling cards typically include the name, address, phone number, email or a combination of all of these. They often feature a monogram or design on them that reflect the personís personality.

Nowadays calling cards are just as important; albeit, for different reasons. They are perfect for giving out contact information to personal acquaintances (much better than business cards) and excellent for placing in gifts where you donít want to write a detailed card to go along with it. Theyíre small enough to carry in your purse, a shirt pocket or wallet, but large enough that they wonít get lost in the shuffle. Think of them as your very own personal business card!

Calling cards traditionally consisted of black writing on white or ecru paper, however now with all of the customization options out there, you can create one that really shows off what youíre all about - from font to color to monogram or mascot. You can even order calling cards that are two-fold, square (instead of the usual rectangle) and vertically printed to truly stand out.

Calling cards can make a lasting impression. We encourage you to go with your personal tastes and choose something that reflects your personal style and taste, and what you add on it is up to you!

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