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Bridal Shower Invitation Wording

Lingerie Shower
A shower for Megan is what itís all about
A chance to share with her
items she canít live without.
When all the gifts are given
and everyone has been fed,
the girls will celebrate in style
one more time before she is wed!
She's tossing out the cotton
and making room for all the lace-
If only we could be there
to see the look on Brianís face!!
The cake, the dress, the church and such...
All of this planning - it can be way too much!
Good friends, many laughs, & naughty lingerie...
A night of fun for Megan before her wedding day!
Sheís been showered with gifts,
every sort, every kind
But thereís still one area
thatís been left behind!
Please join us for a Lingerie Shower
Join us for food, dinner and drinks...
And bring something sexy, silky or pink!
As Meganís day draws near
Itís time for the hanes to disappear
Put the boxers and teeís away,
Letís give Brian a reason to play.
Could be leather, could be lace
choose something sassy
to please Meganís taste!
It can be frilly, it can be sweet
or it can be sexy
to knock Brian off his feet!
Cutesy, Lacy Lingerie
Letís shower
with a wide array!
Megan will be a Mrs. soon...
Letís shower her with
necessities for her honeymoon!
Flannel pajamas are Meganís night-time attire,
She needs a few things to help light the fire.
A lingerie shower will start her off right,
Letís outfit her for the honeymoon night!
Letís give Brian something to cheer about...
Itís a Lingerie Shower for the Bride-to-be
Garters, Corsets or Skimpy Nighties!
Robes or slippers for her feet,
Candles, lotion, a bubble bath treat,
Satin, silk and leather too,
For a Naughty or Nice Shower, any gift will do!
Sarah is the luckiest girl in town.
Sheís getting married to the best guy around.
Letís shower her with some special gifts...
Itís a bridal shower you wonít want to miss!

Around-the-Clock Bridal Shower
Tick, tock, tick, tock
Come to a party
That's "round the clock"
Help us give Aly
The "time of her life"
As she and Tony
Become husband and wife
So please bring a gift
To this Bridal Shower
That can be used
During your assigned hour!

Your time is ________
Their Love Goes Around the Clock!
It's a Bridal Shower for
Nicolette Carrington
Before Helen and Clay
head down the aisle
Let's help them set up
their house in style!

Please join us for an
Around the Clock Shower
Tick Tock, Tick Tock
Bring a Gift for the Time on the Clock!

Round the Clock Shower
Sara Bond
A shower we're giving
for the new husband and wife,
for the things they may need
as they begin their new life.

A 'Round the Clock Shower
to help them get set,
The clock shows the hour
for the gift you should get!

Kitchen/Recipe Shower
Let's shower Sarah, our bride,
A perfect kitchen we hope to provide.
Add your favorite recipe for her file,
We'll outfit Jay and Sarahís kitchen in style!
Pots, pans, bowls, and dishes
Let's shower Will and Jackie
with their kitchen wishes!
Carrie loves to cook
So give her a recipe from your book.
Breakfast, lunch or dinner for two
When she cooks it she will think of you!

Around-the-House / Room-to-Room Shower
Fine Silver, Fine Crystal
Fine China and Linen
Letís shower Ellen
From Bath to Kitchen!
Linens, Pillows, Pots and Pans
Rakes, Tools and Garbage Cans
Everything a couple needs
Let's get them started with all of these

'Round the House Shower honoring
Amy and John

Please bring a gift for the __________
Peek through the window and what do you see,
a house that needs decorating for
the bride and groom to be!
Let's fill their house from room to room
with needed things like a mop or a broom
Or pretty things like a lamp or a vase
Let's make their home a pretty place

Join us for a Room to Room Shower honoring
Sandy and Judd

Bring a gift for the __________
Here comes the bride,
Here comes the groom,
Letís shower them with gifts
from Room to Room!

Bed and Bath / Linen Bridal Shower
Hand towels, bath cloths
pillows and more...
Let's shower Melissa
with linens galore!
With linens for the kitchen, bath or bedroom
Let's shower our favorite bride and groom!

Bridal Shower - General
Amy and Dan are tying the knot.
Some family will be there, some friends may not.
So weíre having a party, so don't be tardy.
Saturday, March 4th is the date,
we would like you there to celebrate.
This is a evening you won't want to miss,
so come join us in sharing Amy's bliss.
The big day is finally here
Letís raise a glass and give a cheer!
A shower for Megan is what itís all about
A chance to share with her
items she canít live without.
When all the gifts are given
and everyone has been fed,
the girls will celebrate in style
one more time before she is wed!
Cara and Eric need a few things,
Before they exchange their wedding rings.
An A-B-C Shower, what could be better,
Just bring a gift that starts with this letter.