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Bridal Shower Themes: Ideas for a Fabulously Fun Time

Adding a theme to your bridal shower helps guests get involved with the shower, and it makes the gift-giving so much easier!  There are always new and trending ideas that can be used for throwing themed bridal showers. We've got invitations for the most popular themes out there – Around the Clock, Linen and Lingerie, Around the House, Garden and Tools, Stock the Kitchen, Stock the Bar – and have also included some other up-and-coming ideas like tea party, wine tasting and seasonal parties. Get inspired from our bridal shower theme suggestions below and start planning the perfect shower for the lovely bride-to-be!

Around the Clock – Perfect for the couple just about to move into a new household, an around the clock shower will help the bride and groom to receive everything they’ll need as they make their way into married life. At an around the clock shower, each guest is assigned a time of day by the host. The guest then brings a gift pertaining to their time of day, for example, 7 AM may bring a toaster, 12 PM may bring a panini press, 7 PM may bring china and 11 PM may bring lingerie! If you are hosting an around the clock shower, keep the theme going throughout your entire shower with refreshments representing different meals during the day like French toast appetizers, mini sandwiches and fried chicken!

High Tea – The girly-girl bride will love a tea party themed bridal shower, as she dresses up, puts on a big hat and sips tea with her best girlfriends, just like she did when she was a little girl! Serve hot tea to each guest, along with dainty finger foods like cucumber sandwiches, scones, petite fours, small cookies and more. Invite your guests to dress in their Sunday best for an afternoon of fine refreshments, high tea and a mixture of Alice in Wonderland with Downton Abbey.

Linen & Lingerie – You’re bound to get a little scandalous with this sassy themed shower! A linen and lingerie shower will help the bride fill her boudoir and linen closet with the essentials – lingerie, sheets, towels, candles and linens, of course! Since this is a flirty and feminine themed shower, keep the boys at home for this shower! Decorate your shower scene with hues of pink and plenty of fresh flowers and fragrant candles. Pick a signature cocktail that represents the bride and sets the mood and serve up some feminine hors d’oeuvres – think chocolate dipped strawberries, petite fours and fruit tarts.

Wine Tasting – Let their love grow strong, just like a fine wine. Celebrate their love of wine with a wine tasting shower. This is a great shower theme that can be held at someone’s home or a local winery or wine bar. If you are having it at someone’s home, ask each guest to bring a bottle of wine to share and the host can provide cheese, crackers and other wine pairing snacks. For gifts, guests can bring wine related gifts from wine holders to electric wine bottle openers, wine savers and wine travel kits. This is the perfect bridal shower theme for a couples shower or a wine connoisseur.

Around the House – If the couple will be moving into a new home, there’s a plethora of things that they will need, from linens and tableware to gardening tools, candles and mixers. An around the house shower is perfect for helping the bride and groom receive all different kinds of gifts, instead of three mixers and two toasters. When sending out the around the house shower invitations, the host will assign a room to each guest, to which they may purchase a gift for. If the couple has everything they need for one specific room, but hardly anything for another, you can specifically tailor the assigned rooms based upon the needs of the bride and groom.

Seasonal – Seasonal showers are a great way to incorporate the gorgeous weather of the season with the happy nature of the shower you’re hosting. Spring and summer usually bring warm weather, thus leading to outdoor and garden parties as the perfect backdrop for your event. You can also fire up the grill, create your own cocktail and relax poolside for her shower. If it’s too warm or cold outside, celebrate inside and bring the beauty of the season indoors.

Couples Shower / Garden & Tools – If the bride and groom are tied at the hip, a couples shower is definitely in order! Couples showers are growing in popularity lately, and this way no one is excluded from the bridal festivities. The girls can chat and gossip and relax while the guys relax with a beer by the grill or play football in the yard. You can theme your couples shower with a theme like garden and tools to help the bride and groom prepare for their homelife together. Guests will bring garden accessories or decorations for the bride and tools for the groom.

Stock The Kitchen/Bar – If the bride loves to entertain, or simply needs to spruce up her kitchen, a stock the kitchen shower is the perfect shower theme. Guests can bring kitchen gifts off her registry, and you can also have a kitchen themed wishing well for small trinket size gifts. If the guys are invited, try incorporating a stock the bar shower theme where everyone brings the bride and groom their favorite bottle of wine, beer or alcohol.